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So many times, we all have one task or the other we always want to accomplish right?

Yes! Absolutely.

But what happens then?

Why do you always tend to lose focus all of a sudden?

Why do we always tend to leave the task unfinished, and just move on to a fresher one?

All these and lots more are tantamount questions we sometimes ask ourselves.

The fact is., We lack the self-confidence to keep pushing, and that's why we soon get tired of trying.

I keep telling people, so long as it's something your mind is fully into., You can do it. You can fly to any height you wish to, do anything you want to. You just need yourself to agree with your mind, work hard, be persistent enough and win!

You need little or no encouragement from anyone. You are ENOUGH. You have got yourself to encourage YOU.

Don't ever feel bad when people criticise your works or efforts, it's normal.

Don't feel bad when people don't show you love as you feel they ought to.,. It's normal.

But something you should never do is :

✓To lose yourself in the process of getting someone to love or see how valuable you are. Never do so, Never!

In as much as you can dream widely about something, you can bring to reality that dream.

If you can think of it, you can achieve it. Just keep working

Now the question is.,

Are you willing to work?

Or are you someone that just thinks about something, and goes back to sleep on those dreams? If you are such a person., I bet it's time to wake up.

Don't sleep in your dreams. When you dream dreams, you stand up, map your success schemes, get ready to work and work. Make friends with like-minded individuals like you, it will help you a lot.

Forget about those people that don't add anything to your life except critics. Don't feel bad. Instead, use their critics to your advantage.

And how do you do that?

By taking every critic as a challenge, and facing it.

.... When they say you can't do something, do it twice, thrice, even as many times as you Will., Take not just a picture, but pictures. Give them the photo bump., Spam them!

They deserve to feel terrible at your success, yes! It was their wish anyways.

I would share a little secret with you right now.

How do you handle your goals/dreams/task/or just anything?

✓Know what you want to be. Let passion rule your decision in choosing a partway to life, a career, or even a profession more still.

✓Set goals. Long-term, short-term, daily goals alike. It helps.

✓Build healthy relationships with people. Never stop connecting with people. Humans are the surest plugin in this world and beyond. We need them to live, to thrive in business, to talk to, to work with. Always and always make sure you build healthy relationships and connect wisely with people. You may need them in due time.

✓Never stop learning. As much as you can, learn!

The day you stop learning, that's the day you stop growing.

✓Don't ever lay your eggs in one basket. Don't ever hope 100% on someone or something. It may crash, you never can tell. Always have a backup plan, just in case of necessity.

✓Have this life-changing and transforming mentality.

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"This life is just YOU vs YOU. There isn't any competition of any sort

✓Always be enough for yourself, the rest of the world can wait.

✓Never fail to encourage yourself. Each day you wake up, there is hope to do better than yesterday. Look into the mirror, and say these words to yourself.

*I'm strong

*I'm amazing

*I'm the best of my kind

*I'm great

*I'm not a mediocre

*I'm not a nonentity

*I'm am Me (Put in your name)

✓Celebrate your little wins always and always. No one does things better than you do.

Yes! I said so, take that from me, and take it to heart. You are just so amazing to be discouraged.

✓Failure doesn't happen when you try and fail. It happens when you try, and FAIL to try again. That is a failure!

So long as you keep trying after failing or falling, success is the end product of your trials. That's it!

✓Learn to keep things private. Keep things to yourself and your God. People are naturally wicked. What people don't know, they can't ruin. Know this!


Time is of the essence.

Time is the denominator of just everything on earth. Life, death, success, failure. It's all ruled by time.

*Learn to take advantage of time. It's not always in your favour.

If you can manage and deploy your time well enough, productively., There is nothing you will be unable to do.

✓Don't ever be scared when people leave your life. The world hasn't ended yet., Neither has your life. What ended, was the part in your life they had to play. So chin up! Better humans are coming right up.

Take note of all the above listed, and try as much as you can to deploy them Fams. It will help you.

Whatever task you are entitled to, even if there aren't any encouragements at all, finances, and others. I want to let you know that I believe so much in YOU. Your wits, abilities, capabilities, prowess, skill, Mastery, and power. I believe in the strength you possess in yourself.

So why don't you chin up, prepare better, re-strategize, and go for it?

You could take a break if necessary, but make sure not to quit. You don't just know how powerful you are., But I do. And that's why I'm telling you all of this.



I will love to see you all successful., Please feel free to drop your ideas about succeeding in little ways, just maybe, someone would be blessed, just the way you are by this article.

Happy motivational Monday to you.

Dream big

Work Big

Work hard smartly

Realise them big.

You got this!

Signed out

15 Nov 2021

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2 years ago
Topics: Motivation


Thanks Ebizz This make my day....

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2 years ago

I love that part of critics, no matter that you're doing, people would talk. Taking in to their talks will weigh someone down, instead give it double actions as you said. Nice one bro

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2 years ago

You are doing well . am glad u enjoy it

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2 years ago

This is intriguing!!!.... I always knew you had this potential and I'm glad you're using it to bless us on readcash

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2 years ago

Thanks. I am happy you are blessed

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2 years ago

Awwn. Just what I needed to read or hear at the moment.🙁 Thanks for this Ebizz

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2 years ago

You are most welcome ma . am glad you love it

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2 years ago