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Dried meat at home and a quick steaming.

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One of my acquaintances wrote me a letter. With words of encouragement and well recipes. A huge thank you for both. It is very important when people write, support and share advice in this difficult and anxious time. It immediately becomes warmer and gives me strength. In turn, I am sharing with you. Although this is not a bake, but maybe someone will find the recipes useful. The first is a quick and economical pastry for dough, and the second is a jerky.

Here's what she wrote: "Hello. We are all with Ukraine and its people. In Finland, in addition to the protests, volunteers, ordinary citizens also help refugees and send food and clothes to Ukraine.
Our family, having lived through the war themselves, having been granted asylum, knows what it is like. A friend, Ukrainian by nationality, collects things, transfers in social services. We are all with you, family!"

A quick marshmallow for dough

A quick marshmallow for dough.
I tried this recipe out myself, maybe people will find it helpful. The dough dough is a whipped dough. The point is that you only take 2 grams of dry yeast per glass of liquid. Raw yeast can also be reduced by a factor of three. Yeast,
dissolve sugar in warm water and beat with a mixer on the second speed. Let stand for 30 minutes and you can start the dough. The dough rises just incredibly fast. I think that in case there is no electricity, you can whip with a whisk, though it takes longer.

Jerky (dried ribs)

We make dried meat that can be stored for months without a refrigerator. And there is no need, and still everyone has ropes hanging in their kitchens. In the villages in the Caucasus they make dried sausage, which also
kept without refrigeration for months. The only thing is that you need a lot of salt in the beginning and some when soaking the meat. Sausage is still more difficult to make. Meat dries out in the conditions of a normal home, the main thing is to be fly-free. We cut it into strips, but mostly we dry the ribs.
In a pot pour rock salt, lay a layer of meat, salt again and so several layers. Put in a cold place under a crutch. After two days, turn it over. Leave it for another 24 hours. Put no seasoning.

Then take it out of the brine, blot with paper towels or a clean rag. In a usual apartment, we stretch a rope, at a distance of 15 centimeters, fix a wire about 20 centimeters long.
We make a puncture in the piece and put it on the wire. And we hook it to the rope. On one wire enters two pieces. And it hangs for five days. You have to watch it. It should become like a knuckle.

Then we put it in a cloth bag or in a paper bag, hang it somewhere in the kitchen or pantry and cook it as needed. The smell of corned beef will be there the first 24 hours it's drying. But that's okay.
Before cooking, you have to throw it in cold water and add salt. The salt will draw the salt out of the meat. Some people, after soaking it, heat it to a boil and then drain the water. Then it won't be salted at all.
They say that during the war it was a great saving, because in the heat these knucklebones did not do anything.

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2 months ago
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I love marshmallows my friend. It's one of my favorites. I remember when I was making marshmallow with the recipe I love.

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