My business and life strategy in the short and medium term

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2 years ago

I am very much into meditating and internalizing what I am living and feeling at all times. In the morning I usually reflect a little before starting my activities and I also do it at noon and at night.

This helps me to know myself more and to know how I am at all times, to feel and to move on with my life.

Right now I feel that I am reaching the end of a cycle in which I decided to heal some emotional wounds, support the healing of some family processes and in which I tried to start laying more solid foundations for the next moments of my life.

My vision for the next cycle of my life is above all to become more independent since until now I have been with my family most of the time and I already need more privacy to function better. I also want to live in a more central city that resonates more with my current moment of life and I want to expand and go out more to know other realities.

With regard to entrepreneurship, I have decided not to venture into an undertaking alone since this is a mistake that we can make when starting an undertaking and, on the contrary, I want to have a "business chain", more or less complementary to each other and that try to experiment with different tastes and abilities ..>

So below I make a small list of the ventures and activities in which I plan to focus in the short and medium term:

1. Work.

And yes, even though at first it may seem contradictory, I want to work in a relationship of dependency. This is to have an income that allows me to move and continue developing myself and developing my ventures. Of course, I don't want a job that is totally demanding of my time, but it does allow me to learn new things and earn money while I occupy my time, since having all the time for leisure is not a good balance either.

I would like to work marketing a high added value service; in real estate, but in the administrative part and not only earning commissions for sales and for its

post I would like to work in something related to the environment.

For now I am examining a preliminary list of people and institutions where perhaps I might have a chance.

2. Creation of web pages, groups and communities.

I think this does not need much explanation and is that even today the generation of income from advertising can be a good business on the Internet and even more so if one manages to create communities with value that can be monetized.

3. Creation of own platforms.

Continuing with the line of being an entrepreneur considering that the great gain can be in developing a platform and not only in being a user of it. I think I have some interesting ideas and my job now is to develop them cheaply so that the profit is truly profitable.

In that sense, I am recruiting one or more programs that can be my partners in development so that the ideas are more profitable.

4. Real Estate.

Although this is something more in the medium and long term, I think it is one of the most sustainable options over time to ensure economic balance.

For now I do not have capital to make my first investments, but my family has some properties from which I could leverage to take my first steps. Although it is not my preferred option, if you doubt to support me in my family for this it is not something that I would rule out.

I also have an open relationship with a girl and we would like to have a space of our own, maybe we have some kind of society in that sense.

In any case, I want to take my first steps in this sector and not stop.

Real estate and can be environmentally friendly.

5. Digital assets.

Crypto assets and digital assets undoubtedly present opportunities that an entrepreneur can watch out for. I have already made a specific strategy for this sector of activity.

And finally:

6. Physical and alternative businesses.

At some point I would like to have a vegetarian cafeteria, but for now I could start selling vegan cakes and vegetable milks without having a place. I have a friend who could be my partner in undertakings of this type.

I also want to grow and produce my food and travel a lot mainly by bicycle and for me all that is also a type of enterprise that at some point I could tie up with my other activities.

In conclusion, now I am in another moment of my life in which I need balance, on the one hand I need to be active and create on the other I need peace and serenity. All this I want to be reflected in my endeavors. Now for me it is not only important to earn money but also to be happy and take care of the environment and people.

So I'll work on my ideas! Thank you for reading.

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2 years ago


Im sure what you aim for, you'll gonna rock it one day! Just continue doing so, i mean your strategy to become better is one way to achieve great things in the end.

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1 year ago

Yes, having a strategy can help as a map to know your way. Thanks for your words.

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1 year ago