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Susan's story #3

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6 months ago
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This is the third part of this story, you can read the first part here and the second part here.

Susan's POV

"Susan, it's not what you think"

That was the last thing I heard him say before I ran, I heard him shout my name and run after me. I just wanted to get away from him, I ran to the first cab I saw and told him my destination. Dave caught up with me.

"Babe, let's talk about this, you know I love you," he said holding my hand.

"Let me go"

"Come on, it's not what you think" he defended.

"You're an a**hole, why don't you go and meet her?"

"She means nothing to me, you should know that, she's just a girl I met"

I couldn't believe my ears, I violently dragged my hand from his grip and turned to enter the cab.

"At least, let me drive you home"

"NO, I'm done" I sunk enough anger to the No, enough for him to get it, and threw the ring at him. He looked really hurt, it took everything for me to walk away.

"But I'm not done," he said tearfully. I looked at him from inside the cab. I wondered if he was just pretending, I had never actually seen him cry all the time we were together.

My heart softened for a moment then I remembered Dara, I remembered the texts, I never thought he would do this to me, I thought he truly loved me.

A week without him felt like hell, I was accustomed to talking to him every day. He would call and ask about my day, I'll rant and tell him every single detail then he would tell me about his too. My life felt empty and gloomy. He still called and sent texts every day but I didn't reply to his texts or pick up his calls. The fact that he had the nerve to try to lie to me got me more annoyed.

He came to see me twice at work during the week. When I was told that he was around the first time, I said to tell him I wasn't on the seat. The second time, he came as a customer that wanted to open an account. I walked him out of my office immediately.

My neighbor told me he came to my apartment every evening. I had not gone home since then because a part of me knew he was going to come to see me. I stayed at kiki's parent's house. She lived with her parents.

The girls called me and said Dave has been calling them to tell them to talk to me. He told them he was sorry and that he had ended things with Dara. He told them that he loved me and he missed me. He wanted me to pick up when he calls and reply to his texts.

It was frustrating to see him make so much effort.

9 days after the Dara saga, My mom called me to come home, she said she had something to discuss. I went to my parent's house to see my mom.

The first person I saw was Dave sitting beside my mom.

"Mom, NO" I turned to go out, I couldn't believe his cheating ass involved my mom in his schemes.

"Susan, sit, just hear him out," she said and added, "Please, for me". I sat down and she left us.

" I haven't seen you in a while, you look nice"


" I miss you a lot" Dave added.

"What do you want Dave? Do you not realize that this is your opportunity to go after Dara or whatever her name is?"

"It's you I want, she meant nothing, it was a momentary lapse in judgment. I honestly don't know what I was thinking. I'm really sorry"

I glowered at him making my annoyance clear.

"Babe, you have every right to be annoyed, I understand but I can't lose you. I don't think I can survive the next few months without you. You're the reason I wake up every morning, you're the only person I see my forever with, I'm s..sor..I'm sorry babe" Dave pleaded tearfully.

"Do you know how I felt when I saw you the both of you?"

"I understand, I would be pissed too, I don't even know what I was thinking, I know that we might not go back to how we were right now but I hope you'll eventually trust me again"

"What do you want me to do?" Tears fell freely from my eyes. He moved closer and held my hand.

"Let's start slow, pick my calls, reply to my texts, let's meet up. The last 3 years with you have been nothing but bliss. My life will be shattered without you in it, what do you say?"

I said nothing.

"Jane" Dave pressed.

"I'll think about it" I finally said and he lit up, I could see that he was really happy, he hugged me and looked at me. He had this look in his eyes.

"Don't you dare kiss me" I exclaimed, recognizing the look. I missed him looking at me like that.

"I didn't kiss you na" he said defensively

"Lie that you didn't want to" I dared, rolling my eyes.

"I wanted to..." he admitted and blushed. He hugged me, we talked for a while and he left.

I was preparing to leave when my mom came to sit near me.

"I see you and Dave have made up" She started to say.

"We're not back together yet, I have to think about it"

"Okay but you must know that he really loves you, he tells me that he proposed marriage to you and you agreed" my mother was hurt that I didn't tell her.

"It's not like I didn't want to tell you, mom. I suspected that he was cheating and I didn't want to raise your hopes in case I have to call it quits"

"I understand but don't hide it from me, I want you to tell me yourself next time. I hope you guys sort out your issues. He's a good one"

"Mom, don't put pressure on me"

" I'm not, I'm just saying"

Dave called every day, he started and ended the call with apologies. I missed him, I missed what we had. I wanted it back and before I knew it I agreed to get back together.

My friends said they were happy as far as I was happy. My mom was ecstatic, she asked me when she could start the wedding plans.

My dad told me that he was happy for me but I should be sure of what I wanted.

Dave's call interrupted my thoughts, I picked up.

"Hey baby" he started to say.

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There's just one more part left.

Any words for Susan?

Any words for Dave?

Do you think it was stupid of her to go back to him?

What would you have done in her place?

Do you think people change?

Thank you for reading🤗.


October 31st, 2021.

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Written by   77
6 months ago
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It is not easy to be left alone by the ones we love. That's sad though.

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6 months ago

I know right, it's so sad

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6 months ago

Hmm, I don't think it's right for Susan to accept him back but well, lets hope for the best.

$ 0.00
6 months ago

Omo I don’t even know what to say to Susan honestly because this love thing is somehow it’s like a drug

$ 0.01
6 months ago

Sheybi, I can't believe her😢😢

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6 months ago

Na why I no dey do love love na relationship wey no be my own i won dey enter

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6 months ago

People change a lot when you least expect it

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6 months ago


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6 months ago