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Raid: Vission of Colors

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6 months ago

We all have different colors to like, whether it suits the color of your skin or not, the important thing is that your heart loves it and you are happy with the color you want.

First and foremost I would like to thank @Irene1 for your comment. It really made me realize that I don't have to please others, as long as I am happy with what color I like. And of course @foryoubtc09, you made my mind clarify one thing and that was black is power, @Bardie-doll, when I read your comment I realized that maybe I  am not weird because I have a lot of choices to change what color I like, but it was really my choice, and I am the only choose it because I like it.

I would like to express my gratitude before I proceed to my very first sponsor @BCH_LOVER thank you very much for filling my very first sponsor's block. I am not going to promise, but I will do my very best for you and to my readers and commenters. 


When I think about it all the time I feel like being OA because of my obsession black color, and then I realized maybe I just put it only to my mind because I notice that I am not the only one of our family who obsessed with color but there are 4 of us, so todays blog I will raid their houses and show you what color they are obsessed with. 

So Let's Go … And of course happy reading 💕


My youngest cousin really loves the color green, even before she got married, and when she got married she started to collect things that are colored green.

And there it is, 

From their curtains

to their plates and glasses

to their floor

to their kettle

to their pitcher

to their thermos

and to their car

anything that has a color green.

When I asked her about how she feels when she sees a color green, she said that it always enlightens her mood every time she sees green color and it seems that she has received positive energy because of its color.


My middle cousin loves blue color, as she said to me that she owned all the blue color , that she owned cars that are passing by with blue color, I know she was just kidding haha..

Elders once said that blue is a symbol of loneliness, particularly when the theme of your wedding is blue, but my middle cousin opposed it and said that blue is the symbol of peace.

She started to collect things that are blue when she got married with her second husband.

She collected things like; curtains,plates


to her nails ( I wish I could take picture to her nails, but she declined because her nails are already faded.)

to her buckets


Even the wallpapers at their rooms are all colored blue.

Just like her sister, I also asked her why she likes the color blue. And she answered that she doesn't know why she likes blue because she has no history about blue, but she just loves it and is attracted every time she sees blue.


My eldest cousin loves yellow, as she put many curtains with many yellow colors in her room. She also collected some yellow things and I want to show it to you, but unluckily their house is on renovation and this picture below is their temporary home.

I also asked her why she loves yellow.. 

She just answered that it symbolizes her freedom.


As I asked them every detail, I realized that I am not the only one, and I am not weird at all haha, and we both were happy with what choices we made.


Sometimes, we get hurt easily when someone notices you, and we often ask ourselves if our decisions were right. But the most important thing of all is where you should be happy despite the ridicule of others.

Similar to color, each color has a different meaning, and each meaning sometimes does not match what the other person is saying.


Date Published: January 18, 2022

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Written by   109
6 months ago
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Your family is just like Rainbow, beautiful and charming. Each of you has a particular favourite color, which made me amazed😅 , you all are crazy about your favourite color. Still nothing can beat my favorite Black. Thank you for mentioning my name.

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6 months ago

sure no problem po 💕

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6 months ago

I love blue and black color sis. When I was still single, most of my Tshirts are color blue and when I became a mother, i love black.

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6 months ago

ako kahit noong single ako black parin hanggang ngayon hehe.. hindi lang ako naka black dyan sa pictures kasi tumutukoy ako ng ibang kulay 💕

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6 months ago

Maganda naman ang black sis. Lalo na sa damit, ang bilis lang labhan, hahaha

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6 months ago

oo nga po, walang kahirap hirap.

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6 months ago

I thought that colors were a reflection of mood and my favorite color is green most of the time.

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6 months ago

Yes hehe me, nothing has changed I still love black..

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6 months ago