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3 years ago
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Marc Andreessen recently posted a brilliant piece on his blog https://a16z.com/2020/04/18/its-time-to-build/ , about the urgency and importance of building both innovative infrastructure and creating options for the future that will reduce our limitations as mere humans (my words not his).

And not unlike the blame game going on in most Bitcoin Cash implementations, the finger pointing by those seeking power seems to never end, until recently. If you have payed attention, the drama queens have been frothing at the mouth in both public and private chats, on almost all BCH related social media.

Being anonymous provided the cowards the adrenalin rush, and those branding real names make sure their bullies had their back.

Fortunately, after 10 years of this nonsense in Bitcoin, the bullies are getting tired, easily distracted by the next "leader" that puts a "HEX" on the crowd. Any original thoughts these people had, have left the building as they return to mom's basement.

Meanwhile. the people doing the real work are winning, big time. I have watched them since the start of this journey, and they actually get things done - quietly and mostly behind the scenes. Sure you can taunt them with lies and innuendo, and the builder's might react, but in the end they keep on building.

Sometimes builders take a healthy break, maybe even work on something unrelated and then return fresh. They are not on Reddit, Twitter and Facebook. They are not pumping their egos. They just produce and in the end they are appreciated.

There are now more builders than there are bullies.

As difficult as 2020 has been so far, the world of Bitcoin Cash is about to blossom with the doers, who are the cornerstones of the projects building BCH protocol solutions, SLP token solutions and exciting applications. They adhere to the adage that Personal Freedom is about being your own bank, making your own decisions, and taking charge of how you will be valued and how you will value others.

Sadly, the bullies don't get that. They were either never taught how to behave, or they chose not to learn. You know who I am talking about, because you see them every day. Let's agree to ignore them and their misplaced intentions, their vindictive immaturity, and their cries for attention.

Let's raise a toast to the people designing, creating and staying focused on a better tomorrow for inexpensive, instant, peer-to-peer digital cash for the world. That's what I signed up for in 2013.

And if you have something to say to me, it is simple. Send an email to davidareallen@protonmail.com or leave a comment below. I love hearing from and about these builders.

Let's put the builders in the spotlight, and the bullies can go to hell.


David R. Allen


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3 years ago


This is a great article stressing positive promotion of those who build our communities versus those that tear it town. Great information -- keep it up!

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3 years ago

Thanks Paul, glad to hear others think this is the logical way forward.

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3 years ago

When we join hands together we shall success. Let's build a community of love and unity. Let's build together

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3 years ago

Build and spread are day by day tasks! BCH for Everyone! BCH para todos!

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3 years ago

Thanks for your encouragement and dedication to economic freedom for the entire world.

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3 years ago