Competent and calm professionals discuss the BCH May 2020 Upgrade

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4 years ago

The 2nd Bitcoin Cash Development video meeting for 2020 took place on February 20 at 15:00 UTC.

Meeting sponsor:


Amaury Séchet - Bitcoin ABC

Tobias Ruck -

Antony Zegers - Bitcoin ABC

Matias Garcia - BitPay

Chris Troutner -

Jason B. Cox - Bitcoin ABC

Josh Green - Bitcoin Verde

Host: David R. Allen

Goal of the meeting: Discuss May 15th BCH Network Upgrade, Testnet, Spec, Benchmarking studies and more



1 - Discussion of final upgrade items:

      a. Chained transaction limit bump from 25 to 50 (non consensus)

      b. SigChecks


      d. Infrastructure Funding Plan

2 - Other upgrade-related items: Testnet and Specifications.

3 - Cash Stack Benchmark Tests - Results 

4 - Additional Items

5 - Questions from the audience.

References and links discussed during the meeting:

Testing Workgroup

Cash Stack Benchmark Tests - Results (Chris Troutner)




Shortened link to the BCH Stack Exchange proposal. We need as many people as possible to 'commit' to get this to the next stage.

Linux Foundation:

For more information about these and other meeting and to send us tips and ideas:

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4 years ago


Really trying to not fall back to old habits. I was always very sensitive about people bullying or trolling. Even someone trying to push someone else's buttons riles me up at times. I got along well for a long while now and just ignored the nasty people. Mute lists, that I have not used before, are nowadays at record lengths and I have to say it makes sense. The lockdown has pushed me back into the old habit on getting mad at people, who actually try to use it against you, which is one of the most underhan toxic things I can think of. I shouldn't and I won't let me drag down into these situations anymore. I started my project and showed face exactly to be able to divert my energy to much much more sensical causes then "grey-knighting" against people, who actually are not able to communicate constructively.

Thanks for you article. It's good to be reminded of this.

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