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Life is wonderful live it and be your own engine.

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3 months ago

It is no secret to anyone that lately the lack of motivation that many people have is not normal. It could be said or thought easily, in some friends for example. They spend their days without doing anything to transform their lifestyle, to gain enthusiasm, joy, vitality and will to live.

I am sure that some of them have not even realized this, they go from complaining to complaining that nothing is wrong with them, they are still trapped in the same situations, but, even so, they continue waiting for someone to arrive or something strong enough and exciting impact their lives, to regain, then, the motivation and enthusiasm are lost forever.

By letting ourselves be carried away by the old learned programming, we end up repeating the same behavior, based on beliefs and prejudices that we have not yet changed: What are you going to do to make your life a more satisfying and rewarding experience? Keep waiting for things to fall from the sky? Coincidences?

It's time to go back to life, with the same passion, the same enthusiasm and the same confidence with which you did years ago perhaps when we were younger..

Stop expecting or needing someone to take responsibility for your happiness and take charge of your life. Come on, you can do it!

We need to learn to motivate ourselves to have our own engine. Feeling motivated implies experiencing the impulse to do whatever it takes to achieve our goals. Many times we need to feel that we are motivated by other people, but when they stop pushing us, we stop almost instantly.

We must always remember that feeling motivated means having enthusiasm, will and desire to live, getting up every day with optimism; It implies not needing another to remind us of the fulfillment of the commitments we have made with ourselves, with others and with life.

When you feel motivated you are stronger to persevere in your endeavor. Also, you can overcome obstacles more easily. Overcome those obstacles that never cease to be in our lives. Lack of motivation makes you lose the meaning and direction of your life.

Be honest with yourself. How would you like to live each day? Many times, through your example and your attitude, it is you who motivates others to regain enthusiasm and the will to live.

Start by setting a goal. When you want to achieve something in life, immediately all your energy aligns with your intention, every little or great effort begins to be directed towards achieving that goal. It is important that the goal is really yours and not suggested by someone else, so that you can develop the necessary motivation to reach it. Do everything with passion. When we do things with enthusiasm, we develop a strength that makes us stay motivated throughout the process. Change the negative monologue that accompanies you mentally.

After a negative thought of discouragement, create a positive one. Surround yourself with enthusiastic and optimistic people who can strengthen your confidence and determination with their comments or their example. Love yourself more, so that you can have the necessary motivation to do things that will benefit you. Take the initiative and do something different today. You can transform your lifestyle.

Free yourself from that past that often disturbs you, it's time to start planning and worrying about a better future, live life, it's wonderful.

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Written by   48
3 months ago
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