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This is how I keep myself fit and healthy!

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3 months ago

Many people says that HEALTH IS WEALTH which is true!

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Having a strong and healthy body can be considered wealth, because your money and your liabilities are useless if you are always sick. So we really need to take care of our body because it is our investment in our daily livelihood.

When I was young and I was still studying in elementary school, I was not like other children who were agile and very active in school activities. Every vacant time I can usually be seen on the sidelines doing nothing but watching other children play. I was a shy child and lacked self confidence.

And when I was in high school I still did the same thing, I didn't know how to be with my classmates and schoolmates so I was always feel lazy.

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I used to get sick easily so I always missed class.

When I think about it now, it seems that I did not enjoy my childhood days because I did not experience what my same age experienced.

Because of the difficulty of our life then and I only completed my studies until high school, only a few months have passed since our high school graduation, I immediately went to Metro Manila to look for a job to help my father and mother here in the province.

I was still very thin during those times, maybe I was 19 years old at the time when it seemed like only bones and skin could be seen on my body, sometimes I was told that I was a skeleton.I eat properly and at the right time but I don't really gain weight even my body get a little flesh.

I was still envious of my older brother who had a big and muscular body and no matter what kind of clothes he wore, they fit him right away because his body was in shape. So I asked my brother how did he grow his body when he used to be thin like me?

And because I was curious, he told me to join him and that we were going somewhere, when we arrived it turned out to be a fitness gym. I've known about it before but I haven't tried it yet and I don't know how to start, luckily my brother knows how to do it inside the Gym. At first I had a really hard time even though I was only lifting a few pounds, we immediately spent about an hour and a half in the gym and when the next day came my body was so sore that I couldn't move properly and it seemed like I would have of fever because of pain I was felt. So I told my brother that I will not go there again because my body is really sick. My older brother laughed at me because he said it's normal to feel pain after going to the gym, especially if it's your first time.

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I continued to lift weights at the gym almost every day and I knew I was improving because I was gradually increasing the weight I was lifting but I felt lazy when I looked in the mirror as if nothing had changed in my body and I was too I'm still thin. So I decided to stop going to the gym because I was just tired and nothing was happening

But even when I stopped going to the gym, my older brother continued and just laughed at me because he said I gave up too quickly.

A few weeks passed and I seemed to be envious of those I see from the gym with good body shapes and I thought that maybe it was because they were lifting in the Gym that I thought about going back to lifting.

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I ate healthy and tried to build my body every day that even though I was tired from work, I just ignored it for my goal of gaining weight.

Almost 6 months ago I saw that there was a change in my body, it had cuts and the shapes of my muscles were formed, my weight was also increasing and I no longer get tired as quickly. Until I achieved my desired body shape and weight.

Many people are surprised when they see me because they say why I became big? 😂

I just continued doing that for myself, although I really spend that money for per session at the fitness gym and for my food and vitamins. I was 22 years old when I stopped my vice, my only vice before was drinking alcohol.

I managed to stop drinking alcohol slowly, and I no longer go out if someone invites me. I became a health conscious person and it became a goal of mine to maintain a weight which is normal for my height of 5'6.

This is the list of things I do to keep myself physically fit:

  • Exercise every day

  • Eat nutritious food

  • Leave vices

  • Sleep early (7 to 8 hours sleep)

  • Avoid a lot of stress

  • Take food supplements if necessary

  • Self-discipline

  • Praying

We are the only ones responsible for keeping ourselves in good shape because we are the only ones who destroy and cause our bodies to weaken.

Now even though we are here in the province and far from the city and there is no fitness gym, I continue to maintain my body.

Even though I have a wife and a child, I still don't change what I do.

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Every day I do 200 push ups or more, pull ups and I lift my 4 pound dumbell to keep my muscles in my triceps and biceps.

That's all my story for now😊.

Thank you very much for reading my article.

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Written by   3
3 months ago
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