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Sleepless Those Five People Dear True Death

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2 years ago

This picture is called the most horrible picture of experimenting with human beings.

This is a Russian Sleep Experiment known as Viral Horror Story. It tells the story of five test subjects exposing an experimental sleep-inducing stimulus to a Soviet-era scientific experiment. It has become the foundation of a city legend.

Regular and adequate sleep is very important for the well-being of the human body.

But what can happen if a person stays awake for a month!

This is what a group of scientists conducted a biz_exam experiment at one time.

The result of that test is like being scared.

Venue of 1940 Russia.

World War- II is in full swing then.

At that time, Russian scientists conducted a strange experiment on 5 prisoners identified as enemies of the country. Their goal was to discover a gas that would eliminate the need for sleep from the human body.

♦ They chose the 5 prisoners as "guinea pigs" to test the success of the gas they initially produced.

They were kept inside an almost airtight room.

♦ Microphones are kept for external communication with the house so that scientists or guards do not have to come in direct contact with the prisoners. In addition, regular meals and toilet arrangements are made inside the prison. Then slowly the sleeping gas began to enter the room.

Scientists planned to run the experiment by keeping those people captive for a month.

The prisoners were promised that if they accepted their captivity for 30 days, they would be released after 30 days.

On the first day, all three went well.

After five days, it was heard on the microphone that the prisoners had started discussing various crimes committed in their past lives. Then began their delirium and remorse for what they did today.

From that day onwards, the behaviours of the prisoners gradually started showing signs of insanity. One prisoner screamed for three hours a day. Scientists and prison guards heard the screams at the microphone. Then slowly everything started to calm down. On the 14th day, the scientists became curious and tried to communicate with the prisoners through intercom.

Prisoners are reminded that if they co-operate in this test, they will be released within 30 days. "Who wants to be released?"

♦ Decided to stop the application of gas on the 15th day.

But, what a surprise! As soon as the gas was turned off, the prisoners started begging for gas to be restarted! Prison guards were sent to get the prisoners out of the prison. The guards opened their eyes at the prison door.

💥 They saw that there were only four prisoners alive inside the prison.

The body of another prisoner is lying on the ground.

The food given to the prisoners was there lying just the way it was served. But, flesh was missing from different parts of the body of the corpse, as if someone ate meat. Even in the bodies of four living prisoners , there were a sign of eating meat or flesh. Nothing left to understand that the prisoners had started eating each other instead of the normal food.

Seeing this scene, the terrified guards violently resist when the prisoners try to get them out of the prison. Their scuffle with the guards reached such a level that the guards were finally forced to shoot.

Three prisoners were shot dead. The fourth surviving prisoner looked at the guards with a strange smile and said, "Have you forgotten that we were you?" The guards fired when they heard this. Before he died, the prisoner said, "Even after being so close to liberation." He could not finish his speech.

This experiment by Russian scientists has become an extreme example of the serious effect that lack of sleep can have on the human body and mind.

♦ Scientists in Russia can find out about this secret test by looking at old documents. It is also published in the media. Those who know the news of this test are shocked to learn about the dire consequences of these five sleep-deprived people.

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Written by   213
2 years ago
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I've thought it was some fiction, but its not..

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2 years ago

That looks so scary asf 😂

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2 years ago

They bacame a walking dead all of a sudden. Creepy

$ 0.00
2 years ago