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Eat bananas, get rid of depression

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2 years ago

Whose relationship has already brokedup, their boyfriend / girlfriend has left them with a lot of burns when he or she had left! And when we think of those things, the left side of our chest becomes hard. We close the door of the washroom and want to cry.

My free advice for them is - "Eat bananas, get rid of depression". And tell to your Bf / Gf "Tata bye bye, I'm no longer in a haram relationship, sit down and eat bananas, sing praises to the Creator!".

Yes reader, not absurd. Really listening. You can eat banana to get rid of depression.

Because bananas contain "tryptophan protein". This protein is converted to the hormone "serotonin". The hormone serotonin is called the "hormone of happiness". When the level of this hormone increases in the body, the mood stays good and you feel relaxed. Depression becomes mild. The mind is full.

In addition, the vitamin B6 in bananas helps maintain a good mood by maintaining glucose balance in the body. So keep a bunch of formalin-free bananas aside for depression. Close your eyes and swallow slowly and say "Alhamdulillah" in your mind.

Just forget him by eating banana! Or cold throat! But it is not. At the same time, think about the skillful mechanism of the caller creator.

Don't even think about the banana in your hand, what a wonderful yellow soft packet your Rob made for you. There were four folds around to make it easier to eat. The folds were just waiting to be swallowed! Again, before you eat, so that it does not fall from the tree, then you have made it hard!

Not only that, he did not make the art too hard or too soft. Gives excellent fragrance, sweetness and all the important benefits for the body.

Contains -

Calcium, potassium, phosphorus, iron, sugars, vitamins and carbs.

• The iron in bananas makes hemoglobin. There is no blood in the fruit.

» Bananas contain easily digestible sugars, which provide energy to the body quickly and relieve fatigue.

» Bananas help in digestion.

» Bananas are very useful for patients with acidosis or gastric ulcer.

» Bananas also relieve constipation as well as thin stools.

» Banana is very useful for back pain.

» Collar potassium helps in controlling high blood pressure.

» Banana reduces the risk of stroke.

» Ripe banana seeds are anthelmintic.

These are far from it, where is our gratitude for eating so many bananas in the crowd of blessings that the hunger is removed?

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Written by   213
2 years ago
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I like bananas.They are my favourite friuts.Nice article dear.

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2 years ago

Thank you dear alot for appreciating.

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2 years ago