Do you cry with a little emotion?

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2 years ago

It's not a bad thing to cry with a little emotion. It has many good aspects. Let's find out the good aspects of it:

No matter how much we make fun of those whose eyes are swollen or their lips are swollen when they are a little sad. In the circle of friends, their name became chicken roast. Bad times come in everyone's life. Many people see darkness in their eyes. Someone cried. Even if someone is smiling again, it starts to break down from inside. But psychologists say that crying has some special properties. Those who cry a little, they become sensitive. And it is your loss if you lose the life of the people whose tears come in the sorrow of others. Unable to control one's emotions may cause discomfort. But these people have special qualities.

Let's find out what qualities psychologists are talking about-

Those who can cry have several advantages. They can easily express all the pain or sorrow by crying. As a result, their grief is not long lasting. They can easily move forward. On the other hand, those who keep anger, resentment and sorrow inside suffer from revenge. Sadly, anger does not leave them behind.

Many of those who cry are scared. But in fact they are brave enough. Crying comes from emotion. Crying is one of the personal things. So you can't cry in front of everyone. No one can cry. They are afraid to face their own grief. But those who cry easily are quite brave. May face their own problems.

🦋 Some physical problems can also be created if you keep the grief under control by not crying. It also causes pressure changes or pressure on the nerves. Stress also increases. And those who cry when they are in trouble can stay stress free.

Crying is very personal. Most people hold back when they cry. What do people in front of you think when they cry? But those who cry are very confident. So they do not suppress their emotions by thinking about what people will think.

Seeing their cries may make you feel theatrical. But those who cry out of emotion are really good people. The inside of their minds can be easily read. Such good people but stay by my side as friends. So never lose a friend who cries a little. Although he suffered at first, you will miss him later in this crowd of selfish people.

Whether it's the pain given by the boyfriend or the boss's rebuke at work, because whatever it is, tears come to his eyes. Also, do you cry to be light for all the reasons like monogamy with friends, unrest with parents, etc.? Can't control the tears under any circumstances? If you think that crying will lighten the mind, then there are a few easy ways to harden the mind.

Ways to control your crying:

Focus & Relax - Focus on the ground or an object below. Calm your mind and set up a mind that you will not cry in any way. Go into relax mode. Try to control your facial expressions and try to relax the facial muscles. .

Breathe deeply - Stay in any position, if you feel like crying, take a deep breath and release it slowly. Inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth. When the body is supplied with extra oxygen, the emotion of crying will go away very easily. And will immediately turn your mind to the other side.

Drink a lot of water at once - are you crying? If you feel like that, drink a lot of water immediately. Water will help your nerves to relax and will also eliminate the possibility of crying.

Repetitive Thoughts - Think of a song or a poem or a line of your choice that gives you joy and peace. Keep reciting it over and over again.

Stand in front of the mirror and talk to yourself - go to the washroom when you cry or go where the mirror is. Now stand in front of the mirror and talk to yourself. Begin to convince yourself that you need to cope with this situation. You will see that the crying has come under control.

Think about something other than the problem - if you cry under the pressure of a situation, then you must stop thinking about that issue completely. Start thinking about something else. If you forget the reason for crying, you will not cry anymore.

Multiply 100 to 1 inversely - whenever you get tears, apply this intellect and you will see that the tears disappear completely. When you start counting backwards from 100 to 1, your attention will shift from crying to counting.

Come on walk - go out to calm your mind. It will reduce the pain and fatigue of your mind a lot.

Talk to the person closest to you - talk to a close friend about something you're crying about. You will see that it looks much lighter.

When you cry, cry. Again, slowly bring it under control. Stay healthy.

I translated my article in Bengali language,so those who wants to read it in Bengali language kindly visit the link.

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Thanks for sharing

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Am I easily cry even just watching a sad advertisement 🤣

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Very nice

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