The Bull is Back: SmartBCH and Bitworkerss! Will Make It BIGGER!

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2 years ago

Let me start by telling you something you may not consider - nobody wants to develop crypto projects when in a Bear Market - the bulls is when greed kicks in make people actually want to work in crypto.

Having said this, and taking this out of the way, I can now start to tell you why this new bull is going to be bigger for BCH than for most other tokens out there:

  • The foundations are laid so new projects and major adoption happens when that Bull Greed FOMO sets in.

Bitworkerss! and SmartBCH are going to propel this new bull-run to new heights as far as BCH is concerned - you can consider them sleeping giants as they require adoption and work to unlock their full potential, and these only come easy in Bull Markets.

Luckily for all of us, we got one coming at us right now!

SmartBCH: Complex Projects Need Time, Adoption, Money, and Greed

The markets dictate how fast and how slow projects move, and it dictates how valuable things are.

On the other hand, you can see that complex projects like SmartBCH need variables like time, adoption, money and greed which also sit at different levels throughout different market cycles.

The bull runs accelerate how fast things run, they propel adoption, they make Greed hit peaks and they get money, and new money, slushing around the pipes.

What does this mean?

It means that all of SmartBCH's potential on revolutionizing the world of DeFi on Bitcoin (BCH) is going to really start getting realized when the Bull has its hooves on the ground and these variables start to gather around the sidechain.

With new BCH-based projects, particularly DeFi, Bitcoin (BCH) will have what it never had before - Decentralized Finance applications with close to no fees thanks to the way BCH works as peer-to-peer electronic cash.

Tether is moving once again, which just cements the potential bull - only Tether's collapse could break the bull now.

So, get on your BCH rockets, we're going up!

Don't be like most who sell low and buy high, hold low, buy low, take profit and profit passively from using good projects while high - it's getting easier by the day.

Bitworkerss! BCH Transactions, Commerce and an Active Eco-System

It's not only Decentralized Finance that will make its debut but a new potential transaction titan.

Bitworkerss! takes the fact Bitcoin is electronic cash meant to be transacted to a whole other level and is soon establishing itself as the biggest services and digital goods marketplaces on the web.

This will increase transactions, adoption and boost commerce in the blockchain's ecosystem.

I was the one who funded and developed the project, so I can tell you it's really demoralizing to be developing in Bear Markets, and that I did it simply because I had faith it would succeed - hence why I kept at it even with its flipstarter failing.

I can tell you that, as of now, Bitworkerss! has over 40 different jobs in the "Draft" section.

It is unclear to me why so many of the sellers out there keep their jobs in draft form rather than publishing them, but my hope is that they start doing it soon.

The bull is coming and we need to be ready for it, and though the new users will no doubt create their own jobs, it would be nice for the ~30 sellers already registered to have an advantage over them by publishing sooner - which would be fair as they would be rewarded for being among the first to sell in the portal.

Regardless, when the bulls come every project is bound to grow, and a user-friendly services market is going to do a lot for BCH, so my faith in the project is high (the number of sellers registering and creating jobs, even if as drafts, really gives me confidence there is need and room for this platform to grow).

When the variables I already stated above come into play, every crypto-based project will flourish, but those who have the most solid foundations are going to climb the highest.

Will you be supporting them?

Competition is Underperforming, and FUD Hits Competitors:

Bankstercoin (BTC) and other tokens are being hit hard by bad news.

It's not just FUD though, but Binance's risk of collapsing as well as Tether's apparent "end-of-line" status driving the bad mojo towards BTC and other tokens.

BCH is clear as it isn't dependant on either Tether or Binance, and so this adds to the already mentioned reasons on why BCH is going to be among the top-performing assets of this new bull run, which is just an extension of the previous one, to be honest - we didn't saw the drawback cycle we saw in other bear markets.

There is a lot of uncertainty with the current state of Binance and Tether, and so we can almost be sure that they will be doing their part to prop up price to assure everyone that "everything is fine, business as usual".

Even though we know this is probably not the case, there's no reason on why we shouldn't take advantage of the probable price climb, even in competing tokens - although the potential is definitely higher with Bitcoin (BCH).

In conclusion, it's time to fuel up those BCH rockets and prepare for take-off - it's an exciting period for BCH, and we all stand to profit... some more than others, depending on their faith in true Bitcoin.

Thank you for reading.


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2 years ago


Great article, I'm curious how much this bull run will be...

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2 years ago

Im trying to get some NFTs on smart BCH and this will be the time BCH sky rockets I believe

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2 years ago

It is not a main job but it’s like that. If the author move it properly it will reach the best position one day and people will get the needed.

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Do something like ' the world wants to be like you👍👍👍

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2 years ago

I'm make some more jobs soon.

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2 years ago

glad to hear that there are sellers already in bitworkers... i hope those draft gets published soon.. and bch to the moon!

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2 years ago