SAFEST Investments: My Top Picks

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2 years ago

Note that I didn't say they are the most profitable or the highest ROI investments out there.

What they are, however, are the SAFEST investments you can make.

I guarantee these investments can't be beaten in terms of security, and you'll see why if you keep on reading.

When you talk about crypto, people say it's risky, when you talk about investments in general, people say it's risky, well - they won't say these ones are.

Plus, you always have them saying: If the banking system collapses if the internet fails, at least gold has value.

Well, if you optimize for crisis economics, then these investments are even safer than gold if all hell breaks loose.

A short article for those who want to play it safe.

Invest in Commodities: Get a Field, Plant Wheat, Raise Livestock.

The first investment is getting a large property, seeds, and animals.

You want to grow crops that produce a lot of sustenance per square inch, like wheat.

You'll also want to start raising animals, preferably chicken and birds since they have the most amount of calories and protein for the space they need to live on.

By investing in this, you'll not only have land - land always has value and it tends to rise - but you'll always have food.

Food is always needed, and even if the apocalypse gold bugs are always on about happens, you'll be safe and fed... your investment having a whole lot more trading value than gold.

Invest in Watersourcing: Rainwater, Stormwater, Greywater, Groundwater, and Condensate

Another investment you can make, which is sure to be safe, is getting a water sourcing solution for your property.

There are a lot of ways to invest in water sourcing, like building a groundwater pump, setting up a condensate and rainwater system, and more.

By investing in these systems, you'll not only have drinking water - an invaluable asset - but you'll also have plenty of water to use for your fields and animals.

You can live without food for a while, but you won't last long without water.

Guaranteeing a water source is therefore vital!

Invest in Electricity: Photovoltaic Panels

Another asset we all need and take for granted is electricity.

You can invest in photovoltaic panels as a way to be self-sufficient in countries with a lot of exposition to the sun, while you can other forms of energy that can work if no sun is available... unfortunately, they aren't as good at domestic levels and require industrialization to be worth it, so it's better to stick to biomass or photovoltaic solutions.

While you're at it, get some batteries to store that energy in, and you can safely live off-grid since you now have electricity, water, and food (provided you have a shelter, so you can add real estate to the list).

Invest in Seclusion: Controlling Your Exposure

Another safe investment is to invest in seclusion.

If it all goes belly up, you want to reap the benefits of society but not its dangers.

You want to have access to specialized people like in the health industry, but you don't want your crops, livestock and water sources to be easily reached by your neighbors and people who want to take advantage of you.

This is why it pays to invest in seclusion.

Buying a private island is something most tycoons do and for good reason.

Have an island with the investments mentioned above on it and you can control when to expose yourself to society, controlling your exposure to danger.

In conclusion, these are the safest investments you can make.

Why did I write this article?

Well, I was talking about crypto investments with a friend and he started telling me how that virtual asset is worth nothing.

When I replied that FIAT and other investments are also virtual for the most part, he mentioned gold.

I retorted that gold isn't safe either, and put down some arguments... to which we both started thinking what investments were REALLY the safest.

This the conclusion we reached in our short talk over coffee...

...and I thought you'd appreciate it.


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2 years ago


"Another safe investment is to invest in seclusion. If it all goes belly up, you want to reap the benefits of society but not its dangers."

I'm working on it! This is the main reason why I am actively trying to get myself ahead with crypto, I feel like one day things are going to go belly up and I want that seclusion for my family. The truth of the dangers of society is unfortunately extremely scary - be it losing everything, or with society losing its marbles from all that is currently ongoing.

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2 years ago

The agricultural sector is one of the safest and surest investment field, people will always demand for food. So if one follow a well planned scheme investing in food business will see to a great Return on investment. You've spoken well sir

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2 years ago

That's true investing in those stuff are the best especially water and electricity.

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2 years ago

It made me thinking. I have nothing to invest for now but I guess this is something to think about.

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2 years ago

You are right dear.Crypto has lot of risk factor.Once I tried to buy BTC by a link and site provided by telegram user.When I pay for that site.I found that it was fake and telegram user was disappeared.I loss my 30$.That was a great loss for me,being a Student.Now I have a fear.I only invest in BCH just.I also investing on dairy farming with no or little risk factor.

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2 years ago