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How to Write More, Build Willpower and Embrace Discipline!

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4 weeks ago

How to Write More, Build Willpower and Embrace Discipline!

If you want to get motivated to write more and to get rich slowly, then this post is the one for you!

Nobody Has Your Back: You’re On Your Own!

One of the things you need to realize right now is that nobody else is there for you when you need it.

Nobody is going to come and ask you to get up, nobody is coming to help you out if you fail at everything, nobody is going to tell you you’re being lazy and beat you up for not working.

Nobody is going to tell you the truth, that you aren’t doing crap and that you need to start writing more.

Nobody is going to force you to write more or get that text processor open — you need to do it yourself!

The only guarantee you have in life is that you’ll be with yourself throughout all of it, so start making yourself a good ally and really grasp the fact that you can only ever surely depend on yourself…

…this is key to have a good and productive life.

Get Up or Hit Snooze? It Isn’t Easy, But It’s Worth It!

When that alarm clock starts beeping, will you get up and get to work and produce stuff or are you going to hit snooze?

Do you think your life is dependent on those extra minutes? Do you think that lazy move will get you anywhere closer to your goals?

Start getting out of your comfort zone, start sacrificing your comfort, only if you are disciplined can you accomplish extraordinary things.

This has helped me write consistently in all of the platforms I’m at — discipline trumps motivation any day of the week, and I told you before that if you depend on motivation to write, you won’t get anything done and your competition or other writers/bloggers are going to crush you because you’ll be left behind…

…you’re not going the extra mile!

Get Motivated: Think About the Three Most Important People in Your Life!

It can be hard to embrace this productive lifestyle at first, but one of the things I found helped me get started was if I started thinking about the people in my life I love the most.

I thought of my father and how I wanted to make him proud, I thought of my mother and how I wanted her to work less, I thought of my younger sister and how I wanted to give her a good example to follow.

Whenever I felt I didn’t have the strength to start writing, I thought of them.

Whenever I felt I couldn’t do it for me, I’d do it for them.

This is a mindset that will probably help you to write more and more, and get you started down the road of embracing your willpower and discipline, making yourself a powerhouse to be reckoned with.

It’s the Little Extra That Does All the Difference: We Are All the Same!

Deep down, we are all the same.

All of us hate doing the same things over and over again. Nobody wants to have to grind in order to have success, all of us wanted it to come easy.

This is positive and negative.

It’s negative if you think we all have these inherent flaws and it is hard to be successful by overcoming them.

It’s positive because since we are all alike, it’s the little extra we do that makes hyper-successful people.

If we do something others aren’t willing to do if we do that little extra consistently and day in, day out, we’re going to surpass everyone else, because everyone else lacks the discipline and motivation to build themselves up.

This is how it works, understanding this can probably get you a bit extra willpower to do those extra words, those extra articles and that extra bit of work others aren’t willing to put in.

You Should Be Better Off Than You Are: You Aren’t As Successful As You Could!

Think about it and deep down you know you should be better off than you are today.

You had plenty of chances to do a bit more and you blew it, now you’re reaping the rewards for having no willpower and discipline — you’re behind your ideal self and you are way behind the person you could have been if you were able to put in just a little more effort.

If you think deep down and you see this to be true, then now is the time to change your life.

Are you going to catch this opportunity?

Are you going to let it slip between your fingers?

Hold Yourself Accountable: It’s Nobody Else’s Fault!

We all like to blame others for our shortcomings, we all like to blame everyone but ourselves.

This is why team games on the Internet are so toxic, everybody complains about their teammates and nobody is willing to bite the bullet and say — you know what? I made a few mistakes here and there.

Hold yourself accountable, don’t throw excuses in front of the bus, and let it hit you right in the face because you lacked discipline and willpower so you deserve to be punished.

Make sure you always hold yourself accountable, and if something happens in your life then always ask yourself how it could have been different if you’ve done “X” or “Y”.

Start Now: Stop Scrolling, Work More!

If you like this article and you feel pumped and ready to put in an extra bit of work, don’t leave it to tomorrow, you’ll only be showing you have no discipline or willpower.

Start right now, stop reading and work on your backlog.

Don’t ever fail to overcome your obstacles by lacking discipline or willpower.

To be successful you don’t need to be smart or hard-working, you need to have the discipline to work on yourself to get smarter, and the willpower to tackle some work and be hard working.

Willpower and Discipline, that’s all that matters.

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Written by   729
4 weeks ago
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Seems my sponsorship ended all this time you have been away! Welcome back @CryptoMAX! We've missed you! And, what a motivational content, there! Always up to standard!

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4 weeks ago

Lo que marca la diferencia con el ayer es lo que hacemos hoy, lo que marca la diferencia con los demás es el tiempo que dedicamos a una cosa si es positiva influenciare de manera positiva en nuestras vidas si es negativa no nos conviene y debemos desechar ese mal habito, lo mas valioso que tenemos es el tiempo y debemos emplearlo en cosas que nos aporten a nuestra formación como personas de valores y como personas competitivas en el ámbito laboral o empresarial, siempre con visión y con ganas de superación.

Muchas veces querremos tirar la toalla, pero no debemos dejar que la debilidad se apodere de nuestras mentes, pensar en nuestros sueños, metas y en el porque estamos haciendo tal sacrificio el doble que los demás, luego la recompensa será gratificante y la satisfacción personal no tendrá limites!

Todo depende del esfuerzo de cada uno, nadie mas lo hará por nosotros esta en uno mismo creer y auto motivarse porque la gente es envidiosa y nos querrá ver caer una y mil veces. Pero su envidia será nuestro progreso.

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2 weeks ago

Reading your article as a newbie seems to remind me of why I even started to be here in two days ago. Like you said, will power and discipline, including all the explanations you gave, I will keep them into heart and continue on my journey here. Writing about the stuffs that interests me and the likes, as well as learning about the BCH.

I even promised myself to write one article per day. A content that is worth reading, which I made and would make by heart. I started to commit myself into the world of writing.

Thanks for the inspiration. ☺️

$ 0.00
4 weeks ago

Wow, this is actually amazing content @CryptoMAX, you are really good at motivating and I agree with what you said about thinking of the people you love!! I think that can really go a long way if we want to succeed!! Thank you

$ 0.00
4 weeks ago

when we think of our loved ones, it motivates us indeed.. i am reminded of my health goals and I want to work on that for my son and family.... thank you for the reminder!

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4 weeks ago