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How to SCIENTIFICALLY Live Longer: The Only 3 Proven Ways to Stop Aging!

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3 months ago

How to SCIENTIFICALLY Live Longer: The Only 3 Proven Ways to Stop Aging!

This title isn’t clickbait and it surely isn’t one of those fluff articles that recommend you exercise or eat this or that to “stop aging”.


None of that!

Today I’m going to tell you how to live longer via the only way it is possible to do so – to stop or delay aging.

Stopping aging isn’t feasible yet, but there are a couple of ways to delay aging and that has got to do with what science knows of the aging process.

You see, there are a lot of complex mechanisms in the human body, and most of them are very hard to understand.

However, science understands aging fairly well by this point, and aging is centered around these three core points:

- Senescent Cell Accumulation;

- Chronic Inflammation and Free Radical Attacks;

- Lack of Stem Cells or Versatile “Production” Cells.

Throughout this article I’m going to address these three pillars of aging and what science says you can do about them to delay aging and live longer – hopefully increasing your longevity which is, sadly, very codified in your genes.


Senescent Cell Accumulation: The Problem!

As we live and breathe, our bodies produce and kill off cells in a never-ending cycle – that is, until we kick the bucket.

Cells have a very limited lifespan and throughout our days they die and reproduce, refreshing our “parts” and doing their job in keeping us healthy.

This is all very well regulated at the start, but as the process repeats itself, some flaws start to occur, the DNA strands we have start to get eroded, cells reproduce with tiny mistakes, and some cells even refuse to go away altogether.

The defective cells that stick to your body and refuse to stay away from are “clutter” that impacts the way your body works.

As more and more years pass by, you accumulate more clutter cells that hamper your body… these trash cells are senescent cells and they are part of why you age and get problems as the years pass.

As you get older, your body has to pull the weight of the senescent cells, and these cells harm the performance of healthy cells and can even turn into cancer.


Senescent Cell Accumulation: The Solution!

Of course, there isn’t any permanent solution for senescent cells and immortality isn’t yet under your grasp, but there are a couple of great ways to reduce the number of Senescent cells in your body, backed by science.

Do you want to start doing this to increase longevity?

The good news is that there are a lot of promising treatments under testing right now, the bad news is that you probably can’t get your hands on them right now unless you’re rich and well connected.

But… if you can start researching on Senescent cells, you’ll see that the solution is partially to increase the effectiveness of T-Cells iNKT.

Honestly, this is where it starts getting complicated, but I gave you enough information to start brushing up on that literature.

Research Senescent Cell removal, iNKT T-Cells, and the several studies done on Senescent Cell Flushing and you’ll be well on your way to know more about what to do and who to follow to get the treatments as soon as you can.

This is golden but requires research to understand.


Chronic Inflammation and Free Radical Attacks: Reduce Your Chronic Inflammation

This is one of the most discussed aging processes and for good reason.

As your body keeps you alive by controlling inflammation all day and every day (you are constantly assaulted by external bacteria and microbes), you get a side-effect – aging-related problems and a decrease in longevity if your inflammation is above certain levels.

It is well known that inflammation is one of the engines of aging and one of the main culprits in sending people to their early graves.

Fortunately, there are solutions right now and you don’t need to wait for a miracle treatment like with Senescent Cells.

Read below for the answer to this problem.



Chronic Inflammation and Free Radical Attacks: The Solution

So, basically, you want to lower inflammation in your body.

As I previously stated, this is easier than it sounds and pretty straightforward.

Here are some things that RAISE your inflammation and therefore DECREASE your lifespan:

- Eating Processed Foods;

- Having Acidic Blood;

- Poor nutrition (not getting enough of some nutrients);

- Wounds, Diseases;

- Gengivitis or Gum Problems;

- Oral Problems in General;

- Chronic Inflammation (Crohn's Disease etc…)

Now, here are a couple of ways to REDUCE your inflammation and RAISE longevity:

- Take Cold Showers: Cold showers reduce inflammation via the same principles that support cryotherapy. Athletes regularly take cold showers or even submerge themselves in ice cube baths because of lowering inflammation and hastening muscle recovery. I only take cold showers.

- Tumo Breathing Exercises: These breathing exercises were practiced by Taoist monks and they are proven to make the blood more alkaline. Wim Hoff, the Iceman, is known to practice this breathing style as well (the guy who ran a marathon in the desert without drinking water and climbed part of Everest with only his shorts).

- Eating Natural, non-processed food: Avoids inflammation raised to digest heavily processed food.

- Not getting hurt and ill often (duh).

- IMPORTANT: NOT having gum problems or oral health issues, visit the dentist ASAP as these cause chronic inflammation and hasten aging (that’s what causes gums to bleed or bloat etc…)

- Taking enough Omega 3 (rare, but be careful of supplements as they often include Omega 6 which is common and shouldn’t be taken above limit).

Do this and you’ll delay aging through inflammation.



Lack of STEM Cells and Versatile Builder Cells: The Problem

When you are born, your body has a lot of good quality “builder” cells. Stem cells are the most versatile of cells and can produce nearly everything.

Having great Stem cell levels is vital in having a healthy body.

With these cells, the opposite of what was happening with Senescent Cells is true – as your body gets older, you have fewer and fewer stem cells.

Due to the lack of Stem Cells, you aren’t able to replace your body “parts” and they start to deteriorate as the cells dying in your organs aren’t replaced.

To delay aging and live longer, you want to have the highest amount of Stem Cells as possible.


Lack of Stem Cells and Versatile Builder Cells: The Solution

There are a couple of solutions you can apply right now to make sure you give your stem cells the best chances at sticking around in your body.

There are certain treatments being tested right now that involve injecting stem cells directly in your brain, but we’ll leave that for now as it is only being tested in Mice as of now.

As far as you’re concerned, here are the best things you can do to make sure you pamper your stem cells:

- Intermittent Fasting or Calory Restriction;

- Reducing Tryglicerid Levels;

- Exercising (shows to boost Stem Cell activity);

- Reduce Inflammation (see above);

- Don’t Drink Alcohol;

- Reduce Sugar Consumption;

- Take NAD+ Supplements (still experimental).

And that’s it.


In Conclusion:

If you want to live longer and without age-related problems, then you need to flush senescent cells, keep inflammation to a minimum and keep your stem cells around.

If there was any way these three things could be done consistently, we would live for ages – for now, we have to do what we can to give our bodies the best chances it can get.

Did you like the article? Let me know!

Start working on your longevity today.

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Written by   752
3 months ago
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Eyyy, this is such a interesting and very informative article. It caught my interest and glad that I read it. Hihi. I am the type of person who also wants to delay my aging and have healthy body and long life. This helps me a lot.

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3 months ago

Wow ❕, this is awesome. I knew science would help people live a healthy life with their discoveries. It is just that some of the treatments don't come cheap but I am glad the world has the hope of a healthy life as we approach the future.

I will definitely be making my research on this as well.

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3 months ago

Oh hey what an interesting topic. Would be so much better if the info sources are indicated too.

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3 months ago

Podemos amigo mío detener nuestro envejecimiento. Durmiendo las horas nesesaria. No estar tan expuestos al sol por tantas horas. Alimentando os con variedades y equilibrios de verduras, frutas, carnes. Realisando ejercicios mínimo tres días a la semana y también tratando de hidratar nos por dentro. Linda tarde

También me puedes leer acá y en noise. Cash.

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