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Embrace Crypto Capitalism: Prosper or Die!

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7 months ago
Can you hear that Mr. Anderson, that's the sound of your death - Matrix

Can you hear that?

That's the sound of the future as it is docking in the present - you see, we are just arriving at our destination.

Crypto Capitalism is shifting the paradigm but Capitalism is Capitalism: It rewards value.

But why am I saying that the future is arriving?

Well, think of it this way:

The Market Cap for Crypto Grew More This Year Than in the Last 10 Years Together!

Now, let that sink in...

How can we be experiencing such tremendous growth and reaping the benefits of such groundbreaking technologies yet the media still doubt us?

It's easy... they don't!

The media, powers that be, traditional bankers, statism supporters, and states themselves, are trying to delay the inevitable, and I'll tell you what the inevitable really is...

Delaying the Inevitable: How States and Banks are the next Blockbusters Video!

Do you remember what happened when technology evolved and the internet touched video?

Blockbuster's video, a Brand that was so powerful it was still used as a case study of success in the recent past... disappeared!

It is now a case study of obsolete business models!

Imagine that!

Now, as Crypto evolves and as the market cap continues to jump up like crazy, we see that the technology evolved and the internet touched money!

Guess what will happen to the financ\ial system as we know it?

Uuuuh... I don't see any good things happening to the billionaires capitalizing on being middlemen and overseers.

This is why banks, states, and more are trying their best to discredit and finish crypto off.

But here's the kicker...

You cannot avoid progress, and here's what happened last time.

John D. Rockefeller is a good example of this...

John D. Rockefeller: How He Tried To Avoid Progress

John D. Rockefeller had power that nearly no one wields today.

He was rich beyond your wildest dreams if you account for inflation, and he was influential, well connected, and with family ties to the greatest houses in the world.

He was making a fortune out of the oil every country was used for illumination, including public illumination.

When electricity came about... he was pretty invested in avoiding it at all costs.

John went to great lengths to blemish it, to put fear into everyone's hearts, he spent a lot and pulled every string available.

Electricity won, because no matter how powerful you are, you cannot stop something that works, makes life easier, cheaper, is a better alternative, and empowers everyone.

Progress is like truth, it always comes up in the end.

Powerful and influential people can delay it but never avoid it.

Crypto is becoming mainstream despite all of the campaigns, regulations, censorship, and everything else tossed against it.

The only question is: Are you going to prosper, or die?

You don't want to be this guy...

Crypto Capitalism: Prosper or Die!

When the internet touched video, there were those who didn't want to allow it (Blockbuster's video) and those who embrace it (YouTube).

Can you see what happened to those two brands?

The same applies to Crypto, but it has one distinctive element:

  • It's money we are talking about.

Having said that, the laws of capitalism (true unadulterated value-based capitalism) apply to this evolution, so people still need to provide value and be responsible.

However, those who embrace it will become rich beyond their wildest dreams.

When electricity came about, the tycoons of old started folding and new tycoons appeared.

When mechanization and Fordism arrived, the rich of old faded, and new rich men and women appeared.

The same happened with the Internet itself - Google, Amazon, Facebook...

Now we have Crypto, time for the old guns to leave some space to us, future tycoons.

Make No Mistake: I Will Become a Millionaire... and So Can You!


You have to really embrace Crypto Capitalism.

Let me break it down to you:

  • I will become a millionaire!


Because I embraced Crypto Capitalism.

I have a wide variety of different crypto and I am investing in expanding my portfolio and, even more important, assets!

To give you an example, I now have around 6 whole Bitcoin, and they feel too little because I want to hold more.

I want to benefit from this paradigm shift and this huge market cap increase.

This is happening and it is unavoidable so...

...Stop cashing out to FIAT, you'll be like everyone else.

Common People Don't Get Rich: Be An Exception!

Do you know what common people do in:

  • Hive;

  • Steem;

  • Bitcoin Cash platforms;

  • Leo.

...and other platforms that enable you to earn good crypto amounts?

They cash out to FIAT.

They think this is a way to get "real money", and that "real money" is what matters.

On the front, they may seem like they get this paradigm shift, that they know crypto is the future.

...but actions speak louder than words, and when it's time to act, they cash out for what they consider to be "real money".

Let me break it down to you, Bitcoin Cash is real money!

Crypto's Market Cap increased more in 2 months than in I don't know what time... how far do you think we are from another double in market cap?

Hint... it's not far off.

Only those rare guys who do get this paradigm shift are going to benefit from it, from the scarcity models of crypto and the abundance model that comes with it - in which supply is limited but rewards value in better ways than our current model.

People who are responsible and smart will make so much money so much easier... because the middlemen and exploiters are cut off.

It's a bountiful age we're entering, be prepared.

Be Prepared: Hold Bitcoin and Altcoins!

Do you want to be prepared?

Hold Bitcoin (BCH) and altcoins to get more exposure as well.

Heck, even that famous altcoin BTC is going to have some novelty value due to the nostalgia factor so go nuts and hold that too - but if you're reading this, then chances are you make the most of your Crypto with Bitcoin Cash.

This is proof in itself that the best token to hold is Bitcoin Cash. We are in the inception of the crypto paradigm, we are just starting out, the market cap is small, it is starting to grow...

...and even though we have all these arguments on how it's early, you are still making a killing out of Bitcoin Cash.

That's the proof!

Imagine when we mature!

Imagine when the trillions arrive and the billions of inhabitants of this pale blue dot start using crypto.

Imagine when BCH sits at an astronomical valuation... you'll be friggin rich!

Or you won't... because you traded as much BCH as you could to FIAT to fuel your everyday life, buy the stuff you don't really need just because you felt like it, or increased your lifestyle quality in the short-term.

It isn't worth it.

Sure, take some FIAT off BCH if you really need it, but value your BCH... you never know when the price moons to new heights, and when it does and you're not on the rocket - you won't ever have the chance to get the BCH you once had again.

Don't be a common person, living for the short-term - think ahead...

...think, and grow rich!

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Written by   741
7 months ago
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But I see a war between cryptic and government. This will decide because I have seen 2017 downfall

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7 months ago

When I take profits in anything crypto related (whether that's getting free crypto from blogging platforms or something else), I convert the altcoin into bitcoin. And I will never sell my bitcoin.

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7 months ago

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This is how love should be, after being angry with the man of love for a while, say sorry to yourself!

Love should be like this, to feel the touch of her hand on her picture! 🌸

Love should be like this, where in the midst of thousands of activities, to find him with a missed phone!

Love should be like this, where you feel sick in the illness of a loved one!

The word love is small but its depth is much greater. Love is in the depths of the mind. You can't forget that man even if you try a thousand times!

Because love teaches not to forget but to live forever in two hearts!

Keep your favorite man at bay! Hundreds of anger, arrogance, quarrels, misunderstandings, even if you say love!

Stay on the side of being a huge support at both good and bad times. But the relationship will last a lifetime. Learn to value the feelings of your loved one. Try to understand the two of you!

Long live all true love in the world. May all love stories be selfish!

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7 months ago

Excellent article

$ 0.01
7 months ago

It's pretty good. i always Like.😍💙

$ 0.00
7 months ago

Wow...thats great news.. Thanks for giving.... Such wonderful news...

$ 0.00
7 months ago

Good I agree with you 💯

$ 0.00
7 months ago

Your argumentation is provided with a lot of logic. Capitalism is capitalism, and the dynamics will not change with the change of clothes, there will only be new actors and the opportunity to sneak in among them. I do not dream of increasing my assets, it could become a problem if they increase too much. Not always having more is better, but money does not usually bother, on the contrary, it is welcome with its pros and cons.

As always, excellent article, my friend.

$ 0.01
7 months ago

Heya Jnavedan, what do you mean when you think increasing your assets could get you in a lot of trouble?

$ 0.00
7 months ago

Heya Jnavedan, what do you mean when you think increasing your assets could get you in a lot of trouble?

You remember the first Spider-Man movie when Uncle Ben tells Peter Parker, great power leads to great responsibility; phrase taken from a speech by Roosevelt in 1945. Well, it goes something like that, the problem is how well you will invest the amount of money that is obtained. Will it have selfish or altruistic ends? There is another quote that says that power corrupts. In that order of idea is the argument. Something philosophical for a change. I was just thinking out loud.

$ 0.00
7 months ago

Don't believe in that "capital is the root of all evil" and "money corrupts" propaganda. You're the same you with or without money. People just tell that to feel better about not having money.

$ 0.00
7 months ago

Thank u, Max, i like it, it's beautiful :)

$ 0.01
7 months ago

Yes exactly, crypto is the future and thanks to you for making this known to us, we have many roles to play in order to make public realize how crypto is growing. I always love reading your quotes!!!

$ 0.01
7 months ago

Thanks Eminent. You really need to get an avatar mate, it allows you to be recognized and establishes more credibility, you should try to do it ASAP or you'll be missing on a lot. Thank you for stopping by and commenting. Cheers!

$ 0.00
7 months ago

Okay, thanks

$ 0.00
7 months ago

It is like you said, but for many that don't have an income it is not easy. It is amazing you are holding to 6 BTC and you can become a millionaire if price for some reason reaches $175K. I wish you success friend in your investment. Some keep selling as it helps them to have some money for their need. I understand them and I was telling them to hold what they were making, but it is like a job to them.

$ 0.01
7 months ago

Hello there, Common misconception to think Bitcoin is BTC. I've explained here in my blog in the past on why BCH is bitcoin and BTC is an alt, even though it is a VERY EXPENSIVE alt. I agree with you on the rest, and yeah people see FIAT as the best alternative sadly. Cheers

$ 0.00
7 months ago

Sure. However you said you own 6 Bitcoin and while I also believe that Bitcoin Cash is the real Bitcoin, this doesn't change the fact that confusion is created when we use the term this way. If you say that to anyone it would mean you own 6 BTC. The general consensus was that Bitcoin BTC remained Bitcoin and while I fully support Bitcoin Cash, we shouldn't be confusing the terms.

$ 0.00
7 months ago

This is just amazing. I don't know but my mind is stuck with 6 whole bitcoin. WOOOOW. But yeah, everything has been said and the future is now. Cryptocurrency has paved its own way into the world, and it seems that it is not just here to stay, but to truly dominate the financial landscape of the world.

And still.. 6 BTC? Wow. One day I'll be a millionaire too with several BCH.

Plus. Those signatures are dope! :D

$ 0.01
7 months ago

Hey Meita. I have 6 Bitcoin, a.k.a BCH not BTC. Just to correct you there. I agree, crypto has arrived to dominate. Cheers

$ 0.00
7 months ago

Lol, that I was mislead by that , but still 6 BCH is amazing! I am long way far from my first ever BCH. I am really hopeful to hit that mark someday, and when that time comes, I'm buying beer! Cheers! :D

$ 0.00
7 months ago

It's beautiful! Thanks Max!

$ 0.01
7 months ago

I live to serve Zerlin :P Have a great night and keep on studying the crypto phenomenon. Cheers!

$ 0.00
7 months ago

I will! Thanks for the encouragement. It's challenging you know. With the many articles out, it's hard to filter good materials from bad. Still in pre search.

$ 0.00
7 months ago

Strongly agree with you, Cryptos are the future, and the keyword is HOLD.

Much education is lacking in this regard, because many people still do not know about these mechanisms to generate content and earn a living.

There is a long way to go but we have also come a long way. But there are very good hopes and I am very positive about it.

$ 0.01
7 months ago

Preach! People are still afraid of the crypto boogieman, and in this regard, the powers that be did well in capitalizing on humanity's fear of change to get the table to tilt their way... but it is as I said, progress can't be avoided.

$ 0.00
7 months ago

Exactly and that monster that they fear so much is going to end up arriving sooner rather than later.

Countries like India and Nigeria that are baning the cryptos are going to have to eat their words hopefully soon.

We also have a very important role, which is to educate all these people and spread the word as if it were a gospel.And not only because we are enthusiastic, but because if we really want to evolve as a society we must.

$ 0.00
7 months ago

Crypto is the future. 💚 I say yes to this new evolution. Hahaha 💚💚💚. Let us make it known to public. Lucky are those who has been exposed early. Yay.

$ 0.01
7 months ago

Yeap, we're very lucky. It's also good to look at the reward fund to see what I'm talking about when I say Bitcoin Cash is the future. The fund has been growing steadily and it's not new donations, but the value of the BCH Marc donated increasing. So cool.

$ 0.00
7 months ago