You are quiet when children are sleeping, not when they are dying

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1 week ago

Hello friends

I published an article a week ago.

I wrote an article drawing attention to the massacre, brutality and genocide that has been carried out in front of the whole world for eight months.

Or so I think. For those who don't understand why I said so, I say it again, Friends, there is a genocide in Palestine.

There is atrocity in Palestine

There is a great massacre in Palestine.

Babies are being killed in Palestine.

The most painful attack of the massacre took place last week. As a result of the attacks, the tents belonging to the United Nations, where people escaping from the bombs took shelter and containing babies, were burned down and there were also babies inside.

Please share this brutality to raise awareness.



When I decided to write an article about this last week, I hoped that it would be widely read and commented on.

but unfortunately this did not happen.

Please read my article and I am waiting for your comments.

I sincerely want you to publish an article on this subject.


I say once again:

Children are dying in Palestine.

Children are dying in Palestine

As a poet said; I hated this century with my flesh and bones


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it's heartbreaking that there are many enablers and unaware about what's happening in Palestine. specially, some celebrities who have a big platform and can encourage million of people. but anyways, i've been planning to make an article about this since last week, i just want to finish my hectic sched for now. you deserve an applause, on a serious tone!

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1 week ago

Definitelly. Thank you dear 😊

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1 week ago