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The day BTC lovers will realize BCH is the true BITCOIN

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1 year ago

This is just an idea of course but the thought alone has merit. The day we see $100,000 350,000 or 1 million dollar bitcoin..... the thought of transferring from 1 person to another for exchanging btc into tether... and or even sending someone a payment of any sort... the fees will be massive... around 1k or more.

Can you imagine? Paying $1000+ or more just to send some money into tether? Or your family needs help and you have to pay over 1k to send 100 bucks. Lol. Its coming.....

It's inevitable... everybody and their grandma is going to want a piece of bitcoin which will feel like a ridiculous TRAP.....

So what's going to happen is people will notice how much BUTTER BCH is, faster with cheaper fees... Itll be an inevitable merger from BTC TO BCH and BCH will be the true bitcoin. The talks is going to scatter like wild fire. NOBODY is going to say send me btc... they'll say, "btc?? No man bch!! Way cheaper fees!" Oh cool! Bam and they'll start merging what BTC they have in exchange for BCH...

Bitcoin cash is close to $286.02 at the time I am writing this article. In less than 2 years I predict BCH will be roughly around 3000 a coin.

Regardless of what people say... Bitcoin cash is the future. It truly is a sleeping GIANT :)




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This is how I see it too

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1 year ago

This is how I see it too

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1 year ago