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What Is Noise.Cash?: The Ultimate Beginner's Guide [2021]

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4 months ago

[This blog is intentionally written for none(yet) users.Written basically for those who wants to search keywords related to using search engines :), I've made this since our readers is not just coming within here, we have also readers in outside of the platform ]

Let's get started..

What Is Noise.Cash?: The Ultimate Guide For Beginners


Hey!good day buddy!. So you heard something about isn't it? You are searching helpful articles about and found outdated once? And you want to earn money online? Well, you are in right place. In this blog, I will guide you and provide all the necessary information for you to know about Noise.Cash.

Contents For This Blog

  • Introduction

  • What Is Noise.Cash?

  • How To Register?

  • What's Inside?

  • Things You Should Do and Don't Do In The Platform

  • Conclusion

Let's Dive In..


So have a Facebook account or Twitter account? You love to share your thoughts to social media? You are having fun and the source of your entertainment? Well I bet, the answer is Yes and good to know about that 'cause can give you the same things just like how you can enjoy your social media life in those platforms.

So, What Actually Is Noise.Cash?

Noise.Cash is a micro-blogging platform and a social media platform where you can share your thoughts, good quality contents and original posts. Noise.Cash can work as Twitter and Facebook. So things are easier while you are going to enter's sphere since the platform is almost the same as Twitter and Facebook but with 'Standard'. Well, you will know more about it if you continue to read.

Let's sign up!..

How To Register?

1.)Go to your favourite browser( chrome, operamini or Safari) and enter or click this

Note: is a web-app that means, have no mobile app version. Don't download any applications in playstore or appstore 'cause that might be phishing or fake app that may steal your password.

2.) After it, you have now the form to fill up with your information (your username, active email address and strong passwords). Just make sure to choose the best username of yours because you can't change it after then click 'Register' button.

3.) After you clicked it, you should confirm your email address to get the confirmation code by clicking the 'Confirm' buttom. Just make sure that you used your active email address.

4.) After you clicked the 'confirm' button, go and check your email address to get the confirmation code sent by Copy it and enter in the box area. Like this;


5.)After you entered the code, click the 'confirm' button once again and there you go.

6.)Now, the page for the site rules will be shown. This is the most important rules that you need to follow upon entering the site. Well, I will explain these to you later. Then click 'Next Page' button.

Site Rules

7.) This is the most important page if your entered The next page will show the options where you can choose between "I agree to the rules" and "Delete my account".

You have to read it carefully because there are possibilities that you can click "Delete my account" check box. Just remain it uncheck if your want to proceed to the site and choose "Agree to the rules". Then click 'Confim' button.

8.) Finally! Your are now in your feed or timeline term in other platform. Don't worry , we will going to explain all those displayed icon in there and their purpose.

Feed, Noisefeed, Timeline

Now let's explain each of them in details.

  • Posting area

In that box, that is the place on where you can enter all your thoughts. Anyways, that's too simple just like the text-area of Facebook and Twitter where you can make your posts and tweets.

  • Customize Option

In that option, you can choose your desired posts or noise that you want to display in your timeline. After you clicked that, these options will show.

Here, you can choose the post you want to display in your timeline or noise feed. Just click the check buttons.

  • Channels

In that icon, you can visit all the creative channels and you can even create your own channels too. Channels are like 'Groups' in Facebook where you can post things that the same as others. Basically, its a place or room for a specific contents (Ex: All anime content, Kdrama, Movies or Photography).

  • Chambers

In that icon, you can go to the 'Chamber' option. That chamber is works like channels too. You can post your contents too in a specific chamber.

  • Explore

This icon will be the portal if you want to read others post. Explore is like newsfeed too like the other platform.

  • Search

Of course, there is search option too. You can use this if you want to find a specific Chamber, Channels or even Uses.

  • Notification

Just like the other platform, also has notification button. This will display if someone gives heart and tip to your post, comments, renoise/share and replies.

  • Profile

By clicking that profile icoin in the orange box, all options are showed these are;

My posts- Where you can check all your noise or post. All your timeline in other platform term.

Site Rules- Where you can check all the rules. You already seen this in the first page in registering process.

Wallet- The important option of all. This will be the place where you can store all your possible tips that you can get from other users.

Note: All tips are in the form of Bitcoin Cash. If you are new about Bitcoin Cash, you should read this Ultimate Guide About Bitcoin Cash from Sir. @Pantera .

Just makes sure that you already downloaded a Bitcoin Cash wallet. I recommended wallet.

By clicking the 'Wallet' option, you can see this:

You have enter your Bitcoin Cash address from your Bitcoin Cash wallet or downloaded wallet. Now, set your minimum payout in the 2nd box then click 'save'.

If your earnings reached your set minimum payout, the fund will automatically send to your Bitcoin Cash wallet.

Don't know how to get your Bitcoin Cash recieving address? Follow this.

In your Wallet, click recieve button and this option will showed.

Click that code or the 'Copy address' in able to copy it in your clipboard then paste in the first box of the 'Wallet' option then save'. Like this;


Dark/light mode -Just like other platform, has also dark and light mode. You can choose your comfortability for your eyes.

Add to home screen- You can use this to add as shortcut. So you don't need to open your browser if you want to visit your account.

  • Rate this user

Each users has the capability to rate others user. This can help the admins and devs to group each users using these rates. You can rate the user if he is doing spam, or excellent if you want their contents.

Things You Should Do and Don't Do In The Platform

Here the important things that you should follow and the things that you should not do in the platform.



  • Do Post Quality Or Effortful Content really love users that has originality and applying efforts in its posts. Now if you are writer that loves to make some poems, you can share all your masterpiece there. If you are a photo editor, share all your outputs with the original description or captions. If you are photographer, go and share your shots in there.

  • Do Some Engagements

This will help you to have a friends in the platform. You can browse in the Explore icon and find your interest topic and make some comments to it. You can share your thoughts about it, personal options and theories.

  • Do share thoughts to others and be kind

Just treat other with kindness so that they will treat you the same. Just Respect and love each other. You can share your own feelings in there and wait for the useful replies in a second.


  • Don't copy and paste post

If you want to get tips from hearts, do not post things that you get from the internet or downloaded images from Google or anywhere in the internet. Copied 'quotes' are also include in this. Just be original and unique in your own way! You can too when it comes to images but just put the owners link or sources and support it with your original caption. Avoid the "CTTO" thingies.

  • Don't Post P*rn*graphy and Violent Contents is not the place for the horny and violent people. Just avoid contents that is related to p*rn and violence or your account will be deleted by the admin.

  • Don't ask for tips and subs

This is included in the site rules. Asking for tips and subscribers is prohibited in is the place for quality contents and not for spamming of tips begging and subs.

  • Don't Make Effortless Post

Don't make post of car image with your caption "Car" or image of fruits and with the caption of "Fruits". Make some efforts too. You can share your own perspective about that with your own words.

  • Don't Be Aggressive is not a place for Aggressive users. Name calling are too prohibited in Just be kind and respect other user or you will be banned from the site forever.

  • Don't Create Multiple Accounts

If you think "the more accounts ,the more earnings " is working in, well just focus on one account. has detection system that can monitor all your created accounts. If want to receive tips, just be loyal and focus on one account. You can delete or leave it..

Frequently asked questions and common problems in the platform.

"Hey, I can't recieve tips after I posted my first post"

Answer: Your account is new right? Just continue to post quality contents first before complaining and the tips will follow. The platform wants you to show some effort in exchange with tips. Just enjoy the platform first before expecting tips.

"My Accounts Cant Received Tips For A long time"

The possible answers will be, it's either you have multiple accounts in one IP, someone reported you for making bad things or spamming(asking tips, asking subs) or you abused the site.

"My tips is lower compared to others"

Hmm insecurity?..just compare your effort first to their efforts before complaining. Another thing, the tips are random and done by algorithm not done manually by the admins. Again, just enjoy the site and tips will follow.

Final Thoughts

I can say that is healthy kind of social media platform and has the potential to be the king of the new generation of social media platforms in the near future due to its uniqueness. is not just place for earning Bitcoin Cash but a source for Valuable thoughts.

Hey my reader, now you already read all the necessary information about So what are you waiting for? Go and share your thoughts with us. Register at and start your journey.

For more actual information about, you can visit @MoreGainStrategies YouTube channel for some awesome videos about it. Check it and subscribe here:

Find me @ CryptoManiac.

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Do I forgot something about Or want to add your thoughts. ? Drop it in the comment section below and we will add it🤗

Thank your for reading..💚

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Written by   203
4 months ago
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I already had my account in noise cash but I am not yet pro in its navigations so this one adds my knowledge on how to use the platform better.

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4 months ago

Thank you so much. Glad to know that🥰

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Yeah, you're welcome ☺️ looking forward to read more of your articles

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Wow very good

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Naunahan akong gumawa 😵 chorr lang. Mas madali ng mag invite sa basta ito na ang esheshare diko na need magpaliwanag 🤩. Thanks dito 🐕

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Haha Hala sorry dears. Pwede ka din naman gumawa ng version mo🥺

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4 months ago

Natatamad ako, saka joke lang nga 😂

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4 months ago

Brother you explained very well for beginners i am there from almost 4 month+ i hope beginners will get some guide from your article Keep it up

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4 months ago

Thank you for that. Wow glad to here that you're already 4 months in there. How is your experiences?

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Yet it’s still bad because didn’t get Good response

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What was your problem in there?

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Didn’t get notice by random rewarder And you understand how it is hard to write article without appreciation…..

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4 months ago

It's random rewarder. That means, its random and there is no 'favoritism' in that. Those articles are not manually selected by the admins but the system or algorithm does. Maybe soon, randomrewarder will visit your article. Just continue to publish more🥰

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4 months ago

Yes i know brother let’s hope for the best

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Very nice guide. And thank you for linking to the YouTube channel. ☺️💚

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You're welcome Sir🤗

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4 months ago

Basically worth to read. I just hope new users will spend the time to read this for them to learn before they can earn.

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