Forgiveness,Benefit,and Politics

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There was a widow who lost her husband at a very tender age, leaving four children for her to cater for. She was rejected and abandoned because of her abject poverty,but she failed to compromise as she single-handedly raised all her four children to the glory of God. One fateful day,her third son whom she loved dearly,who happened to be her favorite gist partner....the beloved son of this woman invited her to follow him to his sick friend's house,of which this is not the first time he has invited his mother. She agreed with great excitement without thinking twice. Shortly, after the journey began she fell asleep,when she woke up she found herself tied with rope in a strange premise where human body parts could be found. In front of her were placed jars of clay pots with human blood in it. It was then she understood that her own beloveth son had brought her as a ritual. She also heard them telling him a date for the collection of the items required to make him rich without undergoing stress.

Some hours later the leader of the group came into the room to untie her,calling her by her name. Luckily for her, the leader of the group happens to be her half-brother ( same father but different mother). He untied her,set her free,and gave her some money. They covered her face,put her in a taxi,and traveled for about 6hours. The man helped her down and instructed her not to remove the covering on her face until after 10mins. She obeyed,when she removed it,she found herself in her native town,which is another one hour drive to where she lives. On getting home,she found her beloved son at home we'll settled with a chilled bottle of beer.

Question: if you are the mother,will you forgive such a son?

Note: The deeper the relationship the deeper the hurt. But,to the natural man, it is only a stupid man who forgives a wrong without hitting back.

Sincerely,it is hard to forget or forgive a wrong. But it is a must to forgive, why?

What is Forgiveness?

Forgiveness is a deliberate decision that must be made in order to let go of grudges,bitterness,resentment, and thoughts of revenge regardless of whether the offender deserves it or not. To forgive is more than just a word,it is the full blooded energy of one's life working for the full deliverance of another life.

"To forgive means to deliver a man which requires your thoughts,your prayer,your speech, and your deed" Lilias Trotters.


Forgiveness isn't a sign of weakness but it is a sign of maturity. It takes maturity to forgive those who hurt us both physically and emotionally.Unforgiveness ties you to the past,it debases you to the present and hinders you from the future. Do you know that the current situation of our country is a result of our failure to let go and put everything behind us. The disappointment we met from our past leaders and politicians,the war, the killings,etc has tied us to our past. It debases us in the present and hinders the future from coming forth. It makes us run inside our shells. Many people's perspectives concerning going to care has changed due to these.

The belief and the wrong assumption that politics is a dirty game have driven many away from politics, most especially women, we believe politics is meant for men alone. The role of women is way beyond the kitchen and the bedroom. Her voice must be heard because she has a lot to contribute starting from her home,to the community, and the country at large. She has a lot to contribute to the growth of the nation.


  • Forgiveness is a spiritual medication that heals the soul and gives you a sound mind

  • Through the act of forgiveness our relationship with God and fellow men is being restored.

  • Lowers blood pressure.

  • Improve your health and you gain your peace.

  • Improve self-esteem- being confident and able to function wherever not moody,touchy or irritating habit, for example, being free to relate with everyone.

  • Fewer symptoms of depression.

  • It brings freedom.

  • Forgiveness sets you free from the past and makes you live in the present.

  • Surely forgiveness is the best way to open doors.

Never allow resentment and anger to drive your life,put everything behind you,and move forward. Stop imprisoning yourself in the walls of anger and bitterness,holding grudges does not make your story. Rather, it makes you weak and bitter. Don't imprison yourself forever.

Forgiveness is not a sign of weakness but a posture of maturity. It makes you stronger, sets you free,and gives you a painless memory. Doors of blessings are opened and as well restored the lost glory.

To forgive a man is to deliver a man and that will require your thoughts, prayers, speech and deed.

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