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Making Money In Bamboo Tree

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5 months ago

Bamboo has many uses in daily basis of people included me and family we consider bamboo as a source of income aside from our vegetables and fruits farm.

We didn't lucky to have a wealthy life but we're lucky that our family is very loving and caring in everything, we love each other so much .

So let's talk about Bamboo Tree as the lead of this article I made. We make money by bamboo by creating barbicue stick on it. Bamboo tree has big impact in our life as we use it in various ways. Our house are made in Bamboo Tree we make money also in it.

Bamboo Tree

This is the picture of particular Bamboo tree I took it back in our house we're near on that tree called bamboo. So to be able to use those tree we cut and clean it before we cut it by jigsaw. Everyday we do it as our daily routine to make money to able to sustain some of our daily needs and also help our father in his farm.

Other uses of Bamboo;

  • Furniture

  • Food

  • Biofuel

  • Fabrics

  • Cloth

  • Paper

  • Pulp

  • Charcoal

  • Ornamental garden planting

Uses mainly in construction;

  • Flooring

  • Roofing

  • Designing

  • Scalfolding

Bamboo was a great source of many environmental structure in our society. We're great to have this kind of tree in our province. Mostly neighborhood used this tree to make something for everydays income like barbecue stick use in selling street foods.

Barbecue Stick used in Street Foods

What an amazing tree it is very commonly known. Bamboo tree the source of income we only make barbecue stick on it to sell it in market valuing $0.059. In our situation now we need to be practical in everything we need to find way on how we can help our self and family to sustain our daily need in staying this problematic world. Like making money in bamboo tree considering it as work of mine.

Cut by Jigsaw

Cutting it by jigsaw in order to start making barbecue stick very useful in grilling and roasting some fish or meat. It's use to hold a piece of food together that's why it's useful in grilling and roster food industry. It's nothing to other but in other it's very big help in sustaining what should need in buying people needs. We can't ignore that bamboo tree also has a big impact in some business man like they building a rest house using bamboo tree or other staff that can use their businesses.

This pictures taken during making barbecue stick
Near to finish product

We used to make ourselves busy doing this than doing nothing besides it can help us in our daily consumes foods. My father get it from where the tree plant and he clean and cut it in order to us to start making this stick how father very hard-working in various works he go to farm to water the plants and then getting Bamboo for us to make barbecue stick. We're lucky to have parents like them very hard-working mother and father they are.

Finished product look like

This is the finished product we sell it in market in affordable price. My mother go to market to sell our fruit and vegetables and also the barbecue stick we made then buy foods from sold vegetables,fruits and barbicue stick mother buy rice and fish to be cook at home that's life.

Author's message;

This article ate base in my real life experiences. Just be thankful on what we have in our life even if we're not lucky to have a wealthy life we are much lucky to have a loving, perseverance and hard-working parents and we must help them to stand life that family helping each other.

Thank you for reading!

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Written by   16
5 months ago
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You can also make/sell bamboo straw aside from barbeque stick. I have mine that I bought years ago from Zagu and another from one seller on Shopee. I'm planning to buy more so we would have a lot of stock here at our house. We should all use bamboo straws or even metals and ditch the plastic straws to help save our environment. I also purchased a bamboo toothbrush before and gave it as gifts fpr Christmas years ago. 😊

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4 months ago