Myself is my Greatest Enemy

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2 years ago

Do you have an enemy? or someone you hate? If I were to be asked the answer would be no. Because my great enemy is MYSELF.

This article is about myself how I was swallowed up by a negative things and the effects it had on me. And how I overcome it and accepted the reality.

Why myself is my greatest enemy

Have you experience that you want to do something but you are scared even if you haven't tried or done it yet? You have in mind that the result will not be good. I had in mind, I couldnā€™t afford to do it. I limit myself, I give up to try and to explore myself on the things that I want to do. I say it's hard "I can't do it" I always think it's hard so it sticks in my mind that I can't do it .I limit myself it is like

"hey just stay there where you are , because you can't go anywhere or doing other things because you can't make it"

So what happened was I didnā€™t do it and I regretted it. To make the story clear I will direct the point to the scenario. I am a college student I admit I was struggling with my course (major subject) at first I didnā€™t like my course. I had no choice that time my desire course was offered by private colleges and my family couldnā€™t afford it. So I enrolled in state college (public school) I am happy that I passed the entrance exam and admission exam. Upon entering you will choose your 3 choices of courses you want to take. My 3 choices of course are:

  • 1st option - Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

  • Second option - Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering

  • 3rd option - Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science

Based on my entrance admission result the school offered me, my first choice was BS Information Technology. I was so shocked that time, and feeling nervous while holding my Certificate of Registration checking my schedules and subjects. Yes, I enrolled BSIT but I don't like coding and programming stuff (funny)

Changed happened

Before covid-19 our class is face to face I don't have a problem in my studies because I study hard for me to passed my subjects. Everything is fine I always present in my class and do my obligation as a college student to study to passed quizzes and exams, do activities, and projects. But everything changed when pandemic started and my parent decided to transferred me from another school and go home to our province because I used to study in the city and I live with my auntie. I moved to my hometown I am currently studying at a State University. Due to the pandemic the mode of learning now is online class and modular for the safety of students, teachers and everyone.

There I noticed that I changed myself because I'm a transferee I became an irregular student I was really sad that time. Additionally, I don't know any of my classmates make it even harder for me to find my classmates when the class started so that they can add me to group chats and group pages on facebook. Luckily, I found them someone replied my messages then she added me to their group chat and the help of my teacher's too they are kind and approachable.

Procrastination and negative thoughts

At the beginning of the classes I admit that I had difficulty adapting the changes. No acquaintance new school, new classmate, new teachers and online class new mode of learning and especially the pandemic. I have minor subject that I got from different department or different courses like in Engineering and Agribusiness. Like I mentioned I became an irregular student because there was a subject that was not credited from my previous school meaning I will not graduate on time.

When I do tasks and activities I am always lazy. I always say that later, I will do it tomorrow and what happened later and tomorrow became weeks and months. I have a hard time focusing I can't focus doing my task in the morning so I wake up at night and early in the morning to do it. Procrastination always happens to me and negative thoughts ate me. Lack of confidence in myself. I always say it is difficult even I have never done or tried it. Until one day I did I realized that I could do it just takes time and more effort to make it. Wasted my time I didnā€™t do something in advance I regretted it.

Looking back my post in my account in my wall I titled my content "Myself" here is the link in my account.

Am I the only one who experienced that sometimes I can't do something because I think I can't because it's hard. So I give up immediately without even trying. Until a few months I decide to do it, and I realize that I can do it, I can make it. It's just take more time to learn and more effort. So from that day I will try first before I give up on something so that I will not regret it one day. We must think that "we can do it" let's think positive and believe in ourselves.

I research on internet about Procrastination

One of the problem of myself is procrastination I need to stop and avoid this one. I always said later but later becomes weeks when I plan to do my school task. For me that's really a difficult problem in myself. So I make a research about procrastination I know there is a problem behind this why people procrastinate. And how we avoid this, my researched is a great help for me so, I share this also to everyone.

People often procrastinate because they're afraid of failing at the tasks that they need to complete. This fear of failure can promote procrastination in various ways, such as by causing people to avoid finishing a task, or by causing them to avoid getting started on a task in the first place.

To successfully deal with your procrastination, you need to figure out why you procrastinate and how your procrastination is preventing you from achieving your goals, so you can formulate a concrete plan of action, based on appropriateĀ anti-procrastination techniques, that will help you deal with your reason for procrastination.

Visit the link

Just visit the link for you to understand the reason and the solution of that problem.


Closing thoughts

Procrastination and because of being a negative thinker I called myself as my greatest enemy.Sometimes we ourselves are our greatest enemy, we always doubt in many things. We are afraid to take a step and do something. It takes courage and determination to take a step in our lives. We also need to believe in ourselves. Now I change myself for the better things I will avoid procrastination if I can do it now then I will do it. I won't allow this to become the barrier of reaching my goals in life especially in my studies. To have a positive mindset about life, I will no longer indulge in negative things. So I can say that myself no longer my enemy.

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Thank you for your time reading my article.


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2 years ago


We are not the greatest enemy of our but the mind is. Try to realize its tactfulness, cleverness, cunningness always hiding behind those curtains

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2 years ago

Yes i can relate with this, Even if people mock you it all comes down to what u want and what u believe in. Noone can hold u down except u

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2 years ago

Same here I also hated myself for not able to achieved all of my goals in the past and not studying because I don't like the course that my mom wants me to study. But despite of all of that, I still can manage to do and follow the dreams for my mom by being hard working person. By the help of 'sipag at tyaga' and believing to myself.

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2 years ago

Oh yes, nothing is impossible we can make it as long as magsipag lang tayo at hindi agad susuko patuloy lang na magsumikap. Thank you for your inspiring message.

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2 years ago

Hello there ate CW!! Thats actually hard, adopting to changes especially to something new is really scary, I myself stick to what I am before because of fear of failure. We're actually on the same boat I do procastinate slot because of this pandemic we have that leads to online class. But we can do it!!! Aja!

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2 years ago

Yes, we can do it let's keep fighting. Anyway I learned a lot from those days and I changed myself for the better no more many later and tomorrow haha!

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2 years ago