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Help me I'm drowning I try to fight and be strong so I don't fall. But why am I drowning more?

Help me to awaken my spirit. I want to wake up! I want to get up. It's just a dream it's not true. No! don't close your eyes wake up !! It's not a dream because it's the reality that you are drowning !. Gradually my body and mind drowned as my heartbeat slowed. Without air, I could not breathe.

I tried to move my body, I want to swim and climb because it slowly takes me into the abyss. I wanted to scream out loud but there was water coming into my mouth. I shout in my mind, shouting without a voice. I still want to fight, I still want to live but the sad thing is I can't swim.

I try to swim I move my arms, legs ... but I'm still drowning. I moved my hands to get their attention. Is it only up to here .. will it all end ..and goodbye?

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I closed my eyes and prayed to the Lord to ask for his help to save me from drowning. He is my only hope, I believe in him that he will not forsake me because he will save me.

Until all of a sudden, someone pulled me up, until I was out of breath carrying me to the edge of the pool. I looked at the person who helped me he saved my life. That's my friend

Are you okay?

I cried I thought it was the end of my life I'm thankful to my friend who saved me from drowning. And to the Lord who did not forsake me, he answered my prayer.

Closing Thoughts

That was happened 4 years ago, since that day I have been afraid to swim in the sea and swimming pool. When my friends invite me to go on swimming, I don't go with them. I won't enjoy it because I can't swim. But I also want to be able to bond with them so I just go there to the children's swimming pool. Now I go with my family when my family has an outing on the beach. I enjoyed the beautiful view of the sea, and I liked the view that was relaxing especially when I was looking at the mountains.

Our last outing the view is so beautiful green mountains with the small boat of the fisherman.

I was looking for a way to still swim in the pool without drowning and safely. This was our last bonding of my family when my older brother came home to the province.

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We rented a life jacket for 50 pesos so I'm happy and I really enjoy our outing. Sometimes I was nervous that my life jacket might puncture and lose air so I didn't spend much time in the pool.

Last 2019 we had a vacation in Siargao we took a ferry. I'm nervous and looking the big waves our trip took 3 hours on the ferry the more my nervousness gets stronger as the ferry shakes because of the waves sometimes you feel like it's tilting OMO !!

While we were on the ferry before it sailed the crew gave us a life jacket. I wore it as well as the others. Because the coast guards will still be checking. When the ferry left, the other passengers took off their life jackets. I was still wearing it, I didn't take it off.

My Auntie said why are you still wearing the life jacket, you can take it off, we just put it on earlier upon checking.

I said I'll just wear it until we get there. I was nervous at the big waves as I looked at my auntie and cousin they seemed to be used to the big waves they are no longer afraid. Maybe because they know how to swim and they are from the island. I looked at the passengers many were also foreigners and it seemed that they were happy to have a vacation on the island.

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