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TangibleNFTs series 2

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1 month ago
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Right this project I had in for a meet the artist nearly a year ago if you want to read all about there project . Well they are finally back with there new series and they are stepping up there game but I will let him tell you all about .

Hey man how's things?

It's going good, busy busy but good haha . How about you?

I am good just after putting my 1 year old down for the night so free for the night lol . How's the project going?

Sounds relaxing . Its going good, slowly but surely building everyday to create a strong foundation and community.

Its great to hear your building up a community even in a bear market and its great to have you back on so tell us you have announcement?

Bear markets are where you build your foundation and OG supporters and prepare for the bull . Regarding announcements we have our Series 2 we are working on dropping the 15th of this month.

Oh wow so series 2 is coming very soon so what will series 2 bring?

Yes hahaha were a little more then a week out. Series 2 is bringing a collection of 22 1 of 1 Physically Redeemable NFT sneakers, each has their own theme and designs that match the style. Our goal with S2 is to be the best vIRL NFT experience WAX has to offer from style and design to mechanics.

That sounds amazing how will that work?

Instead of your basic pack opening with percent a chance to get a vIRL NFT we added some depth to the process of obtaining them. Each pack apart of our Series 2 contains thread NFTs of different rarities, these NFTs are used for blending, by doing this we created a rarity system you blend through to be able to obtain your own vIRL NFT. Many people buy into projects for different reasons and we feel that using this method creates a rich secondary market for any type of buyer in our community.

So it will be a kind of a race to blend up so will it be small mint numbers or lots of blends?

In a way yes there's certain checks and balances we have in place to give everyone a good chance to obtain a vIRL of their choosing. For the most part there will be lots of blends, all of the vIRLs are 1 of 1s but the rest of the NFTs used for blends will have their fair share of mints.

If I buy a pack what should I find in?

Each pack contains 9 thread NFTs ranging from common to legendary rarities. Depending on the luck you have when cracking open packs it will make the blending process shorter or longer for some, that's where a lot of the fun is in my opinion.

Is there a structure or a map for the blending?

Yes! There is a rarity system used for blending your way up the ranks. We have multiple different ways to learn about it from; Youtube videos, website mechanics and even medium articles to make learning about S2 and our project as easy as possible.

Any links we can help people find them?]

Of course!

Our website which has mechanics and tons of ways to learn all about us :

This medium article highlights our S2 if you like more structured writing:

We also have a Youtube video going over it if your more of a auditory learner:

How many new NFTs will be added in series 2?

There are quite a few, regarding thread NFTs each sneaker has 3 different thread NFTs with multiple rarities in-between that are used to create the specific sneaker. For threads combining each different type and all the rarities there are 330 different threads on top of the 22 1 of 1 sneakers and a few other NFTs, Well round it up to about 400.

What is your favourite NFT IN the new packs?

Ahhh that's a hard one, I really liked coming up with all the vIRLs especially the naming process for each was really fun. Personal favorites would have to be between two of the 1 of 1 vIRLs, 'Tangible #50 Diamond Hands' and 'Tangible #69 Permafrost'.

Any pics of them?


Any of the EOS investors would know why we called that sneaker 'Diamond Hands'

Oh wow are they 1 of 1 Nikes?

Yes! We aren't affiliated with Nike but we use their sneakers as the canvas for customizing them and turning them into a 1 of 1 art.

And will anyone be able to redeem them as in there is no restrictions on posting?

Anyone will be able to redeem them yes! How we handle the redeeming is we have multiple what we like to call 'Forge Dates' a year and they are basically events where you can redeem your vIRLs.

How often will the "Forge Dates" be ?

We will minimum have 4 a year but its subject to change, we'll listen to the community and if they want them more often we will add a few more dates.

When is series 2 go live?

October 22th is the day! We are going live at 2PM EST.

How much will a pack cost?

There are 22 different packs all that lead to their own 1 of 1 vIRL sneaker, they are 19$ each.

Any pics of other NFTs that will be in the packs?

Of course, plenty! This is the rarity tier of NFTs that are for each pack and what you blend in the process to obtain the sneakers. The NFTs change slightly depending on the specific 1 of 1 sneaker you are going for.

Other sneakers that our community has found to be their favorite are our WAX themed sneakers and BC Brawler themed sneakers.

Thanks for taking your time for talking to me about series 2 and I really hope you can jump on to the Youtube show in the next few weeks , Good luck with your drop.

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Written by   650
1 month ago
Topics: WAX, NFT, Blog, Artist
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