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Meet one of the team from TangibleNFTs

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1 month ago
Topics: WAX, Artist, NFT

I have been watching this project for a while as they are pretty close to going live I finally had the chance to talk to one of there team now there project isn't going live till the 29th but hey lets get nothing wrong on getting the low down about the project so IL be chatting to Gabriel from the team .

Hi Gabriel .

Hey how are you doing tonight ?

I am good and you ?

I have been tinkering with WAX arena and rPlanet. I am doing well just finished dinner ready to get work done 👍

Oh lovely so will you be working on your NFT project ?

Hahah yes as usual, whenever I have the spare time its what I try to put my energy into for sure.

So how did you discover NFTs ?

I first starting getting into NFTs through my brother. He joined the WAX community around 2018 and every so often I'd join in on different NFT project sales, and just ended up naturally intrigued with the space and how much NFT technology can impact the world.

Ah brilliant so you joined as a collector and gradually became a creator . What made you become a creator ?

Yea different collections like GPK and Bitcoin Origins were the first ones I started dabbling with and collecting was always a fun experience. I always liked collectible items IRL and wondered why there was not more vIRL collections with everyday items and it felt like such a fun creative opportunity to try and pursue I really couldn't let go of that thought hahaha.

So tell us about about your project ?

Our project is TangibleNFTs, our collection is focused on utilizing NeftyBlocks Blending contracts to craft vIRL NFTs.

Our series 1 comprises of 48 physical 1 of 1 Sneakers, to acquire the 1 of 1 vIRL NFT you need to blend and upgrade the thread NFTs that are inside packs. I have a small video I would also like to share with you that kind of simplifies the crafting game within our collection 🙂

So you are launching with a bang as such is this a team ?

Of course, I am extremely proud with what we are about to deliver. Yes I am building this project with a team, we are a partnered collection with which is a WAX NFT studio that partners with creators like myself to help create unique NFT experiences!

Oh brilliant its great the community help you get in WAX blockchain ?

Yeah for sure I feel like that is a necessity in any successful blockchain, having a strong helpful community for new projects.

So there will be 48 NFTs at launch that is some amount have you dropped any promos ?

Starting tomorrow we are going to be doing a giveaway for a Large pack that contain 50 NFT threads used to blend into the vIRL NFTs!

Also we have planned a banner space for our project on AtomicHub for the day of October 29th and will also be featured on NFT INSIDER.

also a correction, we don't have only 48 NFTs, that is the vIRL NFT that are 48. The amount of NFTs we have are closer to 90,000 if you open all our packs.

1500 Large Packs (50 threads in each pack)

1000 Small Packs (15 threads in each pack)

Oh wow that is some amount so what was the first NFT created in the project?

Yeah our first NFT created was our Common Black Thread and we did a small giveaway for them a little bit back. After seeing how the art looked I really liked the idea of using threads and the different colours we could do with them that slowly lets you blend your own sneaker.

Can we have a pic ?

Of course

Nice I have seen that how did the community react ?

Our community is still small and growing but the ones who were there when it first was shown liked the idea and the progression of our threads, and how each rarity as they blend and upgrade them looks better than the last.

What's your favourite NFT of the project so far ?

That’s a hard one but I’d have to say either our Tangible #17 vIRL sneaker or our Epic Purple Thread.

How come you picked these 2 ?

Purple has always been my favourite colour so when we designed our Epics and made it Purple themed along with the Purple Thread Colour that made the decision easy for me. Tangible #17 was a perfect combination of that Purple with a vibrant Yellow and Red, it just mixed very well to me and stood out the most in my eyes.

How long did they take to create ?

The concepts took longer than the execution of it itself we went through a few different old model ideas and ended up on what we have currently. The entire Series 1 collection In all was finished in about a months time once we were set on all the art styles and what we wanted it all to look like.

What programs did you use for creating?

Mainly Adobe software, After Effects being a main one.

Is there many artists involved ?

Currently just two but we hope to collaborate with other artists in the future with many of the other ideas we have for future drops. 😁 We have our sights set on a few things.

Have you done any collabs ?

We have one in the works for our next drop(top secret) but as of right now we have not released any artist collabs yet.

Who would be your dream collab ?

Growing up I was a really big soccer fan and always played it, so I’d have to say doing a collab with a professional soccer player, doing custom vIRL soccer cleats. That would be awesome.

That sounds brilliant love that idea . Who is your favourite NFT artist ?

Thank you, I’d have to say the Dark Country team if you’re talking specifically art has some of the best art on WAX. Always thought it looked awesome.

What's the biggest collection in your wallet ?

I’ve been getting into WAX Arena more so the bulk of my wallet is getting flooded with it haha.

What's the biggest lesson you have learnt from doing your project ?

I’ve for sure learned a lot, I’d have to say one being how important having a community is and how difficult it can be to grow one organically. Giving something to the open market and seeing if they enjoy what you provided is always difficult I feel.

Especially seeing so many already established projects, you don’t see what it took leading to having their own dedicated community. It really makes you have a lot of respect for anyone who has accomplished that.

Has your team ever meet up ?

Most of my team lives in the same city as me and we are close. I’m pretty lucky for that.

Oh wow . Have you got any of your family involved in crypto ?

Yeah that’s funny you ask actually haha, one of my brothers is our teams developer.

Oh brilliant I love that . What has been the most exciting thing of the project ?

Honestly just looking back and seeing how far we have come from an idea of a project to where we are now having an entire project model and having lots of ideas for the future as well. Having a vision and slowly putting it together is really the most exciting thing in my opinion.

I bet . So is this a full time job ?

Not quite yet, still a passion project that me and our team are working on with that being a goal in the future.

Brilliant so tell us something random about you ?

I am a huge World of Warcraft nerd if I’d say so myself hahah .

Oh god your part of the elites lol .

Yes we are a select few that have gone down in number over the years lol.

Of course consoles rule now lol. What you like to do to unwind ?

I feel like a lot of people can relate to this one, first turn on the PC check the markets for a few minutes, check the AtomicHub for a sec, than open discord and hit up some friends see who’s online to play some games lol.

Ha ha ha love it . Where is the best place for the community to keep up with the project ?

Yea we keep people updated either on our Twitter:

Or Discord:

Either are great places to ask questions and stay up to date with our project and learn more. :)

Where will your NFTs be available to buy?

Our drop will be available to purchase from our website on the 29th:

Perfect any chance of a competition for the readers ?

You mean like a giveaway? Yea I would be happy to do give you 2 Large packs that contain 50 threads each! And for helping out I’ll give you a large pack yourself that you can also have :)

Oh brilliant thank you so before we finish up is there anything you would like to add or say to the readers ?

I am extremely excited to see how the community reacts to our Series 1, I believe it’s very unique and different approach to vIRL NFTs on WAX.

Its been a pleasure to chat and good luck with the launch on the 29th .

So to be in with a chance to win a chest drop your WAX address here or check the Twitter competition below and give them a follow and check there project out .

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Written by   465
1 month ago
Topics: WAX, Artist, NFT
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