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Meet the artist behind Mr Twofu

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Topics: NFT, WAX, Artist, Interview

Right guys this one for me is a big one finally found another Irish NFT artist that is creating on WAX and his work is amazing his community is growing and I can see why .

Hey bro


How's things?

Very busy but good thanks, you?

Good just floating in work lol

As ya do lol...I'm just having a quick tea break before I get cracking on Skunkmonkey assets.

You full time creating art?

Yeah full time.

Oh nice how did you start off in creating NFTs?

I started because of Graffiti kings when I started Designing the Toonboys as a collab with them but they never got released and so I will be releasing them Solo sometime this year as a 10k 1/1 collection.

How did you get introduced to them and where you already in crypto at that time?

I got introduced to them through Darren 'Ser' Cullen who runs GK when he first contacted me a couple of years ago to do a commission piece for him, then he got me involved in a project they were doing with LadBible and after that we talked on and off up until I started working on the Toonboys 👌🏻

Oh cool so is WAX the first crypto you where involved in?

I dabbled slightly into ETH with a small release and 1 sale on Rarible, at this time I didn't know much about crypto or NFTs and had seen another artist release a few things on Rarible so I gave it a shot... wasn't introduced to WAX until the toonboys project started happening.

What gave you the idea to launch your own project?

I have always done different series in my artworks such as the Marshmello heads, chili peppers, spray cans and cannabis bud series so the want for turning one of those series into an NFT collection came pretty naturally and the WAX blockchain looked like a great place to launch an art collectables series so I guess it was just a matter of time... Tony Trip and myself were talking about launching a collaboration project but in the end I really wanted to man a solo collection and have other artists collab on that collection, he ended creating his own project to called the Cyber Vandals which I have collaborated on as well.

Can I ask where came up with the name Mr Twofu?

I started out in Graffiti and Twofu was a graff name I came up with based on letters I like to write.

Ah any pics of your Graffiti work?

It was all illegal walls so I don't have any wall pictures but do have some graffiti blackbook artworks.

Oh show us some of them?

Wow man they are amazing are you this long?

I've been doing art and drawing pretty much my whole life but only started taking it seriously since June of 2019 when I started my Instagram page and started posting some graffiti which led to those letter characters and eventually led to all the different kinds of character mashups that I do . Been doing Graffiti on walls since around 2009 maybe I wasn't very good back then.

Ah so your doing it a while well you obviously got better with time .

I won't deny that lol..

When did you launch your first NFT on WAX?

I launched my first NFT on wax sometime in December of 2021 if I remember correctly, it was a Simpsons inspired Shrooms artwork that I collaborated with Tony Trip on, I created the artwork and he animated the artwork so it moved, was pretty dope and sold out quick...

Then after that I launched the Skunkychunks collection on January 16th 2022 and that has been my main focus since.

How many have launched since?

That's a good question, around 150 templates with a total of around 55k NFTs that have been created and either sold as singular NFTs, through pack sales or created through blends...

Wow that's some amount how often do you drop a new NFT?

From the start it was usually around 1 drop and 1 blend per week, oh and I would also do free airdrops for people holding our NFTs too, usually once per week aswell as twitter airdrop giveaways etc.

Each drop would usually consist of around 4 templates totaling 630 NFTs and would almost always sell out within minutes or within the hour of the drop...

Recent pack sale of 420 packs sold out in a record 4.6 seconds, I would also like to state that we have an anti bot measure in place through the use of 'proof of ownership' whitelisting using our membership NTT so we can make sure that all of the sales go to our community.

Our Membership NTT 2.0.

Ah Matrix inspired so your all about giving back . Do you have a favorite NFT you have created?

Yes I love working with the community to create these things, a Matrix inspired NTT for the membership was an idea that came from the community.

I have a few favorites, so hard to decide...

This courage the cowardly dog inspired Bud artwork was 1 of the first we released but I just love how it looks.

It does look class what the process of making your NFTs?

Thanks, my process is I start with a sketch on the iPad Pro using procreate software which is a digital painting program, then I ink over the sketch and add colors, shadows, highlights and textures until I have a finished artwork... then to make the different rarity variants I create multiples of that project and go in to each and change colors of each area to fit a certain style that I have created for them.

it doesn't sound very exciting but I also do livestreams on Instagram, tiktoc or even Telegram sometimes showing the processes that I go through and its a great way to get feedback from the community and also bring new people into the space.

How long does a normal piece take to create?

The first initial artwork can take somewhere around 4 - 6 hours and then to create the variants its probably another 2 hours... it does vary though depending on how focused I am 😅.

Of course I know you and Tony have done a collab have you done many more?

I've collaborated with Tony Trip, Hamcrusher, Wombat Dungeon and Graffiti Kings which has all been on WAX and then I have collaborated with NoCap which is an ETH based project.

Is there an artist on WAX you would love to work with?

That's tough because I spend more time working on the skunkychunks collection than browsing and discovering collections, I am sure I will come across lots of amazing artists that I would love to work with!

If you know any you think I should check out please let me know.

I know so many bro lol .


Check out Niftybc he is the host on the YouTube show.

Checking out a Niftybc video on YT now, NFT circus, you are on a bike lol.

What has been the best part of doing your project?

Best part of creating this NFT collection has been watching and being part of the growing community and also the learning, I love learning😅.

Yea I was finished work late that night that was up the Malahide road! What has been the hardest part?

Hardest part for me is the admin stuff such as writing up quality information for the website, description etc. as I've just never really been good at that kind of thing, my expertise are in creating artwork, but I feel I am getting better at it.

I think that comes with time . What does your family think of your project?

My wife collects and sells them lol... others in my family don't really understand NFTs like many people I guess

Have you brought many people into NFTs?

People like friends and family? only my wife... People through my social media channels I reckon I have brought dozens to NFTs whether it was through the Toonboys or the skunkychunks collections.

Oh nice so you have brought a few in . What you like to do to unwind?

I like to play games, new Elden Ring is off the chain good!... I also like to chill and watch movies or tv series with the wife, cooking homemade pizza and having a few beers with friends is another good way for me to unwind.

Tell us something random about you?

I can solve a rubix cube in less than 60 seconds 😅.

Hmmm really should ask you proof that lol . Where can we keep up with the project?

I've proved it on many livestreams with the community😂.

[Website] -

[Discord] -

[Instagram] -

[Twitter] -

[Useful links] -

Discord and Telegram are probably the best places to stay up to date.

When the next drop?

4-20, April 20th we are launching the SkunkMonkeys 1/1 PFPs🎉.

Oh nice any sneak peaks?

This was a very basic simple test of just a fraction of the assets, lots of different heads, accessories and more to be added before they are generated.

Where can we buy your NFTs?

And on the secondary marketplace

Is there anything you would like to say or add?

"I'd like to thank the community who has been amazing since the very beginning of the skunkychunks collection and I look forward to creating so much more, if you're reading this article and got this far then you too should be part of the skunkychunks community!... I also want to thank Crackers for the interview, its been fun to stop and look back at the last few months and more".

Right to guys please check out his work and his socials to keep up with his project and if you fancy winning one of his peices check my giveaway below .

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Written by   618
1 week ago
Topics: NFT, WAX, Artist, Interview
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Waking up with #MeetTheArtist! Better than reading the financial times!

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Oh god i am afraid to read the finanicial times they way ireland is going

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