Dagga bringing the Dons

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7 months ago
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Right it is always a pleasure to talk to this artist as he has always something fun up his self and this exactly like that its funny I have been chatting to this artist for over two years from when he was called mosaic stamps to now when he goes by Dagga and his work is getting better and funnier but this new project is quite different but Il let him explain .

Hey bro how you?

Let's say, the day could have start better...but ok.

I total get get that bro well lets get it going a bit better lets talks about DON NFTs . So this isn't technically a new project or a new drop how would you describe it?

Yes, not directly a new drop or new stuff from the art side. I would say it's more a benefit for collectors and supporters.

How did it come about?

I see great stuff here on wax everyday. Those who experienced in developing some cool tools can give their community awesome things. Unfortunately, i have not much experience in coding a website or an online tool. I thought about how to benefit for a long time. I came to conclusion, that it should up to the ones who buy, how much to pay. This is also a big advantage for those who are as good as out of wax.

Of course so tell us how will it work?

It's simple. Everything is based on crafts available on NFTHive. Thanks to that flexible system, I am able to allow someone who holds an asset of a certain scheme to claim the craft. So all you need to do is, get one of the DON assets and you can claim the craft. You can buy DONs on my drops 1:1 for wax. For example, a 10 DON note costs 10 wax. And here comes the benefit. On most crafts, i enabled the claim with all DON notes. That means, if you think the piece is worth 20 wax you can craft it with a 20 DON note, but you don't need to. You are also able to craft it with a 1 DON note. This is completely up to the buyer what it is worth for him.

Of course how many different Don notes will there?

Currently, there are 7 (1,5,10,15,20,25,50) but it's flexible and i can do more with different values if someone asks for

And are they equally to wax so 1 DON is 1 WAX?


Where did you come up with the name Dons for the currencey and will this become a wax blockchain currency in the future?

It's short for Donations. No, not a currency on blockchain,I guess it's not that easy to deal with the taxes then

And the design how come you went with a bank note?

That was a spontaneous thing. I thoughts it fits best to the needs and those meme cartoon characters makes it a but more funny

Will there be certain restrictions on what NFTs can be blended?

On some maybe, I think not every stuff will be craftable, some will stay drops. It's also possible to let collectors use a 10 DON note as minimum.

Will there be limited mints on each DON NFTs?

No, those have unlimited supply cause they should only be a "currency"

At the start how many NFTs will there be to buy with dons?

Actually, there are 3 crafts.

The first is that. Then there are the two packs for the two "films" . Those two packs contain also ingredients for crafting the film.

Ah will more stuff get added depending on sales?

I plan to let the project live. it should be "forever" a currency for some of my stuff. At least, as long there is no possibility on any marketplace to integrate "Pay-What-You-Want" system, it should stay and the DON drops will be here

When will it go live?

The DONs and the ingredient packs will start on 15th at 12:00 cet. The two films will start one week later.

Ah and I am guessing they will be both on sale on NFTHive?

Everything is on Hive.

The DON drops https://tinyurl.com/mt6p8azu

Here the crafts Dagga on NFTHive.io - WAX Marketplace for Dagga

Are you working on anything else at the moment?

Always I never stop doing things

What can you tell us?

Nothing ha ha


No...nothing special. I always do stuff, throw it away, do new stuff and so on. Most time, I do multiple new things at the same time. maybe that's the reason i have to throw away so much

Can you say much about about your work pigeons?

Oh, this was also a very spontaneous thing. I love their music drop, especially the punk version. So I thought, a little co work will hype it a little bit more.

Ah so before we finish up is there anything more you would like to add?


There will be a small retweet contest for the drops soon were ppl can win DONs. I plan to give away 5x1 DON for some tasks.


Links for Dagga:





Some of are past articles chatting about his work





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7 months ago
Topics: NFT, Interview, Artist, WAX, Crypto


I love the look of the illustrations, they are beautiful, and well done. I still don't quite understand the NFT issue, but yours are great.

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