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Meet the artist Daggart

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1 week ago
Topics: WAX, NFT, Artist

So lets say this is actually a returning artists but has changed his name and his whole project looking and its night and day between his projects but the work is just as good and he has brought a lot of great artists in with him Il let him explain it a bit more .

Hi Man welcome back !!! How you today?

Slept out first time this, I am relaxed😁

Nice . What's the plans for the day ?

Today I will work and after the work in my "real" life, I start to improve the Met The Artist Patch for the free giveaway.

Ah nice . So we might as well say you have been here before but under a different name ?

Yes, Dagga is known under Mosaic NFT Art, my old name. As I started doing NFT art, my focus was to make stamps with mosaic patterns. After a while, I realized that this pushes me into a drawer. The old name suggested that my art consists of mosaics, but honestly, I have done not very much mosaic art assets. I had to find a name that is not inevitable bound to my stuff, so I changed it to Dagga.

...well, everybody loves Dagga😜

What does dagga mean or stand for ?

Dagga is another word for weed. Originally, it was used in areas of the southern African continent but it spreaded worldwide . Weed aka cannabis😁

Ah so what brought you into NFT world in the first place ?

I am in crypto since 2016/2017. As I read the first stuff about NFTs (guess it was early 2020), I was totally in flame for it and the possibilities it opened for me. Idk exactly but I think it was a post from Ravencoin that let me dive deeper into NFTs.

As I know and most people knew as mosaic art when why did you decide creating NFTs was for you ?

I started in January this year 2021 doing my first stuff.

What made you get into it NFT creation?

I was always very interested on making digital art. Many years ago, I started to teach myself Java as the first android phones came out. I developed apps only for myself, just to learn coding. Every app needs it's design, that's how I started to make digital art. I was very long inactive because having a full time job in real life and most time a girlfriend, there is very less time for it.

Of course so you actually took a break from creating are you glad to be back ?

Yes. Sometimes it's hard to do both jobs. Also, I don't wanted to do more stamps stuff. I think it's important to grow and make something different if the time has come.

I understand so you now have come back now with your new project what's it all about ?

The new project is called NFT Patches. I'm my younger days, I was a big Heavy Metal fan and had some jackets with a lot of patches. Somedays I was out with friends and we remembered this time. That was the moment the NFT Patches were born.

Ah so will we be seeing some metal and rock band patch's soon ?

I don't think so. I mean, it would be absolutely awesome to do some for example with Iron Maiden, but this would only work in Corporation with Iron Maiden. If I want to do something like this, I have to hold the rights to do it. It means, either I have to pay them to use their Logo, or they have to enjoy my idea and getting involved with a profit share. Both is unrealistic, I am not liquid enough to pay them and not famous enough that they take notice of my stuff😁

I meant would you create your own rock metal badge with fictionally bands ?

Ah, maybe. Currently, it was just a project NFT related with some awesome NFT Artists and their logos. First I want to see how it wakes up the NFT community. Maybe there is no market for this, maybe it booms

Well your first batch of packs drop tonight who can we find in the first batch ?

Oh, it drops on today , 10th of October 8:00 CET in the morning. The drop consists of different packs, one small pack for the people with less wax, one big pack and both packs again with a reduced price for Dagga Elite Patch holders.

There are 10 awesome artists/patches inside. For example Zany Gumballs, Silly Psy Ben, Nippy Nip, Cartoon Family and more. Additionally, you can get Punk Patches and ingredients for upcoming blenders. The exact details will be found on the pack description.

Also, there is a free promo pack released some hours after and a thank you patch pack for everyone who is able to collect all patches of every artist inside the first drop.

But that's just the half, there will be about 10 more artists in the second drop after the first drop sale.

What made you go out and get other artist involved in your patch's ?

I love collaborations. It's important for me to learn from each other and make friendships instead of being competitors .

Of course I have also seen your cryptocurrency patch's how many of them have been created ?

For the first drop only these 5 will be available and only for those who are able to collect all patches. 5 new ones will come with the second drop. I have created more, but I am not sure if I will release them later.

So it depends on sales do you have any other projects idea in mind ?

Of course the sales are an important factor but not the only. Doing NFTs is very time intensive and a lot of work. You have to decide if a project is profitable enough. At the end, you can have a lot of fun, but if nothing comes around, you can't eat from. But having fun is not less important, so you have to get the balance. A project that is only profitable, but boring or only exhausting will not satisfy me too.

I have a lot ideas in mind, but if they will be realized....idk, time will tell.

Of course so from January this year to now would you think you have upskilled in NFT creation ?

I definitely learned a lot since then and I would say, yes my skills in digital art leveled up. But measured on the sales, it looks like I'm getting worst😁. NFT has changed a lot, in the beginning everybody was on fire. Meanwhile, the big players have overtaken the market. The user wants collectibles from big companies or assets that are used in games. That's something I can't provide currently. But one thing I will never do, prostitute myself only to make more sales.

Who knows my stuff knows also that I don't sleep, I always try to do new things. And if the most are awaiting the same style all the time or gaming assets, then I have lost. But better lose and have fun than sell for millions and get captured in a cage and never find out.

I think everyone should think like that don't sell your soul . So how many NFTs you think you have created since January ?

Lol😁...I absolutely don't know. Including my two collections mosaicstamps and mosaicartcrd and the new patches collection....maybe near to 200

Wow are they both based in the same wax wallet ?

Yes I counted about 120 only on mosaicartcrd, so there must be a similar quantity on mosaicnftstamps. I made a lot of stamps and even much collabs

Do you have any favorites over the two projects

Hard to say. I usually won't evaluate my own stuff. I think I was most satisfied with the dead punk cards.

Can you show us one ?

There is also a dead punks stamp collection .

Love them . Did they take you long because of the animation ?

Yes, animations are always much work. Idk how long I worked on it.

What programs you using to create ?

Mainly Gimp and Inkscape.

How many artists have you collabed with ?

At the patches collab, we are 21/23. Two artists are not secure anymore for some lack of time. Since I started, I worked with about 15 other artists together, with some more than one time.

Is there an artist you haven't worked with who you would love to work with ?

Oh yes, many. For example Bohnart, I love that style. But honestly, can't do anything that doesn't destroy Bohnarts art😅

Ha ha ha you art is good . What the biggest collection in your wallet ?

Besides mine, because I hold most mint 1 assets, Blockchaincards, Puft Creative and Seaglass NFT .

Who is your favorite wax artist ?

There is not only one, there are a lot more. I love the style from Bohnart, DaPrankster, Nippy Nip very well. Also, Peter J. Graham and the Seaglass collection. I really can't decide..

Would you like this to become a full time job ?

Yes, this would be great. But not in a big company, it should be my own business.

Of course how many hours a day would you spent in the NFT world ?

Lol....better to ask how many not. Even if I have an 8-9 hour I steal time from my job, I use every minute to work on something. Well, I should go more outside..😁

Ha ha that's the thing if you stop paying attention everything can change in a heart beat . Tell us where you from ?

Central Germany .

How does your family feel about your project ?

I have a girlfriend and animals, no kids. And she doesn't take crypto very serious, so....🤷

Ah . Tell us something random about you ?:

I prefer to be in a room with a hungry tiger than in a plane .

I know the feeling . What you do to unwind when your not creating ?

Hard to say, currently I create to unwind .

Oh art creation is your escape !!!!

Definitely😁 But, ok, sometimes going out with friends also. Corona has changed a lot. Now Germany opens slowly after 1,5 years...

I know the feeling . Where do you like to keep the community up to date with your project ?

Currently only on Twitter. I have also a TG channel, but not very active here. I am not a TG friend. Discord is great for making more stuff with the community, but I haven't enough time to take care of it.

Have you asked to join NFT lounge on discord ?

Yes, I am a golden collector

Would you not ask to feature as an artist?

Silly Psy and me talked about, yes I think in the future I can be a part of it.

Where can we find your NFTs for sale ?



Any chance of a drop or competition for the readers ?

Yep....a free Meet The Artist Patch is ready to be minted🙂 . Should we do more giveaways? What about a small free pack for three winners two weeks after the sale?

Perfect . Are you back in the NFT world now for good ?

Well, I hope so, nothing other is planned but we never know what comes next in life.

Of course are you invested in any other crypto ?

Yes, I have some positions in good projects like Polygon, Umbrella network, Tron and other ones .

So before I let you go enjoy your Saturday night is there any you would like to add or say to the readers ?

The hardest question 😁. I would quote Google in the early days: Don't be evil. If everybody would follow this, we would live in paradise.

Perfect way to finish .

So if you don't already follow this legend follow him now and his new collab packs are out now check them out here .

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Written by   411
1 week ago
Topics: WAX, NFT, Artist
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