My Story: I Rented My Crush As My Boyfriend for A Day

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Do you ever have the guts to rent someone to date you for a day?

February 14, 2017

This is the story of how I rented my crush to be my boyfriend for a day.

I woke up early in the morning with my eyes half close. I grabbed my phone and check the time. It was still 5:32 AM and I’m too lazy to get up that early. I closed my eyes for a while not realizing that I dozed back to sleep.

I woke up feeling the beat of my chest pumping like crazy.

“Oh no! Tell me I didn’t I fell back to sleep” I said with a worried voice.

I turn on my phone to check the time. “It was 6:35 AM already? I’m gonna be late for school” talking to myself with a palm on my forehead.

I immediately get out of my bed and took a shower, get dressed up, comb my hair, eat 2 slice of sandwiches and drink milk, brushes my teeth and then put my shoes on.

“Aren’t you going to have your breakfast?” Mom asked.

“Thanks mom but, I have already eaten sandwiches and drink my milk. I’m already full” I replied with a smile.

It was a lie. I was hungry though, but I have no time. I’m gonna be late.

I went out the door and said goodbye “I’m going to school now, see you later mom”

15 minutes later, I arrived to school and was surprised. “I’m not late?” I asked my friend that sit besides me. She told me the date and yup, I forgot that today is Valentine’s Day, I thought that Valentine’s is tomorrow. Everyone knew that there will be no classes that’s going to happen because the School is Counseling Valentine’s Day Activities.

The list Valentine’s Day Activities was

  • Confession Wall

  • Photo booth

  • Mirage Booth

  • Blind Dates

  • and more..

I wasn’t really that excited but I’m happy because at least I have so much time to rest and not thinking about school works.

My friends invites me to play truth or dare. I didn’t planned to join but I’m bored so I agreed to play with them.

When it’s my turn, they asked me to pick dare already without even asking me “Truth or Dare” they said that it’s gonna be fun. I don’t trust them, especially in this kind of games, but in the end I agreed anyways.

“Okay fine, Dare” I said.

They’re all whispering to each other and planning on what to do.

“Rent your crush to be your boyfriend for a day” they said while laughing hardly.

“What? Are you guys insane? I can’t do that?!” I refuses their dare

“If not then you should pay us 20 pesos each for your consequences” they said.

“Why? I don’t owe guys anything! So nope” I still refuses

Not until one of my friend sneak out secretly because they set me up on a Blind Date with my crush. I was so nervous when two school facilitators announced my name inside in front of my classroom. And everyone just pointed at me.

I don’t really have any idea why at first but I found out anyways. The facilitators explained to me that someone pay them to set me up on a date with a guy.

I can see my friend laughing and excited for me.

“We’ll be waiting” they said laughing.

“Those idiots”

“Is it okay if we put the blindfold on you?” One of the facilitator asked.

“Yeah, It’s fine” I answered.

They then put the blindfold. After that, the two facilitators guide me as I walk towards the room where my blind date is waiting for me.

As I arrived to the room, I feel the beat of my heart. I was so nervous.

I can feel my cheeks burns when I heard his voice talks, he sounds familiar of course, I already knew who he was.I sat there with him and we both says our Hi’s. We talk for about 5 minutes. Getting to know each others favorite color, age and favorite movie and song.

After 5 minutes of talking. The two facilitators came close to us and removed the blind fold then walk out.

As soon as our face met, we both smile at each other.

“Hi again” he said.

“Hello again” I answered.

We both talk about things and stuffs for a while. Until, I bring a topic about my cousin which surprisingly, he and my cousin actually knew each other because his father and my cousin’s work at the same company before. He also told me that my cousin would go to their house often.

After how many minutes of talking. Two facilitators walk towards us and said “Uhmm. Excuse me? Sorry to disturb you, but Aren’t you done talking? We don’t have any vacant sits anymore and you guys are talking for almost 20 minutes straight, there’s so many waiting outside to take your sit”

We both laughed and said “Yeah, of course we actually just finished talking”

“Okay, I will inform them, thanks and sorry by the way” The facilitators apologize.

“It’s fine, really” we both replied.

The facilitators walk out. After they’re gone. I told my self that it’s the perfect time to ask him.

“Uhmm. Clay, can I ask you something?” I asked.

“ Yeah, sure what is it?” He replied.

“So, my friends and I are playing truth or dare and Is it okay if I could rent you as my boyfriend for a day?” I asked. I may sound calm but I almost blows up out of shame.

He look completely shocked. And I was guessing that he won’t agree. But he smiled, pat my head and said “Deal”

“How much are you going to pay me?” He jokingly said.

“Uhm, is it okay to pay you 100?” I said with face completely red.

He laughed and said “It’s fine, but we’re going on a date right now and it’s going to be my treat” winked*

I was shocked when he said “Going on a date” “ it’s not the plan actually, clay” I insisted

But too late, he grab my hand and we went outside. I noticed that my crush and me hold hands for the first time. My face is completely red.

We ate some Ice Cream and French Fries. We talk about lots of stuff.

During our date he asked me “Since we are dating today, we are an official couple, can I hold your hand?”

My mind said, “you already hold my hands the moment we came out of the blind date room.”

“ yes” I replied.

We both hold hands while eating ice cream and fries. I couldn’t stop myself from smiling all day.

The time went by so fast that breaks our moment. The light almost turns dark and It’s time to go home.

Going home, I couldn’t stop smiling thinking about our date. It was so fun and I really enjoyed it.

I arrived at home and checked the messages on my phone

Hello baby, I hope you get home safe”

“I had a great time with you”

“Text me back when you get home”

I smiled after reading his messages that he sent me.

I replied to his message “Baby? But the day is already over”

“ It’s not over yet, It will end when the clock points at 12 AM so, right now, I can still call you mine” he replied

My face turns red after reading the message, my mind goes “Can you just claim me yours forever?”

We talked for hours until the time is 11:58 PM. And the message he sent me was.

“Thank you so much for today, you made really happy and I enjoyed your company. Looking forward for next time, I hope.

“I hope that clock will stop rotating so I can claim you mine forever”

11:59 PM

“I have a crush on you too, I was just shy to confess because I’m still not ready, I have priorities. You know my story right? I hope you understand. Can we still be close friends even though I can’t call you mine anymore?”

Reading that message broke my heart.

“Yes, Of course. Thank You for making me happy Clay” I replied.

12 AM

We both said our Goodnights.

Morning comes and it’s sad but I became really good friends with Clay, I’m still shy because he knew I have feelings for him but he confesses to me as well though, which made me even more shy.

My friends didn’t really quit asking about what happened on our day, so i told them everything.


Author’s Note

Hello there readers,

Clay isn’t his real name. I don’t wanna reveal any name in my story because it’s confidential. The story is actually slice real and slice made up, to add some spice of it. Not everything that stated are facts or actually happened. That is why , I’m sorry to disappoint you, but I hope you enjoy reading and thank you for your time.


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The article is just Owesome, i really appreciate you dear for creating such lovely content 😍

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1 year ago

Akala ko magiging kayo na until the end but Hindi pala. Na hopia ako dun pero kinilig ako and I totally imagining it hahha. Malay nyo tadhana na gumawa Ng paraan para magkatuluyan kayo char hehe

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1 year ago

Nah, it was a long time ago na and may jowa na kami both eh.

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1 year ago

Oh man...that was sweet..I really hope that nagkatuluyan kayu😊 Nagconfess na eh.. Sana may part 2 .There's any chance that nagkatuluyan kayo.😅excited na me.

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1 year ago

Wala ng part 2 at hindi narin aasa, may jowa na kami pareho eh. Hindi talaga kami para sa isat-isa

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1 year ago

Ah ok po. Ganun po talaga.😊

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1 year ago

It's part in our life. Someday there's only one person who destined to us and God only knows. More articles ma'am and God bless.😇

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1 year ago

Thank you so much for spending your time reading my Article. I’m actually really happy now

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That's good ma'am. Live your life a positivity, there's a perfect time. You're always welcome maam. God Bless.😇

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Awww. Not yet ready daw dahil may iba siyang priorities. Hahaha! 🤧

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HHAHAH kaya nga eh, bahala sya may gf narin naman yun HAHAHAH

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1 year ago

Very nice read, but sad ending. Wish it could have turned out better. 😑

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Wala eh, ganun talaga yung nangyari, may gf na sya ngayon.

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1 year ago

Sorry, I don't understand Tagalog. I'm Malaysian.

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1 year ago

Oh, I’m so sorry, I didn’t know. Let me translate it for you.

That’s what really happened, we’re not meant to be together , he already have a gf too

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1 year ago

Ohh I came across true-life stories that even though one of them already had a partner, they still managed to get together and married in the end, because being bf/gf doesn't mean a lifetime together.

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