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You stretch those mind blowing lines.

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1 month ago
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Some time ago, you don't know exactly when, some stripes appeared just at the height of your hipbones or perhaps on your bust. They are stretch marks and although not much is known about them, they exist and can be treated.

Stretch marks are lesions whose cause, to this day, is unknown. Dermatologists explain it as a breakdown of the dermis, which is the lower layer of the skin. The dermis is more fragile than the epidermis (which is the membrane that covers your entire body, that is, the skin). For this reason, the epidermis does not break and it is actually the layer below that that breaks. It is something like a garter stretched to the maximum: the elastic fibers of the lower skin tissue undergo a sudden distension, as if they had suddenly run out of spring.

This strain is caused by getting fat, thin, or growing too fast. However, specialists know that the appearance of these hairlines has a lot to do with adrenal hormones. These hormones are produced in the adrenal, which is the organ above the kidney. Calm down, now you

We explain what it is about. When you start to develop, one of the first hormonal changes that happens in your body is adrenochemia: the adrenal gland begins to produce substances that, like a chain, in turn produce other substances called glucocorticoids.

Glucocorticoids weaken the elastic fibers of the dermis, causing the skin to stretch. This also happens when a woman is pregnant. In the last trimester of pregnancy, the adrenal cortex produces more cortizol. Cortizol softens cartilage so the baby can pass through more easily.

Where do they appear?

Some of the most common places are: creases behind the knees or arms, on the bust on the legs. To guys who do a lot of exercise, weights or go to the gym. They tend to appear on their arms. Specialists have noticed an increase in stretch marks in people who go to gyms or do weights, because they increase their muscle mass sharply.

That is why you need a coach to take care of and supervise your routine. Medicines, vitamin or dietary supplements that promise to miraculously increase your muscle mass, regularly contain ANABOLICS. Anabolics come from adrenal substances, which, as we already said, favor the appearance of stretch marks. Whenever you drink something, make sure you know what you are drinking.

It is not yet known for sure who is going to stretch and who is not. For a change, genetically prone people are the most likely to get stretch marks. So now you know, ask your mom, your aunts and grandmothers if they have stretch marks or not. If so, the chances of them appearing to you will increase. If not, maybe you can consider yourself among the lucky "no stripes".

Red or purplish

There is hope of healing. When the dermis has just been broken, the color of the stretch marks is reddish or purple. As the dermis has been torn, the blood vessels break and bleed. The skin is all frayed. In this first stage there are more possibilities to reduce or erase them by means of a laser beam treatment. So as soon as you spot them, run to a dermatologist. When stretch marks are white, it is because they have already healed, and at this stage there is not much to do.

India is a country that has a plant called Gotu kola, which helps in the healing of surgical wounds. But what do you think? It is said to also help decrease stretch marks. However, there is no scientific study where it is established that these plants are used to treat them.

Even if you keep your skin well lubricated, this will not prevent the fibers of the dermis from being prone to breakage. You can spread all the oil in the world to the epidermis, but the dermis will continue to stretch despite the creams.

There's still nothing to say that smeared or topical oils do any good. If you could know how many centimeters you are going to grow in a month, or the effect of circulating hormones in your body, maybe you could know if stretch marks would appear or not. But it is something that nobody knows and therefore, you cannot prevent or cure. What can be done is to reduce the side effects. But never prescribe something for you.

As soon as a line appears, consult a specialist. He will value and tell you the best way to hide it. It is better to consult it than to spread you take any medicine or cream that makes the matter worse, don't you think?

There are many alternatives, but each one has its consequences, so if you decide on one, think carefully if it is worth doing.

Can they be operated? Stretch marks are operable, but think that you are substituting some brands for others. Also, imagine how many operations you will need to remove 15, 20, 30 or 40 stretch marks? It also considers anesthesia and costs. Definitely, this is the least recommended option.

And if we paint them? Tattooing or pigmentation is another alternative. The trouble with this process is that the pigment is a totally foreign substance for your body and for your skin if the stretch mark is small and deep, maybe you could consider this option. Of course, always under the supervision of a dermatologist who does this type of treatment and who can guide you.

Areas that we must protect

  • Bust

  • Booty

  • Legs

  • Knee and Arm Skins.

Learn to live with them!

  • Do you already have them? You better accept them for what they are: a mark on the skin. If you don't mind them, they won't even show up.

  • When you go swimming or on vacation to the beach, you can hide them with a bathing suit that covers them.

  • If you have them on your legs and the way they look bothers you a lot, wear dark stockings.

  • If they appear to you, don't wait a minute and run to see a dermatologist. Surely he will give you a solution through cosmetics and personalized to solve the problem

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Written by   55
1 month ago
Topics: Health, Education, Family, Diary, Humanity, ...
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