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A Shot in the Arm

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3 months ago

I remember the day when I submit my application letter as a science teacher in Lipa City Colleges. I thought that I will failed the interview because that time Im not prepared, why? Im not prepared because that time Im working as a production operator in Lima Technology Center and Im in the night shift. I leave the company at exactly 7am in the morning and directly go in my interview appointment in Lipa City Colleges. In the email that they send to me they say that the interview will start at 8am but the interviewer arrived at exactly 11am. I was sleepy that time and I cannot think clearly because Im tired already, that time all I want is to rest and go home. As the interview goes on, I do not absorb the question wholeheartedly, I just answer in the things that runs in my mind. That time I already know that I failed. But after three days I received an email I am accepted to the next level of application the last level which is the demonstration teaching. For 63 applicants only 10 got the chance to proceed on the last level. I observed the leaderboard and score of the 10 applicants who passed the interview, and to my shock Im in the lowest level (Im not really shock it is expected already, im still thankful that I passed the interview). After the demonstration teaching, I don't want to brag but Im in the first spot, Im not that good I know but I don't know why the panel chooses me as the number 1 in the demonstration teaching. After that I sign the contract.

After three years I decided not to renew my contract. Its not an easy decision because I already love and treat my LCC fam as family. Before I leave I received a lot of message from my students. The things that they like about me and the things that they want to change about me. I treat those comment as a positive feedback. So let's read some comments from my students.

1. What are the good characteristics of your science teacher?

1. What are the things that you want to change about your science teacher?

From Tristan

  • For me, there are many good characteristics of our science teacher, he is hardworking, optimistic, professional at his work, and is overall a very well-rounded person.

  • In my opinion, skills-wise and personality-wise, not much, he’s already a great teacher in the field of science.

From Earl

  • The good characteristics of my teacher in what I’ve observed this school year is that he is very hardworking and considerate to us students. I’m really thankful that he had these characteristics that truly helped us out

  • I don’t think there is much to change about our teacher, he did a lot for us this year and that’s all I don’t really have much to say.

From Aaron

  • The good characteristics of my science teacher is whenever we have questions about the topic discussed, he is there to answer it and when it comes to sending private messages, he may not reply that quick but we just have to wait because he is a teacher and a teacher has a lot of important things to do. When our science teacher discusses, he explains very well and he adds more information that is not on the book and this can help us to have more knowledge about the topic. 

  • The things I want to change about my science teacher is when it comes to the info’s, he doesn’t put all of the info’s on the PPT instead, he only says the other information by speaking and he sometimes speaks fast so I can’t really catch up when it comes to taking notes. That is the only thing I want him to change.

From Edward

  • As I have observed, the good characteristic of our science teacher is that he's always ready to explain every bit of the lectures. Even the unnecessary questions that the student may ask, he will always explain and give us more knowledge about them.

  • The thing that I want to change about my science teacher is that he sometimes has high expectations for our section and always says a phrase that makes us students feel pressured about that pressured to be the best and have high scores. Also, the PowerPoints that he makes always have little information about that topic, and I can't really have the exact explanation of that certain topic.

From Wyelee

  • The good characteristic of my science teacher is that he prepares before he meets us virtually. He uses PPTs as a way for us to learn easily. He gives us feedbacks after we answer the questions in Oral Evaluation.

  • The things I want to change about my Science teacher is his way of encouraging us. Instead of actually encouraging us, we feel like we're being pressured, this is what I would like to change about our science teacher.

From Matthew

  • You are such an amazing science teacher. You are fair enough in treating your students. For me, you are one of the best science teachers I've ever met. Thank you po.

  • Sincerely Sir, there is nothing to change about you. You are good enough as our science teacher. Thank you po for being one of your students. I will miss you Sir. Goodluck po whatever journey you will take.

From Vannah

  • Some of his good characteristics are being considerate to his students and being hands-on in his lessons. He makes sure that all of his students understand the lesson that is being tackled.

  • He should lessen the pressure on his students in order for them to stay focused. He should also lower his expectations because every student learns in different ways.

From Althea

  • For me, the good characteristic of my teacher in science is the fact that he always encourages us to do our best and he is also good in teaching because he gives the details and information so we can understand the lesson. He gives us time for us to finish our projects and if we couldn’t meet the deadline because we still have other projects to do, he extends the deadline so we could finish it. He is also very understanding on us especially if we have a valid reason as to why we were late or couldn’t attend the class and etc.

  • I mentioned that one of the good characteristics of my science teacher is that he always encourages us but sometimes the expectation is too much and that makes me feel more pressured so I wasn’t able to focus on the task at hand because of the pressure. He makes a presentation but it doesn’t have many information about the lesson because he mainly uses his words and there is also little information in the book so it was hard to keep up and write notes while also trying to understand the lesson since he also talks very fast. When we have quizzes, he’s always talking not that I think it’s bad but sometimes It becomes too much, it distracts me from focusing on the questions so my mind is split into two from answering and listening and there is also a timer so double the pressure. I know it’s hard being a teacher because my aunt is also one and I can see how much work she has especially since we have a pandemic so I understand if he sometimes have flaws and we are all humans. Nobody is perfect.

From Sophia

  • Our science teacher is very hands-on when it comes to discussions and things, especially as the lessons become more difficult as time passes. He is one of the few who does not always provide only recorded lectures as he also teaches what is in them on the next planned day. He also believes in us, in his students, as though we can be better than yesterday. I appreciate them.

  • No one is flawless, including him. Unlike recorded lectures, where you can adjust the speed to better understand, you cannot do so when speaking directly to them. There are some words I don't understand, so I have to repeat the questions three or four times before I get what he's saying. I did add that he believes we can still be better than we were yesterday, but his encouragements were often misconstrued as expectations (maybe inadvertently), especially because we were in the top section. He would remark that we would polish those oral quizzes and that we should be able to do them when we answered them. The expectation he placed on us was not performing as planned. I'd be distracted, wondering if I deserved to be here because such questions were difficult to answer. I know he never intended for this to happen, but I recommend that he adjust the words of encouragement he uses and avoid doing so when kids are focused on the activities at hand.

From Frances

  • Sir Wowie has been our Science teacher since Grade 7, and I can say, based on my experience in attending his classes, that he is an effective teacher. He is well prepared in every class and is very ready to teach the lesson assigned for that day. It was as if he memorized all that he says to us. And he is also very attentive whenever we have questions. Then, one trait that I like about Sir, is that whenever we have a lesson, he will give us a video lecture that will be sort of an advance reading thingy, and that really helps me whenever I have to answer Sir’s question. Then, he is also very kind just like when we request to have a longer deadline, he will grant our request. And lastly, he has a sense of humor, which really helps to brighten the mood in our class.

  • Based on my experience, whenever we have a zoom meeting, I understand that Sir only wants us to understand what he says, but it gets hard whenever he speaks so fast, and we cannot follow what he is saying anymore. Another thing in class, I know that he is just joking whenever he asks this, he will always ask if we would like to have the PPT or the PDF he used during our class, but then, I hope that he will not ask any more about that and will just send the PPT or PDF file because we always need it to review what we have learned during the class. These will be all that I would like to put in here since my other classmates will also put other things that they notice during class on their file, so it will just repeat and repeat. Thank you.

From Andrea

  • The good characteristics of our science teacher is that he is hands-on when it comes to teaching. He elaborates and gives additional information about the topic we are discussing. Our teacher also provides learning activities that helps evaluate our understanding and improve it. 

  • When it comes to virtual discussion, he often speaks a little fast which can be hard when taking notes though he is able to make adjustments to it once you ask him or once you point it out. There are also times where the given additional informations are stated verbally which makes it harder for the students who can't keep up much or for those who are lagging due to the network connection. Sir already explained to us the reason why he insists on saying it verbally and I agree with it but a little consideration for those who are struggling to keep up would be very much appreciated. When it comes to virtual discussions, activities, and way of teaching, I think they are all good and effective.

From Athena

  • Our teacher is a kind-hearted teacher though there may be times where he will be strict, however not as a terror teacher but a teacher who is willing to discipline his students for their own good. He is a responsible teacher who trusts his students and will rely on them whenever he needs help from them. He likes complimenting his students to be able to not let their guard down and I’ve experienced that myself.

  • Honestly, he is the teacher who wants to see his students improve and always makes sure that his students learn that’s why there are activities every after discussion. When his students have a busy schedule and ask him to change the deadline, he does so without hesitation. He constantly reminds us that we are capable of accomplishing things.

  • Sir Wowie is a caring teacher who is capable of doing things you didn't know he was capable of. I like how he added information from other websites because our book is lacking in information. He genuinely cares about our future because he will explain a difficult topic to us even if it was a difficult topic for him during his student days. He never fails to make us laugh during any discussion because he makes random jokes to keep us entertained. He also asks us openly to not be shy to tell him if we have a problem with his way of teaching.

  • A teacher who is open to everyone, a very kind-hearted one, and a loving one too. Salute to all these characteristics of his because he made his students proud specially that throughout the 2 years that he has taught us, I’ve witnessed his improvements. Sir Wowie possesses positive characteristics, but, just like everyone else, he has flaws, though not many. Some flaws I'd like him to change are how he speaks in every discussion, which may be too fast for others to follow even if I can. There are many scientific terms that we don't know how to spell, so he should include them in his presentation. Some students may also experience connection issues, making it more difficult for them to catch up. Additionally in his PowerPoint Presentations, there are times that it lacks information in which the absentees in that certain discussion will not be able to catch up and may find it hard to catch up.He also lavishes praise on his students, but we are often under extreme pressure. I was also able to receive this extreme pressure. Many of my classmates have admitted to feeling pressured as a result of the increased expectations placed on our class because we are the star section. Sir Wowie places so much trust in us that we are sometimes unable to meet his expectations. It also saddens us because we aren't always capable of exaggerating things. I appreciate his faith in us, but some of us are under pressure at times. Lastly, his activities are hard to handle at times not because of how difficult it is but the number of items there are in the activity makes us exhausted. Overall, there are not much flaws but once he changes these, I believe that he will be the best version of himself. There is a room of improvement and I hope that even if he won’t be our teacher in the upcoming school year, he will still be able to show how much he loves his students and that he has improved. Hence, as a student of his, I will be very proud and I always have.

I really enjoy reading the different messages of my students about me, what they like about me and the things that they want to change about me. I take those comment as a positive feedback, I do love them, so much. Those moments that we shared its priceless. I am hoping for their success. Goodluck guys to your future endeavors.

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Written by   41
3 months ago
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