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Fully Vaccinated! 2nd Dose Done

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4 months ago

It's been a week and days since I've been able to write here again, I really miss making articles but finally the long wait was over. I was very busy in a lot of things especially in my work to the point that I almost worked overtime everyday and approximately 10 to14 hours a day how was that? 3 weeks ago I write an article regarding on my vaccination which is my first dose and today I am fully vaccinated and got my 2nd dose of vaccine.

The world as we know really changed a lot ever since the pandemic came and messed up everything that we used to do. Malls were not that crowded anymore, capacity in public vehicles were limited, attractions or tourist spot that have a lot of people now only few are allowed and you need a Swab Test Result and health certificate and a lot of restrictions, and everyone needs to wear face mask and face shield as it is the new normal that everyone knows. My job exposed me everyday in different places I'm not only placed in one office but going to one place to another. I worked in a private sector but it's related in health that's why I am classified as frontliner. Everytime I go outside I protected myself by following protocols and disinfecting myself with alcohol but still you don't know when the virus will hit you. I'm not scary myself getting the virus but what I am worrying about was my family getting the virus, that's why I do always the protocol to keepsafe and stay healthy, as they said prevention is better than cure.

Right now the spreading of virus were getting controlled because specialist around the world discover a vaccine and it had a lot of brands. A lot were afraid of getting it and had a trust issues on it side effects, some cannot take it because they were contraindicated and some just don't care and don't really believe in virus. Before I was one of the people who have a trust issues and afraid of the side effects of vaccines, I don't really trust it, truth to be told it was created very fast right? But still it's our choice to take it or not, the experts were explaining what will be it's side effects and how can it be benefitted to us. Since I was classified as frontliner, we were in the priority list of getting the available vaccines but I didn't register yet because I said myself I will observe other first before taking it. Fast forward as I have seen it's effects and it had a good result and outcome to others I made a decision and decided to get vaccinated.

Vaccination Site Now, as you can see there are very few people now compared to my first dose.

As I shared my first dose vaccination experience before, now's the time to share my 2nd dose and how was it to be fully vaccinated. On my first dose we were the one who choose what site to be vaccinated but now there's a specific site designated where you get your second dose. I was registered in Manila City even I am residence of Caloocan but because of my work I was able to register in Manila. The day before my second dose the Manila CoVax texted me on the information where to go and what to bring when going into the vaccination site. Me and my one colleague were scheduled at the same time that's why we went together in the vaccination site. Before as I get to vaccination site the number they gave to me at the entrance was 513 and it has a long line, I waited for 512 people before I get my turn to get the vaccine. It was quite long before on first dose because of the screening of every person to get the vaccine but I was surprised now when getting the second dose when we went inside the site we didn't fall in line anymore, they gave a number but it's just for a cut-off, then they just get our temperature, show our QR Code and then inject the vaccine to us. It happen quickly and we were just recovering before we get home.

2nd Dose Done happened real quick be like! 😂

As per advised by personnel in the site rest for 15mins, feel yourself if you're okay or not. As I got my first dose before I feel heavy on the part where I was injected and it was still the same on second dose but it was different, I know it was stronger to the point that I felt my arm to my hand was getting numb. Before I get home something was different compared to my first dose, my whole body feels heavy and my head really hurts so when I get home I just rest to recover and now here I am and doing fine that's why I'm able to write here.

Thank you for these personnels, Nurse, Doctors and Volunteers doing what they can to us getting the vaccines.

Being fully vaccinated doesn't mean I cannot get the virus anymore but it's an additional protection for myself and for my family. I will still follow the protocols and make sure myself that I am always protected. Here's my story for today hope you like it and if you have comments feel free to comment below! Thank you for your time reading!

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Written by   66
4 months ago
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Sana all po katulad niyo kuya na sumusunod sa protocols at iniisip pamilya. Hays. Ang dami dito sa amin pasaway, kaloka.

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4 months ago

Dami pa rin kasi talagang pasaway pero sana maging okay na dahil dami ng nabakunahan, mag iingat din lagi lalo na ngayon hehe

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4 months ago