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Want to test SLP tokens trading in AtomicDEX?

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3 months ago

I've created a quick video explaining how to do an atomic swap with a test SLP token (sTST) on the AtmoicDEX. SLP support is currently in Alpha stage being tested on the BCH test net and it's is the fruit of a successful Flipstarter 💪🎉

A tutorial on how to do atomic swaps using the AtomicDEX. At the time of publishing Komodo team have enabled Bitcoin Cash test token (tBCH) and a test SLP token (sTST) to be traded on the AtomicDEX.

🎞️ Click for Better quality video

Download Links:

You can find latest binaries that works on GNU/Linux, OSX and Windows systems.

Faucet for tBCH and sTST testnet coins:

Send a bchtest address to get bch testnet tokens.
Send a slptest address to get sTST test slp tokens

at the time of writing you may have to do /cancel then /start to be able to switch to get more. Bot is still in early development.

How to trade?

I've explained trading in the video in a very simple way. I forget to mention that you have to select "Pro" from the top right corner instead of "simple" to be able to see offers for sTST. Select your pair, Then select an offer from the order book on the right side of the window.

Select the amount using the slider under volume, then press "Start Swap"

Known issues

Wallet is in Beta, SLP support is Alpha, some of the known issues:

  • Fees calculation is a work in progress

  • No history for SLP transactions

Can't find peers to trade?

To do an atomic swaps you need other people to be online and have offers. I've kept an instant running with multiple trading option for few days. If you don't find suitable trades for your SLP token, please send a message to AtomicDEX Telegram channel, SLP telegram channel or run another instant of the AtomicDEX on a separate machine. Currently it's not possible to run multiple instances on same machine.

My trading experience in AtomicDEX

I was able to trade SLP tokens for:

  • Bitcoin Cash

  • Bitcoin Cash Test coin (tbch)

  • Rick

  • Morty (Komodo test coin)

Support and bug reporting for AtomicDEX SLP swaps

More info


I'm thankful to the Bitcoin Cash community, Awesome community, awesome results. You may not be able to code but as an end user you can test this software, tell your opinion and report bugs. It's an open source software, it's volunteerism.

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Written by   48
3 months ago
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I can't find the build! In the link I see "atomicdex-desktop-ubuntu-qt-5-15-2-e4f385d-x86_64.AppImage" but it's not linked to anything, so I can't download it.

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3 months ago

You have to be logged in to Github to be able to download it.

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3 months ago

Thank you, this was the issue.

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3 months ago