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New Improvements to the Flipstarter Software by a Dev who Joined the Community Recently

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2 months ago

@salemkode is a Javascript developer who have benefited from the great and well organized system of bounties offered by the Flipstarter development team.

He have done few improvements to the Flipstarter software that you can read about it below. He have done both paid and unpaid work. I thought I might mention his work and put his donation address so community can encourage him to build more.

His Flipstarter Work

Add a field for progress tracking URL

For better transparency and monitoring of progress

Merge Request (MR) #56

Add visual date input instead of manual numeric input

MR #53

Field Validation

to validate input errors before submitting

MR #53

Make social media pick up the summary

Before, no title or description


MR #51

Other work

He have done other work like:

Other work also in progress like:

  • Adding images internally without linking to outside website

His updates are on the development branch of the software. Users who want to enjoy those upgrades have to deploy from master.

He also introduced a bug xD

While work in Flipstarter was great it wasn't without issues, a bug in one updated library caused an issue to releasing donation but there was an easy workaround and a quick fix was released by downgrading.

Special thanks

To @JonathanSilverblood for creating this awesome software and for @emergent_reasons for managing bounties and being patient with @salemkode :)


As I mentioned in the intro, you may want to tip to encourage him to do more and encourage other developers to join building tools for the peer to peer electronic cash

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$ 42.21 from @TheRandomRewarder
$ 1.00 from @emergent_reasons
$ 1.00 from @btcfork
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Written by   49
2 months ago
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I appreciate your work. It is quite interesting. I hope I have time to read more of your articles.

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1 month ago

I've forwarded the rewards for this Article that I gathered till now to @salemkode as it was his work that I gathered and talked about.

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2 months ago

I have had exactly this article on my to-do list for a while now! You covered all the things I wanted to cover also. I really appreciate the work @salemkode is doing and also appreciate this article.

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2 months ago

Thanks man, it's just a very short summary about the work you did with @salemkode I hope other projects copy this style in bounties offering and handling new developers.

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2 months ago