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My adventure to push adoption: Googol.Cash in Beta targeting the freelancing community

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1 year ago

I've been working on this with a brilliant programmer, it's still beta and there are still some work to do. I wanted a project for the community so I've created Cash Bridges.

It doesn’t take long for someone in BCH community to figure that most people are talking about adoption so I thought maybe I can do something to help drive adoption with the freelancing community. I wanted to start with translation as it’s something I personally need a lot in my daily life and as it’s very important to build bridges, so the name of the project was Cash Bridges or just bridges.

Translation request example


  • Translation tasks website

  • Two translation request methods:

  1. donation for small tasks

  2. Contract (blind escrow) for bigger tasks

  • Blind escrow for contracts with judge from the website

  • We added internal chat between users to askbot

  • BIP70 for donation

  • Website fees for donations and contracts 1% currently

  • Open source AGPL licensed

A blind escrow contract is ready to be funded

Built on

Asking for a translation


  • Better UX

  • Adding more security feature (ex: 2fa authentication)

  • SLP support

  • Our own node

  • Python native alternative for the Jeton-lib so we keep it all python

  • Support for other currencies for donations

  • Smart phone app

  • Many other things


I’m open to your suggestion and question on this thread or on the newly created telegram channel

Code repo:

Developer telegram account:

On this earth I would like to thank my friend the brave python programmer who was patience and eager to work on this project , I would like to thank my family members for supporting me in my adventures. Also to thank Roger Ver and other great community members for their great influence on me in taking this decision of creating this project. Not to forget the great open source community who we built upon their work or used it in someway.

Thank you for reading

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Written by   47
1 year ago
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This is really impressive! Wow!

Added it to the Bitcoin Cash-specific sites and applications list

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1 year ago

It is a pleasure and hope to see such projects to increase the interest in cryptocurrencies. The site has an infrastructure that will motivate the participants and contributors . I hope comes to better places and will be used more widely

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1 year ago

Great work. So multiple people cash answer but you only pay the best answer?

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1 year ago

Multiple people can offer, I pay the one that I like the most. If they see there is a better and a sufficient answer they will not add theirs. for more serious tasks there is the contract mode.

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1 year ago

When will this go live?

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1 year ago

I think it's a very important thing to do, because it actually allows people to earn Bitcoin Cash for doing something quite simple.

One question though is how would you track reputation of people? Or rather how do we control the quality. I'm pretty sure you'll soon have an influx of people trying to pose as translators, but using just Google Translate instead.

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1 year ago