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Delivered! Bitcoin Cash Test Net Coin Faucet

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3 months ago

Hey, Around 20 days ago, I've announced a Flipstarter to create a Bitcoin Cash test net faucet as most faucets are down and test net coins are important for development and testing.

You can access the faucet on this link:

Also on Telegram:


I really thank the awesome supporters and the great community.

Web faucet screenshot

tBCH Telegram faucet screenshot

You can report any issue in the following Telegram group:

Source code

The Flipstarter

Flipstarter announced on 18/08/2021 funded almost one day after announcing

Current limitation

The faucet will start by providing tiny amount of test coins and increase it with time after more testing.


I would like to thank @Keith_Patrick for rushing to support with a 100 tBCH coin. Also Chris Troutner for offering to share some from his faucet.

I'm open for suggestions and advice, thank you for your support.

$ 12.43
$ 12.08 from @TheRandomRewarder
$ 0.15 from @Omar
$ 0.10 from @Pablo_Picasho
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Written by   48
3 months ago
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