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A description of features

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site description

The site has 3 major functions. First and most predominately used is Es faucet witch as the name suggests is a crypto faucet. The second function is ESPTCO witch is their (ptc) paid to click service. This allows users to earn crypto by clicking website urls or watch videos.It is even surprisingly easy to post your own url to promote views or site traffic. personally i have placed two low priority ptc urls just testing it and 1000 clicks internationally was $0.69 usd. While usa only add cost $1.50 for 1000 ptc views. The site visits are a minimun of 10 seconds and can go all the way to 2 minutes. The last function is BTCnews/Esearn witch offer cryptocurrency news and investment strategy.

The faucet

the faucet has so many features including user levels, memberships, miner as well as bonus rewards. As if thats not enough features they even offer APKs for each cryptocurrency faucet available.

Types of cryptocurrency

  • Es coin (in site token)

  • Bitcoin

  • Ethereum

  • Litecoin

  • Ripple

  • Stellar

  • Digibyte

  • Dogecoin

  • Basic attention token

  • Bitcoin cash

  • Ethereum classic

  • Ox

  • Tron

  • Dash

  • Zcash

These cryptocurrency faucets can be claimed every half hour. The crypto currency can be withdrawn to coinbase account traditional wallets and microwallets. You may exchange any crypto earned to whichever you wish to collect. They offer several % based bonuses that affect overall faucet reward.

Claim bonuses

  • Daily bonus

  • extra bonus days (purchased in marketplace)

  • Escoin bonus(based on number of Es coins owned)

  • Offer bonus (earned by completing offers)

  • Membership bonus (purchased in market place)

  • Esxp bonus (account level)

Each can add up to 100% for each category listed with the exception of Membership witch goes to 150%.


  • standard free

  • Iron cost:1,000,000 Es coin 30 days Bonus:15%

  • Silver cost:2,000,000 Es coin 30 days Bonus:30%

  • Gold cost:3,000,000 Es coin 30 days Bonus:50%

  • Diamond cost:4,000,000 Es coin 30 days Bonus:75%

  • Platinum cost:5,000,000 Es coin 30 days Bonuses: 100% and removal of google captcha

  • Onyx cost 10,000,000 Es coin 30 days Bonuses: 150% and captcha removal as well as level limits removed.

ES coins

The Es coin is a site based token that can be redeemed for crypto or used to purchase various features from the market place. You can either earn Es coin or purchase it it costs roughly $2.00 USD for 1,000,000 coins. payment methods include crypto or coinbase commerce.

market place

The market uses es coins to purchase various perks including membership levels.


  • pop up blocker (blocks video adds) 1,873 Es coin

  • Auto claimer: 37,500 Es coin

  • Referrals:100,000

  • Es xp:3,750

  • Purchasable daily bonus:7,500

Final features of the faucet page includes a bonus page that rewards users on a weakly basis as well as air drops when new coins are added. As well as Mobile device apks to use the faucets without a browser. The last feature is a browser based miner for Es coin.


Esptco is their PTC paid to click site that allows users to earn through add viewing. More importantly it has one of the easiest advertising services i have used. I prominently use the ptc ads for site visits 1,000 clicks costing around 0.00013700 BTC.

BTCnewz/Es earn

The last function is the cryptocurrency news section as well as trading tactics.

This faucet/ website i believe dose not recieve enough attention. This article was intended to inform the crypto community that it exists. For those who have tried it and stopped using it there are far more features and options than 5 months ago.

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be withdrawn to coinbase account traditional wallets and microwallets. You may exchange any crypto earned to whichever

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