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5 months ago

I want memories of sitting by a campfire, warm conversation filling the crisp forest air between us, and evening whispers among the trees filling my soul with love for you.

I want to wake beside you each morning and feel the brightness and warmth of your sunshine on my fine.

I want to travel the worldwith you beside me, explore the space between our souls, and feel the ever-growing love to feed our spirits.

I want feel the universe between us, sit beneath the evening sky imagine heaven and thank God for the gift of you.

I want to play in the snow make angels, and write messages of love with my gloved hand.

I want to for the challenge of conveying toyou this deepening love I have. Trying to tell you how much I love you is like translating beautiful music into something that is still and silent yet I shall always make the effort, though it seems as impossible as describing heaven.

I want you beside me as my best friend and lover.

Always I want you forever with me, forever soul mates, today and of ways... beyond tomorrow.

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Nothing is impossible in the world but you must keep trying to make your love come true. Best of luck my friend.

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5 months ago

Yeah, as long as you don't give up. Thank you for the upvote 😊

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5 months ago

Most welcome !

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5 months ago