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4 months ago
Topics: Stories

Chapter 1: The Agony

Chapter 2 : Imaginations

Chapter 3: Home

Chapter 4: Play Again

Chapter 5: Characters

Chapter 6: New Player

I went back to my office and peek at the window to see if she's already awake. I saw her looking at her small mirror and applying some powder on her face. I wait for her to finish then I slowly opened the door. She stand up as soon as she saw and greeted me a good morning.

"Okay, sit down. I'll check your document and ask you few questions"

"okay sir"

I started to browse her documents and saw she graduated from a fine university three years ago but she does not have any work history. Where did my boss get her, she doesn't have any work experience and I can't see any strong points or qualifications that will satisfy our company. I walk towards the sofa and sat there facing her.

"I'll be blunt."

I looked directly at her eyes, she nod and quickly avoid my gaze.

"What on earth are you doing within those 3 years after your graduation? You're from a good university so I expect you have such ability or special skills that my boss hired you even we're not looking for additional staff in our team, but you don't have any work experience. Do you perhaps work on your own? I mean, do you run your own company, are you developing programs or games on your own? I felt like I'm reading a blank sheet of paper"

I waited for her answer for a bout a minute but she's not answering me, I think she got scared and intimidated. I can't blame her but I believe I'm not wrong to ask such questions either.

"Okay, I--"

"Wait! sir,"

I got startled when she suddenly raised her voice so I shut my mouth and wait for her to talk.

"I'm still constructing my thoughts and my explanation. I'm thinking what to say and what I should not. Also, you're bombarding me with questions I don't know what to answer first...,,, sir"

"Oh, ahm.. ehem, okay you can ahmm take your time "

"Thank you sir"

She get her backpack beside her and took out a brown envelope. She put in on the table.

"Good morning sir, my name is Ellysandra Gumabao. After graduation, I tried applying for different companies but I always fail during interviews, because ahmm I can't answer immediately like what happened a while ago, so ahm I'm thankful sir you gave me chance. Though I'm unemployed within those years I work part time in different resto and I develop my own game at the same time. I already finished one game but companies won't accept or fund it. I am also,"

She look at me first and she's like hesitating so I told her to go on because I'm listening.

"Ahh, I am also ahmm making a robot."

"Robot? What, what kind of robot?"

"I want to make a robot that can help people, like can be their family member. Even robot don't have their own feelings, I want people to treat them like how they treat a pet which they also considered as a family."

"So how's your progress?"

"Ahm back to zero sir."

My head starts to hurt, this robot stuff made my mind to flash memories of me making a robot for which I can't remember doing it.


"The accident that I experienced 2 years ago leads me in selling its parts."

It was the same year when I got into an accident, the same year I lost Shane and Hime.


This update is shorter haha

Woahhhh it's been a long time since I updated this story. I actually forgot some of the scenes that I want to show hahah.

I dunno if someone still waiting for this update but here it is😊

Thanks for stopping by♥️

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Written by   213
4 months ago
Topics: Stories
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seems like this is a huge hint OnO were they related or smt to shane

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4 months ago

Yiss related by some incidents huehue

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4 months ago

ohh i knew it OwO

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4 months ago