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Rise Of The Seer.

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1 month ago

Hanuk's Tale


Suddenly, there were dark clouds and the atmosphere was hazy. A strange thunderstorm accompanied by zaps of thunderclap and lightning triggered my astraphobia. I sought shelter in a chilly old house... I folded my hands seeking warmth beneath my beach shirt.

my consciousness was a bit clear!

My curiosity grows unsure...

" Where am I?... what's this place?... " This question stirs my mind as I open the worn-out door. The smell of the house was musky, cobwebs clutched me even if I didn't want to be hugged. I struggled to take them out of my face as I found my way down the creaky staircase. I heard a whistling sound from the rusty windows, it was just the wind! I whispered to myself. It was so dark down the stairs but there were rays of light transmitting and fading out.

"It could lead my way till I get down there,"...I supposed.

Still frightened about my surroundings, I searched my pockets for some sort of device, anything at all to light the room. I found some pointers, however, how it got there wasn't my concern, I pushed the button to take the lead. It was sufficient enough to walk down the cryptic stairs, a few more steps I shone the pointer to the right side of me. Immediately a bat-like creature with fangs stormed out shrieking angrily, I attempted to run back up but the door was shut by a strange force, I tripped on the edge of the stairs and fell down the stairs, my body thumping at each stair until I fell farther into an unending void.....I screamed for help.

~Reality ~

Sweating profusely, I woke up panting heavily as I moved quickly to my refrigerator. I gulped down a bottle of water. I shifted my curtains to allow the afternoon sunlight to penetrate inside my sitting room. I took a walk outside but instead I ran further into the woods to drown myself from the strange visions I have been having subsequent to the encounter I had with the witch. I sat on a log of wood beside the stream, the redolence of the forest was great. I heaved a sigh of relief as I watched the water splashing as it moved through the small rocks and trees.

~ Brief history ~

My name is Hanuk, Y'all don't need to know where I hail from because we don't reveal ...I am a messenger of the gods. My kingdom has been under siege for the past two months ever since the news of the great seer to be born.

Her birth will erase so many of the evildoers who have been secretly defiling the gods, her coming would be disastrous and justice would be served swiftly. Her birth would give rise to new leaders who would rule the kingdom and terminate evil monarchs. Her birth would set free so many innocent folks locked up in the prison.

I was on a journey to visit the great sacred pilgrim, I traveled miles to accomplish this task that was when I encountered that witch.

~ The Encounter ~

I stopped by a river bank to soak my legs in the cold water because my legs were hurting from too many walks. The weight of the water is almost enough to topple me, the current is enough to take me far down but I reminded it that I am a messenger of the gods of the Nekai kingdom who controls elements within his jurisdiction and it stood still and gave me comfort.

I seek for answers which were beyond my knowledge, I could only see a glimpse of it but never revealed what it entails. Seers have been gifted naturally but no one was able to say who's the next seer and that baffles me. The siege in my kingdom was as a result of this and most of our pregnant women are kidnapped and kept under lock and key with attentive supervision on who's going to birth this seer.

I stumbled upon broken glass, I couldn't see it because I was lost in my thoughts as I wandered farther into the forest with the hope of getting to a safe place for the night.

I groaned softly ... ugh!

I sat down to nurture the injury with some herbs in my bag, I stretched my hand to pick up my bag that fell beside the glasses and I witnessed a strange play. The blood on the pieces of glasses that were shattered began drying up alongside the glasses and faded away, I knew another strange force was at play.

I brought out my native chalk to apply it around my eyes but immediately I was knocked out and became unconscious of my environment...

  • To be continued...

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Written by   40
1 month ago
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I admire your use of words to create imagery so perceptible.

I'm expecting the continuation

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1 month ago

Oh thanks for reading and dropping a nice comment..✌🏽️✌🏽️

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