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Welcome to the Galloping Ghost Arcade. Also Known as America’s Largest Arcade.

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Imagine getting lost in a maze of arcade games knowing that there would be no way you would even have a chance to play all of the selections because the collection is so amazingly enormous. If you ever had a chance to grow up with access to an arcade, you would know that there are always never more than 20 machines unless you go to Chuck E. Cheese. This place, however, would make any arcade you've ever been to be put to shame.

The Galloping Ghost is the largest arcade in America. It is located in the Chicago area in the state of Illinois. According to the website, it currently consists of 816 working arcade games and is always looking to keep expanding its massive collection of classic arcade games. 

You may think that the arcade would only have the newest types of games, but the many machines are actually games that have been around for many years. According to Galloping Ghost, the titles range from such classics such as Pac-man and Street Fighter to unheard titles that feature Godzilla and Ninja Baseball Bat Man.

One of the best features about the Galloping Ghost Arcade is that the arcade machines do not require a single token to play. The only charge is a cover entrance fee, but the Galloping Ghost offers memberships that save the local guests more money when they come back for more. The passes range from weekly, yearly, and there is even a lifetime pass that is currently worth a whooping $3,000 USD which gives the pass user some extra benefits given by the Galloping Ghost.

This arcade is a must for all video game geeks to check out if they happen to visit the Chicagoland area.

For more information about the place, you can visit Galloping Ghost Arcade and check out the video tour as well.

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