The UNTOLD Wickedness

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Note: The stories I shared are real just with forged names, as I have no intention to highlight them. The only purpose was to expose the evil and its consequences. Before you blame someone just listen them, may be they not what they seems.

Twenty-three-year-old Sapna committed suicide because her boyfriend was harassing her with private pictures. Nadeem quit his education because his teacher was asking for private meetings. Lara run away from home and get married to a boy whom she just knows for one year, after one night stay she was sold to brothel. Twenty-five years old Maheen was raped, so for the sake of honor she was forcedly married to 81 years old man.  Adam, a father of two children hanged himself as he was wrongly accused of harassment from her female co-worker. Hayat, a transgender kicked by her parents after they know her identity was later gang raped and now working in whorehouse. 4-year-old Nida was raped by her elderly maternal uncle but as it was the matter of family so they remain silent and covered it nicely. 12 years old Alex was harassed by his own father. I don’t want to mention the country but even a goat was not spared. There are many more happening on daily basis, newspapers are overwhelmed with them but I don’t have the courage to add more examples. Unfortunately, not every story comes public, many just buried with their victims.

These are not just untold stories of few people but are the bitter reality of our society. We cannot blame a particular region or community or gender, it’s the animalistic character of sole individual. That individual has no faith or religion, they are worse than animals, even animals have boundaries. Society and law making agencies should help victims instead of making difficult for them to survive. But the first support should be from parents, they can give punishment if their child has committed adultery or was engage in bad relationship but they aren’t supposed to abandon them. This make their situation worsen and either they became culprit or remain victims for the rest of their life. As far as other matters are concerned like harassment etc. please for the love of God listen to your children, trust their instincts, they are your family. And please those who are mature enough, don’t hide it. Tell your parents, running away from home or suicide is not the only solution. If someone has done bad to you and you are doomed, make sure to take that person along with you as well. No one on this earth will support you or protect you for long time if your family is not behind you.

Remember! you become hopeless and miserable when you choose to remain silent, with this I will end my article. I hope you guys will enjoy it. I will be waiting for your opinions. Thank you! All the images are retrieved from google.

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You write well my girl.there are news in papers whenever you pick the paper to read its too bad .its all about to war with our soul .if we got control on our self or soul these happenings can be reduced.

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1 year ago

yes you are right, its spiritually damaging

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1 year ago