The Frustrated Fresh Graduates

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Interview location: Nervous environment, 2 vacant position and 35+ candidates

Interviewer: well, your grades are quite impressive and you have clear concepts as well. So do you have experience of work earlier?

Candidate: No, actually I am a fresh graduate but I have worked as internee in my semester breaks. (seriously, as fresh student how am I supposed to find time for job)

Interviewer: emmm! well we will see if we find any place for fresh candidates but right now we are hiring a 5 or 6 years experienced individual (means you can get out now).

So my read cash family that’s not the case of few individuals but of every fresh graduate, except if someone have strong family background or connections. According to college graduation statistics 2 million (49%) graduates earn bachelor’s degree each year (public universities), think about private one. And Pakistan produces 445,000 graduates each year, though still have low literacy rate. According to DAWN newspaper the unemployment rates among graduate students are 3 times higher than others. In Pakistan hundreds of thousands of graduates are unemployed, an alarming situation having 24% educated unemployed people.

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Parents spent their entire life fortunes on universities expensive dues till day of graduation, for this outcome?

Students studied day and night just for grades?

In case a topper gets a job but what about the rest of class, they were not failures, they also compete, what about their future?

All these efforts seem in VAIN!

Welcome to the world of jobless (google)

My father told me once that for a job of guard, majority were bachelor’s degree holders, yet they were excused with heavy heart as they only needed high school passed (12th grade). That’s why majority of them shifted to online paid work if they have proper gadget and wifi. Government and Universities responsibility is not just providing education or selling out degrees, is also to provide sources for their career. Some compromise on low wages like labors, some commit suicide due to pressure from family and society, some compromise on jobs totally opposite to their degree education and so on.

That’s all for today, I hope you won’t get bored. Read my article and share your thoughts.

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You have raised a bitter reality of this time.many more graduates are suffering from this problem. But you know my uncle always advices me that I should make my CV distinctive by aadding more skills in it.he used to say learn more skills it is much help you than only degree.

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1 year ago

You know what ? You have taken the words right out of my mouth! How are we supposed to have an experience of even 1 year when we say that we are FRESH graduates? Besides, if you don’t give us jobs, then how on earth will we ever reach the point where we will be called as those having an experience of 4 to 5 years?

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1 year ago