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Love At It's Zenith

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5 months ago
Topics: Poem

Take me to the time,

When actions meant to love.

When situations couldn't cloud it.

When temptations couldn't override it.

Take me to the time,

When sparkles in your eyes,

Smelt like hot fire,

Felt like cold chills down my spine,

Meant a wonder, to me!

Take me to the time,

When we would hold hands,

And feel just comfy-cozy.,

When we would feel love.

With a stare in the eyes,

We would be in a world of our own fantasy.

Did I ever tell you I cherish you,

And my love won't let you perish?

Now you know.

I would live,

To taste how saucy our affection would grow to be.

I have chosen,

To love you today.,

Because you deserve it.

How can a human be as Perfect as you?

You indeed are a wonder.

You give me the kind of feelings,

People write in novels about.

You give me the kind of hope,

it takes years to build.

You give me the kind of maximum security, that takes guards upon guards, a million, and more guards to ensure.

How did I ever find you?

Was it not under the sun I laid..

Watching as you played.

Then you got closer,

I wasn't so good,

but I stared like a poser,

In front of a camera.

I see you in my dreams,

I feel you in my realms,

Cause I'm head over heels...

In love with you!

Give me a flower,

And I would take you to the shower.

Bath, dine, and wine with you.

We won't stop,

till it gets to the point when it starts to dew.

Let me feel you,

Again and again!

Let me taste you,

As a hot sauce, you are.

Grinding and balling,

Like a superstar.

Touching the sky,

As you soar higher.

Even if they sigh,

You would not die.

Because my love

would keep you nigh..

Upholding you high.

I would choose you,

on the days you don't choose yourself.

I won't take you for granted,

because you gave me your all...

And made me whole, Again!

I am not deserving of you,

But I promise to be reserving enough.

To be brand new.,

For you!

If I had a flower,

For every time,

thoughts of you flooded my mind..

If I took a shower just when I ain't by your side.,

I bet,

I would be walking past my gardens, and my heart would forever gladden.

I bet,

I would miss every ounce of your touches, by each droplet of the water.,

On my body!

I am so High,

High with you!

Mad for you!

Crazy about you.

Till tomorrow,

It remains you.

I don't promise life would be better off for you,

with me in it.

I don't promise to always be by your side,

Because I may be so far someday.

Who knows,

Due to life's ocean tides.

But I promise.

A special place,

Would forever be reserved in my heart,

Leaving no guilt trace.

I assure you.,

Life with me,

Would be so amazing.

It would keep you gazing,

And wondering at a good pace.

If at all it's reality to which you live in.

And yes, it is.

Let me love you.,

Like we would,

If we were in the 1980s.

When we won't need a dime, to dine!

A situation, to find our love story.

An ointment, to smoothen it.

Or a light, to brighten it up.

Just me and you,

Your heart and mine,

Your hands and mine,

Your sweet kisses 💋 and mine,

And our hearts.,


Feeling feelings we never thought would ever be our utmost dealings.

Be the light of my life,

And I would hold on tight.

And together,

We would see our love,

With our very own sight.

I choose you,

Today, tomorrow, and forever.

Little wonder U, and I,

Are placed next to each other on your keyboard.

If love be real,

I bet it's you.

Life only gets better,

With you at the center.

Hello readers, this poem, is dedicated especially to our loved ones. Why not take a sentence, or a section of it, and text to your heart's throne.

Meanwhile,.what's your favorite stanza? I hope you don't mind.🥰

Thanks for reading. And I hope you love it, and they love it too. 🖤

Love and Light,💛

A better sight,

To hold on tight.,

For this is life! 🔥

07 Jan. 2022, A Candidly Published notes

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Written by   102
5 months ago
Topics: Poem
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What a poetic night!

$ 0.00
5 months ago

In the Nigerian musician's voice ' don't get it twisted, love is a beautiful thing'. A beautiful poem you wrote there man. Welldone.

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User's avatar xus
5 months ago

indeed love is a beautiful thing that everyone deserves. ☺

$ 0.00
5 months ago

Love the words and the message behind it 🤗

$ 0.00
5 months ago

I love the poem friend. I know it's written with all your heart. I love the words. I missed writting poems tok friend. When I was in elementary I always a poem presentor. I missed those days. Your poem makes me flashing back those days.

$ 0.00
5 months ago

The poem reminds me of those time when I use to write poems

$ 0.00
5 months ago

you can still write now not late

$ 0.00
5 months ago

Thanks alot bro

$ 0.00
5 months ago