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Fragments Of Love

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6 months ago
Topics: Novel, Romance

(Author's note: This is kind of long but you will love this novel)

I was my normal self again, not until he came back to the class. The whole anger filled me once again. I was so unhappy everyone noticed. When it was school over, I picked up my bag, going home to plan what other ways there was to ruin my enemy. The sweetest part of the whole thing was that he didn't recognize me.


I laid down on my bed smiling at how successful my job had been so far. He was suspended for the term. He was on the bad books of the school. Some guys hated him after I cooked up a story of him snatching their girlfriends cause he's cute. Life became unbearable for him in school. "I don't know why he hasn't withdrawn yet upon all the rough and tough times," I thought to myself. I soon decided I was going to pull the greatest of all strings. One that would ruin him for good. The school would be going for fun touring camp just for the seniors, in a deserted forest and for a week. "I can pull up my plan there," I thought to myself and smiled. Not long after, I dozed off after strategizing.


We had just finished unpacking our loads and setting our camps when there was a call for dinner. Everyone came out hurriedly to have a dinner of pancakes and eggs. We all were super hungry as we were made not to eat before coming, reasons best known to our touring guides and suitable for my first plan. I volunteered to serve everyone and they didn't even care as they were all chattering about how fun the touring camp would be. I was so specific to serving Jed the last pancake and egg. As soon I saw him stretch out his hand to collect it from me, I dropped it on the floor and pretended to pick it up but packed it with sand. "I'm so sorry" I feigned an apologetic face but was happy within. I hurriedly stood up and after washing my hand, settled to feast on mine.

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I was the first to wake up the next morning. I needed to take my bath before anyone to plan for my next move. There was a river close by but I had to jog to get there before it was dawn. The sight of the river itself calmed my nerves as it was beautiful. I hurriedly unstrapped and dived in. I closed my eyes, and for once forgot why I changed into this monster in the first place. I soon heard a silent noise behind me and before I turned to look, I heard a splash in the water. The person was swimming inside so I couldn't see who it was so I stayed still. Soon, its head was out

"You??" I exclaimed

"Yea, me.

Hi, I'm Jed" he said smiling

"How dare you come into the water while I'm ...." The thought then struck me, I was naked and standing up would mean this devil watching me.

"The last time I checked, the river didn't belong to you, neither did it say it only contained one person" he was coming close.

"Stay right... there" I stuttered

"Why" he had an evil smile on and was still coming close

"I said stay right there" when I saw he wasn't listening, I said the word I had never intended to say again to this fellow"PLEASE" My face was already red with the thought of him seeing me naked. I was stuck and has nothing to do. I couldn't go out of the water, neither could I scream as the place was full of trees and would only echo, I could not also swim.

"Are you stuck now?" He finally stopped " I thought you always had it in you. Knowing what to do to get me in trouble and when to do it. I guess your brain doesn't have any answers for you today. I have a whole lot of questions for you and the sooner you answer them, the better for you" he said with a threatening voice

"I'm sure I won't be able to answer them. It'll soon be dawn and the student would be coming to have their bath" I managed to say

" That's the main reason you have to start answering, he said threatening to come close

"Okay.. okay... I accept .. I'll answer your question" I said gasping for breath

"Who're you?

who sent you?

Why do you plan on ruining my life, what did I ever do to you"

"My name is Ray. I wasn't sent by anyone, neither do I know you. I just don't like you" I replied

"Really?? You don't just like me?" He was coming close again " Although very stubborn and should I say evil, but I kinda like you" he was close enough now. He pulled me close to him holding my bare body until our faces were an inch apart. "I was always known for my mischief and I was impressed seeing a female pulls stunts male would normally pull. Did you for once think you got to me with all those silly things u were doing" he asked smiling

I was confused and stared at him

"Oh, come off it babe. Don't give me that look. Everyone knows I'm a bad boy and I wouldn't be insulted by a little girl" he said staring at my body. Anger enveloped me and I tried to fight him but he was too strong for me as he held me in place with just one hand

"I'm attracted to you little ray" he continued, but this time trailing his finger down my cleavages

"Don't" I gave a sincere pleading look

"Don't what., come on Ray. Were you thinking I would make love to you in the water? Now that I have that thought, I don't mind trying it tho". He said licking his lips. For a moment, I was scared. He was too strong to fight and the stupid dawn wasn't coming forth

"I like you, Ray. You're my kind of woman. Very stubborn, evil..."

I cut him short "I'm not evil like you. I was only made to be like this"

"By who, "he asked curiously

"Never mind". He traced his finger down my back to touch my lady bump. I tried fighting once more but to no avail

"There's no need of fighting baby Ray. I've always wanted to do this. You didn't know but the more you did all those, the more you got me attracted. You're the first girl I've been unwillingly attracted to. I imagine doing naughty stuff with you. Even when I try to get the thoughts off my head, it still wouldn't go" he whispered into my ears. I don't know why but I stopped struggling. I think he had this spot on women and I wasn't any different. I felt his hand trail my back, touchy baby bump and squeeze softly. The next thing I felt was a wet and cold tongue down my neck and to my shoulders. I stood transfixed to the spot and even leaned over for him to have

access. A hand moved from my trailing my lips to touching my br*ast and light squeezing. He made me yearn and jerk at every of his touch. I didn't even expect it but my hands went to his head when it was released. I pulled him close and kissed him fiercely. He poked his tongue inside my mouth, licking and feeling every bit of it. I soon realized that I wanted more. I laid down on the shore and pulled him down to me. He kissed me passionately. "God, this guy was good," I thought

"I want you in " I managed to say to him amidst the heat we felt

As if he was waiting for the word.It first came with a slow rhythm and movement but when I grabbed him tightly and moaned, he went all in and in a fast space. I bit my lips to hold the moan in but the fire I felt was too much and so I helooneoo loud. After what seemed like an enjoyable forever, he pulled out and rolled to the ground. It was after some time that realization dawned on me. I had just slept with my enemy

"F**k" I blurted out and hit the floor with anger "what did you just do "

"What you wanted desperately" he chuckled

"What I what?"

I tried hitting him but then he held me close and pulled me to him, holding me firmly.

"I'm still on, I don't mind going on a second round and with a different style, said him smiling. The thought of a second got me wetter

"What are you doing to me" I sounded frustrated

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"Nothing babe. I like you and I know you do too"

"I don't. Not even a bit"

" Look into my eyes and say that "

I tried saying it when I looked into the eyes but the words couldn't come out. "Did I fall for him? did I askkskskksked myself? What has this guy done to me? I rolled off him when he let go of me and sat down, bringing my knees close to my face. "I'm supposed to hate you not fall for you" I felt the tears gather in my eyes

"Why hate me? What did I ever do to you" he sat down and asked worriedly

"This" I took his hand and placed it on my tummy

"How did I ever give you a scar," I think you got a wrong person girl"

"'s you. 18 years ago in the maritime estate, London, you took a girl's doll forcefully, ripped off the head and tossed it into the water. She almost drowned but then she was saved but not after an operation when it was discovered that she inhaled something". The tears couldn't hold back in as it poured fully

"Ray Park? It's you?"

He withdrew his hand and shifted. None of us said anything to the other for a couple of minutes then he broke the silence

"I'm sorry for all I did. Now I know why you hated me. But the truth is, I went to look for help when I saw you drowning but when I came back, I couldn't find you. Even when I heard you were back from the hospital, I came to visit but your mum shoved me away. It was so unfortunate we were moving the next day. I'm sorry"

I stared at him for a while unable to believe what he just said but the look on his face made me feel guilty.

"So I was only being a monster to someone who doesn't deserve it," I said, tears streaming down my face

"No babe. I deserve it" he came close and hugged me " I was being such a mischievous child and I deserve all the punishment I can get.

"No babe. I deserve it" he came close and hugged me " I was being such a mischievous child and I deserve all the punishment I can get. I made you go through pains and left a scar on you.

Im is so sorry" he was hugging me tightly. For a minute, and under the full moon, we were just like that hugging and crying.


I forgave Jed and even considered going to apologize to everyone I lied to. Of course, he didn't agree but I still did it. I felt guilty for all I did. The principal and everyone was disappointed in me and even wanted to expel me but Jed pleaded on my behalf. Everything's back to normal. Less I forget, he's my boyfriend and the best one I could ever ask for.

Thanks for taking your time to read. What is your opinion on this?

16 Dec.2021, A CandyBoy publishment

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Written by   102
6 months ago
Topics: Novel, Romance
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If they had not have a moment she didn't plan for, she wouldn't have known Jed really tried reaching her after she drowned.

That's why I believe so much in effective communication, in all ramifications, be it in relationships,at place of work, school, anywhere.

All these could have been avoided if Ray had talked to Jed the moment she came into the school.

I actually like where they met and how there issues was resolved. Jed is a bad guy 😂😂

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6 months ago