Please Don't Leave The Animals!

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When your dog gets old, you will turn away from your dog. You can see that your dog's hair has turned gray. Wrinkles start to appear under his eyes. How easily people forget good times. How eagerly does a person bring home a cute puppy? This is the same innocent puppy that you were happy to see. Sometimes she used to play with your mobile phone charger. When you came home in the evening, she was at the door to welcome you.

You used to wake up innocent puppy early in the morning because she wanted to play. But now she can't jump on the couch and watch TV with you. You help your puppy climb up to you, helping him in your arms. She knows that without your help he can't do it. When the dog goes for a walk with you, walks slowly because her heart beats faster but he doesn't let you feel it.

Does she realize she's getting old? You ask yourself. Nonsense! She will be with me for a very long time, you lie to yourself. You know everything. And you even begin to feel guilty for the fact that you were once punished for nonsense, for making you wait at home for a long time, for not playing enough, or not being affectionate enough. And you try to somehow compensate yourself for all these mistakes. But for some reason, you are not consoled by this work on the bugs.

With each passing day, you start to see changes in the dog. From the way she walks to the way he works, you see a change in everything. The reason is reality can not be hidden.

You spend most of your time with your dog. If she is not listening to you because his hearing is affected over time, you should speak a little louder. Perhaps no one else will appreciate you as much as she does. Sleep next to your dog. Cuddle up to her. She used to warm you, today you will warm her. Old people are cold. Buy her something tasty. Give her balls. Take her muzzle in your palms and say you love...

This is the one who loved you immensely for no reason. Now it becomes your duty to do everything right for your dog. Just be with her. Not a master or a mentor. Become a dog.

Please don't leave the animals!

Don't let me die quietly.

Do not kill their faith in us, people,

They cannot survive the winter without heat.

On the streets, in the dachas, under the bench,

They lie curled up on the damp earth.

And only one desire - to keep warm

And not to die in this semi-darkness.

Let the light in the window turn on for them,

And there will be a bowl of warm food.

Neither puppies nor cats are to blame,

That, having played enough, they have driven away.

But they are smart and patient,

And devoted. There is so much kindness in them...

They are beautiful, roguish, and playful,

And cats treat us with depression...

Why are we with them like this? After all, it's mean.

They believe us. They wait and love us.

And people, instead of affection and care,

They are in the cold, not at all ashamed.

Don't make animals homeless.

Do not feel sorry for them - think about yourself.

Perhaps 'so that this dog is rootless -

An indicator of fate for humanity.

Please don't leave the animals.

Do not force them to starve and freeze.

And do not torment their outbred souls.

Perhaps they will save you more than once ... Who knows ...

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6 months ago
Topics: Animal, Dog, Love, Affection, Care, ...


Yes, thanks for sharing this. Please be kind to dogs/animals as if they are human too

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