Recipe for making bara with thick pea dowel.

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2 years ago
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Hi friend's,

I am @Brur.habib From #Bangladesh.

How is everyone? I hope everyone is well by the grace of the Creator. I am also well. Today I will share one of my recipes with you again. I hope I have been able to explain my previous recipes to you in a good way.

Today I will share with you the recipe to make it bigger with a thick pea dowel. Let's get started.

The ingredients I need to make the recipe are-

Materials -

  • 1. Dowell

  • 2. Turmeric

  • 3. Soybean oil

  • 4. Salt

  • 5. Raw pepper etc.

The steps to make the recipe are-

The first step-

First soak the pot in a container with the required amount of water for about 4/5 hours.

Step 2-

Then they are softened in a good way.

Step 3-

Then put it in a bowl. Now add chilli paste, turmeric powder and salt one by one.

Step 4-

Then put one karai on the stove, heat it and put oil in it.

Step 5-

Then when the oil is hot, make it big in the size of your choice and add oil.

Step 6-

Then when one side is done, turn the other side upside down. Then when it is done on both sides, put it down.

You can eat this barata with all kinds of food. We eat these here with rice. I hope everyone will like my recipe. Of course try it at home. Forgive me if there is any mistake in my explanation. Everyone will be fine. See you again. With the recipe.

Many thanks to everyone for viewing my recipe.

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2 years ago
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wow onek shundor ekta recipi. I like it very much.

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2 years ago

Thank you

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2 years ago