God First, God Always

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I guess the most intriguing fact is that life comes to an end for everyone, I guess it's also the most scary truth, however it was made this way for a reason, so that aside the happiness and the satisfaction, the pleasures and the excitements, the sad moments and the emotional breakdown, and everything in details that the earth may encompass, we won't lose focus on the most important thing to do, we would always be cautious to the most important job and that is reference to the author and creator of this whole script call life, which will all soon end.

However the author has offered a place for the actors after this script has been exhausted, a place in true reality, not ruled by time, not ruled by disappointment, not ruled by limitations, a place where we would live the true normalcy of life and not fear for an end, a place we live FOREVER. At home most of us have wish a movie never ends, I sure did, sometimes I've seen some very interesting movies and as soon as it comes to and end I'm so emotional, I want it to continue, now what do I watch, that is probably the best movie.

Then i start searching for another movie that can captivate me like that, may take time but eventually I see another, but soon it also ends, even if it was a series, it'll only take a longer period to view but surely ends, I might have grown fond of the characters, like the ladies can fall in love with a character and some people even go to hate a villain like they didn't know it was a movie, so all this happens and its quite similar for us, this isn't so far from reality.

We live hoping we would live forever, we live as though tomorrow is promised, we live as though we would be here in 200years from now, we live as though we are immortal, but like the movies, we live seems to be ending, we would start yearning for me, we could literally do anything for extra lives, only that the extra lives too much end, it only extends time but never satisfactory.

The fact that we can't live forever is the most frustrating thing on earth, cause this means all your years of effort and working has been useless, you will soon leave it alone, soon to depart from it, we can't go with anything at all, it's quite frustrating, some would say if only I knew earlier that all this hardworking would soon not matter then I would have stopped toiling and find more time to enjoy myself, would have devote most times in being happy and enjoying the best of life.

Well until they read or hear from those who are spending more time in enjoying theirselves regretting over their lives also, they too would regret and say if only they knew all their happiness would only be memories then they would have devote more time to doing something substantial for theirselves, making a name, probably philanthropy, until they too hear from those who made a name for theirselves complaining and say yes they did well but it couldn't buy them more time, they did all they should do but now they are leaving as though nothing happened, leaving empty, no joy, not even knowing what happens next, just blank, like life has no meaning, no bearing whatsoever.

Until they look as see another person happy that he is about to leave this earth, not because he is tired of here but because he knows he is going to a better place, and this was what he spent his lifetime on earth preparing for. I guess he knew early that nothing here matters enough, only that our friends and family would applaud our efforts, our enemies would get jealous but it's all less important as it would soon end.

So why not invest in the greatest gift anybody can get and that is a life that doesn't end, a life continuing and the sweetest part is as soon as you get to that life, you can never die again, this is why our creator looked and saw it is important we are aware of our shortage in time so we would deviate from the most important thing, so we would always be conscious of what we really should be doing, living a life of christ, living for God our creator since he alone has the power to give us this forever live.

This is more important than any riches, than any gold, than any power and position, in fact than anything you can use or do on earth, cause earth on itself would fade away with everything and everyone on it but the kingdom of God would stand FOREVER, FOREVER is the world, the goal, no one wants to rule for a short time, no one would value an happiness for a while but as long as it is earth it would surely be for a while., but as soon as we shift our focus away from earth, away from now then we can start thinking on that which indeed is truly important "a live after earth.

However it's funny how quick we loose focus cause the enemy is also very wise, he know us so well and has used our likes and love to fashion a weapon against us and this has become our distractions, so here we are easily distracted, no one even remembers so frequently that we have low time, we forget how short 100 years is, we think 200years is long enough until we realize it's as though it's yesterday and no time would be enough, even if you have a million years you still wouldn't want to go extinct, even if you're bored to your bone, but the mere thought of ending it would still be impossible, what if I don't wake up at the other side, this assurance however only God can give.

More reason why its good to please him so you can start having such assurance from earth, even while you're yet living you're certain your life is FOREVER, it gives you more joy than anybody else, it gives you more assurance and calmness, infact you no longer fear the most scary enemy of life being death, cause however and whenever it comes, there you are with Jesus living forever and waiting for peopl to come see what greater joy you've been enjoying.

Indeed the author and greatest script writer wants the actors to leave this movie and start living with him FOREVER, however they must prove they are worth staying with him forever, he loves everybody and wishes to keep everyone but what can he do to those who wishes not to stay with him and those who he knows would should , so you see the choice has always been with us, his arms are wide open, let's not shift focus from who and what is more important.

God is most important than anything or anyone else, that's why he sent his son JESUS to become an easier way to him, so through accepting jesus who is the best description for love we can freely get to live with the father, our creator our God. Remember his house is open but the choice is ours to make. So choose Jesus and live for God today, happy Sunday.

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Anytime, anywhere God comes first and it will remain so forever

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Love you bro... Keep expressing this ❤

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