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Trying Again At

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3 months ago

If you are familiar with my situation and or my articles page you'll know that I have been struggling unfairly on So about a week ago I decided to try and start over.

At first I tried an old account that I wasn't very active on from over 7 months ago. I noticed that when I posted it wasn't shown on any of the lists even after several hours so I figured it would probably be better if I just started a completely new one so I did.

Then I noticed that the same thing happened and was completely shocked by this and I even wrote an article about it here on But then I was told that I should be patient so I was.

I had been talking to someone else who had done this same thing about a month ago and she told that it only took about a day for positive results to start happening and she already has over 50 subscribers.

I asked her how often she posted and she said about 3 times a day so that is what I did just to be on the safe side. Stick with what you know works :)

But after 2 days of posting only one of my posts got noticed by one other person besides her. And when I checked I noticed that when I logged out and looked through another account I couldn't find any of my posts!!

The only 2 things that I could think of is that I had used the same wallet as my old account, and one of my posts was expressing my frustration about this issue even though I put it nicely.

But I tried another day anyway and still same problem. I have no clue how or why that 1 person even saw that one post of mine but none of my posts after were seen by anyone at all.

I checked again today while I was logged out and still didn't see my posts :(

So here I go AGAIN.

I cleared my cache and cookies in my browser, used a different email address, used a different name, and this time I am even using a different wallet address....

Hopefully this time it will work. I won't post any complaints, be over the top quality wise for my posts about 3 times a day, and see what happens.

I'll let you guys know how it goes. So far I did one post over an hour ago that hasn't been shown in the lists yet....

B.T.W. my new user name over there is Gecko79 if you would like to show your support that would probably help.

Thanks for reading :)

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Written by   35
3 months ago
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